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Timelepse Skywars map

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by TonyBuilds_, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Posted Apr 21, 2021
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  2. That is really cool map. I assume it isn't for Mineplex Skywars since it doesn't have any of the data points or has followed the guidelines lol. But I think it'd be fun to play on!
    Posted Apr 21, 2021
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  3. The music in the video is so sick, kudos to that

    The actual map looks great as well. I love structured maps that aren't all over the place with simple terrain and decorating. You add some awesome touches as well like the wooden buttons to the stone archways.

    Your builds are awesome, please post more :D
    Posted Apr 21, 2021
  4. Very nice
    Posted Apr 21, 2021
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  5. Hello!

    Love that time-lapse. It's really cool how we get to see your creative side in the zone and the build turns out amazing.

    Thanks for sharing! =D
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
  6. Really nice - I've never really seen a map go from pretty much nothing to complete, love how you provided a variety of angles, not just one.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
  7. That’s amazing, well done
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
  8. Fun video. I enjoyed it. :)
    Posted Apr 24, 2021

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