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Things that should be fixed/changed/added (Cake wars - bedrock)

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by NightlyFever66, Aug 30, 2019.


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  1. 1. Ewok/yoda/r2d2 skins /-\ These skins are overpowered and unfair. They are tiny and can sneak up on you at any second. You also cant tell what gear they have, other then what they are holding.

    2. Timers /-\ Im talking about 2 things here,

    Cake destruction timer,

    And game end timer.

    There needs to be a timer on cakes. I can be mid-fight with my cake still alive and die and im out of the game because there isnt a timer. We need to see how much time we have to loot so we dont instantly die and have to do it all over again.

    Also, the game auto-end timer is stupid. The game will say “everyones cake has been destroyed” and then we know, “oh shoot we gotta gear up NOW” and by the time our team has full diamond, the game ends! Either put a timer to say how much time is left, or just extend the amount of time we have. Its so annoying.

    3. Reporting /-\ There isnt an in-game way to report hackers. I have to: 1) pull out my phone 2) google the website 3) log in 4) report using the full players name, so if i didnt take a picture of it im basically screwed 5) check if the player was kicked a few hours later, and they almost never are. I think out of maybe 10 people ive reported, 1 was banned. All we need is a command we can type in-game. I came up with 3. 1) “/admin” so an admin is notified and joins our match. 2) “/record” so the game is recorded and is automatically sent to the reports section here. 3) “/report <player_name>” this instantly reports the player so we dont have to take out our phones or whatever.

    4. Leaderboards/winstreaks /-\ This is a smaller thing then the others, but there should be leaderboards. There dont have to be rewards, but maybe the top weekly/monthly players can compete in a tournament for a prize? Maybe a good crate, or plenty of shards? The winstreaks part isnt as important, but it would be nice to see how many wins in a row ive gotten. On a certain pc server known as the “hype pixel”{>;)}, it says right above the thing you click to join a game. That would be perfect.

    5. Cross-play /-\ I dont know if you guys can even change this, but i play on NS, and i use a pro controller. When i kill a mobile player, often times i come out with full/near full health, even if they had better gear then me. This obviously sucks for them and is good for me but i just feel dirty and wrong.

    6. Hackers /-\ this goes hand-in-hand with #3. I come into contact with too many hackers and the anti-cheat only kicks maybe 1/5 at best. I really dont like starting a game and immediately being rushed by a full diamond team with emeralds covering their cake. It 1) sucks 2) ruins my winstreak 3) did i mention it sucks? Fix the anti-cheat please

    7. GameTypes /-\ This isnt a problem really, more of a cool feature. More gametypes for cake wars. We have 2v2v2s and 4v4v4s. I would like to see 1) solos 2) 2 teams of maybe 8 or 10 3) a mayhem mode with 4 teams of 10

    8. Teaming /-\ again this goes with #3. Its not fun when 2 teams are fighting together to kill you, and you specifically.
    Posted Aug 30, 2019
  2. Hey!

    I agree with most of the suggestions you're talking about in your post, I like the idea of the timer, since there is no indication when the cakes get destroyed and I find it annoying because everyone is constantly rushing to get to the middle point/emerald point and generally find the game moves waaay too fast majority of the time, adding a timer would be a cool feature as I see it on similar games I've played; Bedwars, eggwars and etc.

    For reporting, I totally agree, there isn't really time to pull out your phone/ start screen reporting the hacker because you're focused on the game, an in-game feature to report a certain player would be awesome, adding this feature when you're out/ when the game is over would be cool, selecting a player and entering a reason for the report.

    I like the idea of leaderboards and rewards, I think it would be cool to showcase people who have the top weekly and monthly wins, and maybe top 10 get a reward for doing so well, however, It's quite easy to exploit in cake wars and this feature could possibly be pointless and overrun with hackers constantly being top 10, not giving anyone else a chance, again, that's just a possibility.

    With the anti-cheat, you can't expect it to always detect exploiters, unfortunately, exploits these days can easily bypass an anti-cheat system, hence why it can be annoying if an anti-cheat doesn't detect someone is cheating, hand in hand, the reporting system in-game would be a cool idea.

    I like the idea of different game-modes, with duos, half the time my team-mate is afk, leaves the match so I'm alone or doesn't do anything, I like the idea of teams of four, and chaos mode, I think that would add an awesome twist to the game.
    Posted Sep 11, 2019 at 8:04 AM
  3. For #5 there is nothing that can be done, bedrock hosts mobile, Android, Xbox, switch, and win 10, soon PlayStation. So the separation won’t happen if that’s what your asking.
    #6 the anti cheat does kick some hackers but because of how bedrock works and lag, if the system was made like java there would be many many false bans because of players lag, that’s why it doesn’t kick every hacker, it will usually eventually get that player at some point but again it only a “kick” from server. Reporting on the forums is the best way with recording.
    #8. Teaming is only allowed if that team doesn’t exceed the team limit, so like team SG has a team of 2, you can only cross team if two teams lost 1 player, then those two individuals can team together to make a team of two, same for games with 4 players, cross teaming can’t exceed 4 players.
    With cross teaming though, those two players from different teams can deal damage to each other also.
    Posted Sep 11, 2019 at 1:36 PM
  4. Hey, I agree with you on a lot of these changes and I believe they’d make the game better. I disagree with 5, 7, and 8 though and I will explain why:
    5, Crossplay
    I agree that sometimes it feels unfair to easily beat mobile players, but the reason they are so easy isn’t specifically because of their platform. My friend, for instance is a beast on mobile and is an awesome pvper. I think it’s more based on which platforms and controls you are used to playing on and not specifically because they are using a specific platform. For instance, I who have been playing exclusively on pc all my life am absolutely garbage on console and mobile while my friend, a well-rounded gamer can basically wreck people on pc, mobile, and console. I think the reason most mobile players seem to be bad is simply because they aren’t used to playing on mobile, which mean they themselves are bad not the console(on mobile, I’m not saying they are bad in general)
    7, game modes
    I’d love to see solos, but adding too many game modes would split the players base way to much. I think solos, duos, and squads are enough but I’d love to see the other game modes as limited game modes every once in a while
    8, teaming(or more specifically cross-teaming)
    I feel like, at the moment teaming is way too rare to be a real issue in cake wars. The only time I see teaming is when party members don’t get into the same team (I mean can you blame them? I do that sometimes with the friend I mentioned on the crossplay section of this post.)which is more of a party issue that they do plan to fix(I think) rather than an in game teaming issue.

    Other than that, I like I said before I agree with the majority of your changes and generally give it a +1
    Posted Sep 13, 2019 at 10:36 AM,
    Last edited Sep 13, 2019 at 10:44 AM
  5. Ewok skin players tend to be bad
    Leaderboards often make game too competitive but this could work with a ranked mode for PVP games like gladiators, bedwars, skywars ect
    cross-play is amazing you can have friends on all devices and still play together i don't see how this is a problem this is another of those scenarios where the solution to the problem is not to remove it but overcome it, in essence get as best as you can then get better.
    Hackers are annoying yes - but most of the time they don't know what they're are doing so alot of the time they're worse than normal players. Hacking is basically admitting you're bad and want to get good without putting any effort in.
    Fighting teams is fun because you have to be tracking to players at once and put effort in, instead of just walking over solo players.
    Posted Sep 13, 2019 at 3:10 PM

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