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Tips for Soloing Christmas Chaos 2020

Discussion in 'Casual Games' started by Calamitous, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. Hi.

    It's been a while since I liked a Christmas Chaos as much as 2020's. CC2018 and CC2019 were okay but the horrible final boss fight kind of ruined it for me. 2017 was the last time I really enjoyed CC, until this recent one. So I wanted to give back to the community with this:

    Tips for SOLOING CC2:

    This is for y'all who have teammates that leave or die super early and are left alone to solo it. I know this has happened to me at least ten times and I've been able to win in a few of them. I wanted to share my tips as a Christmas Chaos veteran on how best to play this game mode in terms of efficiently winning on your own, should it come to that situation.


    PHASE 1:

    • The first phase is pretty simple. The first thing you should always do is snag the Speed buff by obtaining the first secret in the mineshaft. Unless you cleared out the skeletons beforehand, you should camp in the little crevice where the secret is and clear out the skeletons as they come at you one at a time since if you die, you lose speed early and this can ruin your run on the red/green parkour in Phase 5. Grab the present in the mineshaft if you haven't already and then grab the present in the trees.

    PHASE 2:

    • The second phase is even easier provided that you don't lag. The secret is right next to the ending of the maze. The easiest maze path that I know is to enter and go left, left again and head up the stairs, take another left and a right, (this takes you up two sets of stairs) and then fall into a hole. Fall down the next hole and you'll be in the part with both the present and the secret. Grab the secret to double Santa's speed and then snag the present.
    • For the snake parkour, my only real tip is to be patient. It's honestly pretty easy once you figure out the pattern and get accustomed to some of the only hard jumps (jumping around the snake part to land on the static blue part in the second to last jump before obtaining the present is particularly challenging).

    PHASE 3:

    • The spider cave is thankfully MUCH easier than it was in CC2018 and CC2019, we literally had to exploit the AI and camp with a teammate doing the mining for you last time.
    • Clear out the spiders (they don't respawn) and grab the secret on the right by doing some quick and easy parkour (particularly easy with the speed buff you got from the mineshaft) to obtain both the Blizzard skill and the Haste ability.
    • While Blizzard is honestly pretty bad in this game, Haste saves you valuable time on this phase. You can honestly probably skip this secret but I get it for completionist's sake.
    • Mine out a path for Santa and brace yourself.

    PHASE 4:

    • The bridge part is... quite a chore, really. It's not particularly hard if you play smart, but it's very time-consuming. I recommend strictly using your sword unless you're outside of melee range, since swords have a much higher DPS than the bow which needs to be charged up.
    • The first wave consists of Snow Zombies. Don't let their wooden swords deceive you, they hit like a truck. I recommend strafing backward while using your sword. Additionally, there are two or three spots (particularly on the candy canes) where you can camp in an area where they can't hit you and still be able to hit them with your sword. If you're low, I highly recommend using this tactic. Some call it lame, I call it smart.
    • The second wave consists of Spiders and Snow Skeletons. The major threat here is the skeletons. Their bows are incredibly irritating and if they start ping-ponging you in a group, you can die very quickly. If you're low, sprint out of their bow range and begin sniping them with your bow. The spiders aren't too terribly strong so focus the skeletons all you need, then clear out the spiders unless there's an immediate threat.
    • The third wave consists of Snow Zombies and Creepers. I honestly recommend that you utilize the camping method mentioned above and use creepers liberally to lower the zombies' health as they explode. It shouldn't deal too much damage to you, but will hurt them massively.
    • The final wave consists of Zombie Pigmen. If the zombies hit like a truck, these guys hit like a flaming semi truck with spikes on the front, doing a massive 3.5 hearts per hit. If there was EVER a time for you to camp, it's here. Don't feel bad about it.
    • Finally, once the final wave is mostly dead, a Giant will begin making a bridge towards Santa. If it makes it to him, you lose. Use your bow to deal damage to it. In particular, use fully charged arrows to deal maximum damage to it. Even with only one person, it's possible to take the giant down. Cross the bridge, and on your left you can snag the Regeneration buff by grabbing the secret hidden in the first tree on the left.

    PHASE 5:

    • This phase is just filler, really. You got past the hardest part already. When doing this part solo, I recommend doing the parkour on your right first, because the snowmen mountain present is closer to the castle and therefore closer to the strength buff.
    • Finish them in whichever order you like (Like I said above, I personally recommend doing the parkour first), then hop down and head to the left side of the castle. Do some parkour by climbing the cliff face and the castle wall, then hop down to obtain the strength buff. The last thing standing in your way is:


    • Evil Carl is your final challenge. There's really no surefire way to defeat him easily, but I have some tips that should help you out, should you find yourself soloing him.
    • 1. Evil Carl's most powerful attack is his explosion. He is constantly advancing towards you, attempting to blow you up, an attack which has the potential to one-hit kill you. It is therefore most prudent to avoid getting into explosion range when possible, and to get out of explosion range ASAP if you enter the radius. Now, if you hit Carl with a melee attack (i.e. your sword), you'll fly backwards and into the air. If you do this and strafe backwards, you'll be far enough away to avoid all explosion damage.
    • 2. Carl's other strength is his minions. One of the most frustrating parts of the fight is getting trapped by TNT or creepers, and getting killed with no way to escape. It's therefore highly advised that you keep an eye on your surroundings and audio. Don't let yourself become trapped.
    • 3. If he uses fire or his void attacks, you should always attempt to lure his mob minions into the fire or void respectively. This will clear out the playing field and reduce danger drastically.
    • 4. You should always use your SWORD. The bow is very inconsistent against Carl and it leaves you open when charging it, where you can't move as effectively. A sword generally has higher DPS and is a safer option than the bow in all situations against Carl.
    • If you follow these tips, you're sure to have an easier time fighting Carl.

    Once you beat Evil Carl, congrats! You soloed Christmas Chaos II! Now you can brag to your friends!


    • Include videos of all secrets and of me soloing the game for a video example
    • Include images
    • Generally improve layout

    Posted Dec 21, 2020
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  2. Heyo!

    I think that your tips go over how to solo CC2 extremely well. Everything is on point, and I grind CC2 all the time due to the huge amounts of XP in the game and I play very similarly to this. I would recommend to anyone to follow this guide if you want to solo CC2, but I'll throw in a few pointers as well. In the Evil Carl fight, I highly suggest using f5 to get a greater view of your surroundings. Getting surrounded by Creepers, or TNT is a surefire way to die quickly. Another tip, is aim for Carl's feet with your bow. It will hit him every time, as a reliable source of damage. If you spam it fast enough, then sword hit to fly away from Carl is what I personally find as the highest DPS on Carl. Me and my friends have set many sub 10 minute times in CC due to this strategy.

    Overall, to players new to CC or attempting to solo CC, I think they will find this thread very useful :D

    Happy Holidays!

    Posted Dec 23, 2020

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