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Thoughts on Assassin?

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Mr_Ant87, Mar 22, 2020.


What changes do you believe should be made to Assassin?

  1. None, keep Assassin as is.

    2 vote(s)
  2. Rework Assassin's Compass to make it stand out more from regular Tracking Compasses

    3 vote(s)
  3. Add an entirely new ability (which would see some of Assassin's current passives removed)

    4 vote(s)
  4. Other (please explain what you think should be done).

    1 vote(s)
  1. G'day!

    While the SG Update yesterday appears to be a relative success, it isn't perfect. Obviously the horse glitch still exists, but that isn't what I'll be focusing on for this thread. What I will be talking about is Assassin. The replacement of Assassin's Eye with a new ability, Assassin's Compass, has divided members of the CI Discord. There are some that believe the kit is fine as it is, but others believe the replacement ability is a downgrade, and causes the kit to be considered underpowered. The divide is great enough that I've decided to make a poll on the issue to see what the greater community thinks, and whether or not a change is necessary.

    I've provided four options for this poll. The first is fairly simple, you think the kit is fine as it is and doesn't need any changes. The second option is for if you think the Assassin's Compass ability is inadequate, specifically that it is not as good as the former Assassin's Eye and/or it doubles up on the previously existing Tracking Compasses that anyone can use. If you believe that Assassin needs a more radical shakeup, I've added both a third and fourth options. The third option is for giving Assassin a brand new ability (what exactly that ability would be I have no clue yet, though any ideas relating to invisibility or blindness will most likely be shot down), at the cost of some of its current passive abilities for balance's sake. The fourth option is for any suggestions that do not fit in the above three categories.

    Thanks for reading and answering the poll, and have a great day,
    Posted Mar 22, 2020
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