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Thoughts on every nano game!

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by SenpaiEternally, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. To celebrate nano games being released to the public, I will now give my thoughts on every nano game! Lets begin.

    Quick: My favorite nano game. It's like nano nano games inside of nano games. While a few of the quick minigames aren't that good, (im looking at you don't fall) most of them are quick and entertaining.
    Copy Cat: I honestly thought that I wouldn't like this one, as I don't really have a liking for speed builders. However, I do really like it. It does still give off a speed builders feel, but due to the fact you don't have to worry about losing your life and having to find another speed builders game, I find it far better in comparison.
    Wizards Nano Game: One of the new ones! Sadly, I would only put this one as ok. I did get very excited when it first came up, but with 24 people it is extremely laggy. While I will still have fun with it, the extreme lag (at least for me) stops it from being higher in my favorites.
    Hot Potato: I see a lot of people hate on this one for the strat of giving someone the potato at the very end where they can't react fast enough to hand it back to you, and while I will agree this is annoying, I do still kinda like it. Still, not that much though due to the aforementioned strat.
    Dropper: The new map for this nano game really helped it in my eyes. The rainbow map was very easy, to the point which once you've done it once, you'll almost never fail again. The new map, however, is much harder. I haven't even completed it yet at the time of writing this out! Overall, I do love dropper games so I do like this one.
    Bawk Bawk's Wrath: This one is also very enjoyable. The idea of it is well implemented, and while at first an easy strat seems to be to get on at the last second, you may still get punched out. I can't really describe it much more, it's just very fun.
    King Brian: I'll be frank, I don't like this one. It's hard to describe why, exactly, its just kinda boring. Even after they changed it, I just can't seem to really like this one.
    MineKart: Two words: Too Long. I could have really liked this one, but for the sole fact that its 3 laps, its hard to like. The first lap is fun, but then it just gets tedious and I get upset when it comes next. I really hope they make it so its only 1 lap, or at the most 2. 3 Is simply too many in my eyes.
    Ores Ores Ores: This one, while at times really fun, is usually just ok. It does feel good when you go on a roll finding a lot of gems, however, and that saves it from being actually bad.
    Slime Cycles: At first, this one seemed really terrible, due to the controls. However, once I got used to the controls, I really started to like it. While not as good as Snake, still fun.
    Nano Battles: Not much to say about this one. It's micro battles with iron swords and damage dealing netherack closing in. I do like micro battles, so this one is fun still.
    Reverse Tag: Now that it's been changed, its actually way more fun now. Before it had the same problems as Hot Potato, but now with the changes I can really enjoy it without worrying about being tagged right at the end.
    Snow Ball Trouble: This one is so chaotic, and I love it for that. It's basically OITQ with unlimited snowball ammo, and it really is crazy. Theres been many times I've died a nanosecond after I came back!
    Jump Rope: Pretty simple. Jump over the rope, and you'll be fine. I do like it, but I know a good amount of people that don't.
    Chicken Shoot:I really liked this one in BBB, and I like it here. I like how the chickens have varying amounts of points, which forces you to shoot fast and stay focused.
    Musical Minecart: While very luck based, I still kind of like it and I always get a rush running for that nearest minecart!
    Red Light Green Light: One of the quicker games in the library, this one is ok. Being so quick, its kind of hard to describe it. It's just kind of ok and kinda forgettable.
    Color Swap: I see a lot of people that like this one, and I really agree. With the colors being wool, they are much easier to see then their clay counterpart in BBB, making this
    one much more fun then the one in BBB.
    Zombie Survival: Basically death tag but with some extra zombies thrown in. Nothing else to really say.
    Hardcore Parkour: While I do suck at parkour, I do really enjoy it, and this is no exception.
    Sploor: I was really surprised when I saw this, and quite happy. As someone who loves Splatoon, it was really cool to see it remade in Minecraft form. The game itself
    is really fun and unlike a few of the others, never really gets old.
    AAAAAAAAA SPLEEF: An intresting idea, and pretty fun. I don't find myself actually using the snowballs a lot though, because they are hard to safely get ahold of.
    Slime territory: A fun idea, and well played out. It is really fun to just block off players from your area.
    Thats about everything! Thanks for reading.
    Posted Sep 15, 2018
  2. I feel like Jump Rope game is bugged a little bit but thats just me, I"m probably just bad at it. Anyone else think it's a little bugged?
    Posted Sep 15, 2018
  3. I actually agree with this; you described my thoughts perfectly, as well. Very detailed explanation and I really agree with them.
    Posted Sep 15, 2018

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