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Thread Adventures - Turf Wars

Discussion in 'Turf Wars' started by Artimas77, Jul 8, 2019.


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  1. This is part 3 of thread adventures currently and I am doing turf wars. I do not have much to say from this game as i have only played a couple games, but i can see problem and ways to fix them. The first thing is top sniping, I feel like this shouldn't be much of a problem is it is a skill but i see people abuse it to snipe into spawns or really close to it to kill people just leaving. Which is also the other problem, Infiltrator campers, people who will camp near your spawn as infiltrator and kill you. Sure you can just bow spam them to kill them but you only have two arrows which can both miss. It can still lead to the person getting a couple kills. To be fair i didn't see much problems with it other then people bow spamming with infiltrator and it being hard to even GET to the other side with infiltrator. Because if you do you will just get shot and killed immediately after. What i think should happen to fix both problems is that there should be a shield around players who just spawned for 4 seconds or until they try to shoot their bow. Which will allow them to place blocks and not get sniped immediately after leaving spawn. And with infiltrator, after getting a kill should get a burst of speed so that he may leave the area he is in so he isn't sniped that easily, or have the slowness affected on him reduced so he may try to get another kill. Mostly just to let the infiltrator get back to his side without dying and not being a suicide warrior. (Excuse the use of Suicide). I also believe that arrows regaining in your inventory with shredder shouldn't reset the charge for it, it is a pretty annoying glitch. But i also think the damage should be buffed for they against players so that they may also get kills easier, but not too much to make shredder a new meta. Just that i never see many players use it in the games i played. Well that is it for thread 3 of thread adventures! Feel free to post what you think is wrong or if you agree or even ideas that you think should be added and ill credit you in a updated post or edit!
    Posted Jul 8, 2019

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