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Tips for rushing enemy islands?

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by OmegaKyurem, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. So, I think I’m moderately good at the game, but I’ve never rushed a team in the early game. I want to try this, so what tips have you got on it? (e.g what things to buy, how to play, which team to go for first).
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  2. Well I'm sure this video by someone else answers most if not all of your questions. But I'll give some quick answers to your example questions.

    Things to buy: There's a timestamp in the description to the info for maps, but generally you want an iron sword and blocks depending on the map.

    Bridging is important, check that section out.

    The team to go for first is the team/teams with the most players OR a different team with no cake defense. Check out the quick thinking section or a similar name.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  3. Thanks! I will definitely check that video out, it seems helpful.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  4. Im not a pro, but if youre about to raid an enemy base, go in with blocks, a pickaxe, a sword, and a teammate so if an enemy is trying to fight you while youre digging in, your teammate can fight them off and keep them distracted. hope it helps :)
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  5. Forgot to add about early game. Go for a team next to you and make sure you have a sword and blocks. Try to go in while they are buying items and destroy as quickly as you can
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  6. I just get builder kit (if it works) and have my teammate do the same. I rush ems while they get a irom sword and then they go to mid while i get blocks and 1v2 our em neighbor, if they get mid fast they come and help. (NOTE: this only works if they are not hacking lol) Then we take turns sitting on gen and 1v2ing. We win most games, unless we find a small skin or hackers. If hackers, we just do random things and give the game up. If small skins, we team up and 2v2 them. If we dint get builder kit we both get wool and one covers cake, other goes ems, cake person 1v2's while other gets wool and mid. Then same things as above.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  7. Don't overthink and hesitate because that gives the team you're rushing more time to get prepared; if you're going to rush, rush, don't change your mind halfway through.

    Also, an iron sword does a lot more damage to leather armour so getting one of them always helps.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  8. Hello! As @yvuggu has said, I recommend that you watch the video by @usnic as it covers basically everything about rushing. In summary, in order to rush, you must have a lot of skill in PvP and bridging. PvP is important to make sure that you can handle the 4v1 when rushing, and bridging is good to get there in time. Usnic has provided many great tips for both PvP and bridging. Next, you want to know how many blocks it will take to rush. Some maps are 32 from spawn to an enemy's base, and some are 48. Usnic's video explains this. Always rush with an iron sword, as it will help you kill people fast. As Usnic said, try to go for the team with the weakest defence or with the most amount of players (I usually go for the least, because I'm not skilled in terms of PvP). Always remember to rush as soon as you can, before teams have a chance to defend too much. Hope this helped!
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  9. My personal recommendation is to not rush people, but that's my own personal opinion. I think the above comments sum it up pretty well, though.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
  10. First off, use an e-boy skin for the intimidation factor.

    But seriously, what my team usually does if we feel in the mood of rushing, is flanking the team rather than gathering at one spot. Needs some good coordination though.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
  11. This is a good party only strat, but in cw4s my party usually goes and rushes the teams next to us on each sides (2 to the left, and 2 to the right) and we finish off both teams sub 1 minute, sub 1:30 usually. Afterwards, we then either build side gen to last team, or group at mid and rush the last team.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
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  12. My strategy isn’t great, but it works for me because I am a really aggressive player. I get 6 bricks, buy 32 blocks, and rush the island diagonal from me through that middle island (not sure if that’s a good explanation of the map, hard to explain). I then run at their base and try to eat the cake at all costs. It usually works because they don’t have a cake defense down. If I don’t get it first try, I’ll go back with a pickaxe and iron sword. It usually works, and then you don’t have to worry about the team anymore.
    Posted Feb 27, 2021
  13. ah yes, the casual 1v4 after wasting time on mid island. tip: go from sides, faster plats and bridges
    Posted Feb 28, 2021
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  14. OK, thanks for the tip. I usually play duos, but I'll give this a try
    Posted Feb 28, 2021
  15. For rushing, if you want to do it effectively, you need to have good communication with your team. Make sure everyone is in the loop. Playing without a party can make rushing a lot harder, as 1v4 isn't necessarily ideal.

    If you want things to get done fast, make a plan beforehand and make sure your teammates are on the same page as you. Bring another person with you and have the two others do the same thing on the team on the other side. One of you should have the builder kit, or just be a good speed-bridger, and bring an iron sword since it'll give you the upper hand in PVP and make the 2v4 easier.

    If you notice the team you're trying to rush has gotten endstone already, one person should get a pickaxe rather than an iron sword. You want to not waste too much time getting a lot of resources and pull this off quickly. You could even skip the iron swords and just try to catch them off-guard as fast as possible. Part of rushing is speed. Spending time gathering bulky resources gives them time to add layers to the cake and gather resources that will make fighting you off easier.

    Once you get the sides, go to the opposite side as a group and finish them off, since they likely gathered more resources while you rushed the other two teams, making them worth going as a group rather than recalling everyone at the base to get more things and waiting for them to buff up even more. At least one person should have gotten a pickaxe while finishing off one of the teams they rushed since it's likely the final team will have better cake defences. Otherwise, don't spend time going back to your base with everyone and just meet up on the way to the final teams base (mid is probably best).

    That's just my thoughts based on observation. I'm a horrible rusher and my team usually gets rushed anyway, but I've seen it happen a lot and have played with friends who do like to rush. If you're going up against a particularly difficult team that you just want out of the way, try to go in as a group as fast as you can, don't give them the ability to stack and catch you off-guard while you're rushing the other teams.

    The same sort of idea works in cake wars duos but splitting between your teammate. You can go to people together as well, but you have to be mindful of the other team next to your base coming over while you're busy with the other team.
    Posted Feb 28, 2021
  16. +1, but usually only do the 2v4 strats with a good team. We can make it to the side team in about 20-30 seconds if we're fast with the plats, so this is a good strategy.
    Posted Mar 1, 2021
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