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This is our last hope....

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Pikachu, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Because the communities are completely different, and hardly anyone that plays Mineplex is really associated with that server.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  2. Hey there! This one's a little long, so try to bear with me here!

    Personally, I'd agree in saying it could be a good idea to bring some games that are popular amongst other servers to our own. But that's not to say it would go without potential consequences either. When Cake Wars was introduced, people were sceptical at first saying that we copied you know who. Heck, it's still brought up sometimes even today. In the same time, it's one of the server's most popular game modes. So while I'd be against "copying", having the games on our server that our players go to other servers just to play would avoid them having to leave the server at all. Which, in theory, could potentially bring the playerbase back up. So it's sort of a happy medium.

    This being said, I don't think Skyblock is the answer to this problem. Mineplex has always considered itself to be a minigame server, and Skyblock isn't exactly a minigame. It's quite large to implement and although I can't day for sure, I wouldn't imagine we'd have the server space to handle too many Skyblock islands at the moment. Not to mention, there are some small fixes on some of the games the server should make before investing their time into making another game that they'll have to spend even more time on tweaking. I don't think we intend on figuratively killing the developers. Haha.

    As for the YouTubers, I'd agree in saying it would be nice and could also help the server. But not a lot of the more "notable" streamers play Minecraft these days. And the ones that do are more likely to go to a larger server, as it would help them get more attention. We're sorta between a rock and a hard place here. And I know that Mineplex isn't exactly what it used to be, but I, and many others, still find it rather enjoyable. Although a few thousand isn't nearly what the server once was, it's certainly still considered successful. We can only hope to grow the server back to its original glory in due time.

    As someone who has been playing, and then moderating the server for years now, nothing else in the world would make me happier than to see it thrive again. And the one thing that makes it thrive is our community members, such as yourself.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope sometime in the near future you'll enjoy your time here as you once did.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  3. Man honestly what ever you said I honestly agree to and it changed my perspective, also I’ve been playing since may 2013 and mineplex use to be one of the best servers I’ve ever played, going on larger servers makes me feel like I’m betraying mineplex tbh. Honestly the reason why I posted this is because I want mineplex to have the success they had in 2015 were they would average 30k -40k players! I really do
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 19, 2020
  4. don't really think theres going back, it's too "dead" honestly
    im sure the other thousands of players quit for a good reason
    bunch of other servers are way better honestly
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
  5. Mineplex doesn't have the dev power to make common "trendy" games that can compete with other server's versions. They could release a copy and maybe get a boost for a little bit, but without the ability to put out frequent updates it's going to lose out to competitors. Mineplex needs to find it's own niche if it wants to regrow in any capacity. Like the others have said, I do also agree with the YouTube point, but a lot of that is out of Mineplex's hands, they can't really make any of the major youtubers come back to Mineplex. That said, what they can do is revive that damn Mineplex YouTube channel.
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
  6. if they better why you spend money on immamortel?
    Posted Feb 22, 2020
  7. You're not the only one. There's a reason why once Mineplex had over 40K players daily is now at 2K-5K players daily. Many people lost their love for the game, decided to just get banned for the hell of it, or think the server isn't fun anymore. Personally, I enjoy playing on Mineplex, but the server has had several problems like frequent lag.
    Posted Feb 23, 2020

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