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In Discussion Things Mineplex needs to do/fix

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by ashvinmason, May 22, 2020.

  1. I have been playing Mineplex for a long time, and it is one of my favorite servers, but recently I have noticed alot of glitches/things I would like to see changed so I am just making a thread to discuss them.

    Things that should definitely be changed
    1. Parties: Everytime you join a game it says whoever is in your party has left the party even if they haven't. Also, sometimes it kicks them from the party when the game is too full. This is just really frustrtating because we constantly have to type /party to check who is in our party.
    2. Selected kits: have left click just set the kit for the game and have right click set the kit as default. This is also annoying in games like blockhunt because once you die, you set your default kit to radar or something, so it puts you on the wrong team.
    3. 1.12+ swimming. In SG(and maybe other games), if you're past the aquatic update you have fast swimming. This is just a broken advantage that should be removed.
    4. I have been playing a lot of Castle siege lately (on mps) and I would love to see this change(its ok if it doesn't happen because it is a retired game). When an Undead mob is in the king, it makes them almost unhittable, while they are still able to hit you. Also, If tnt blows up by the king, the king can get stuck in a block making him unhittable until more tnt comes.
    5. Opening a chest while queing for a game: Don't let players open chests while they are queuing, because if the que goes through, their chest and its contents will be deleted. (this really sucks for newer players who just get there first chest).
    6. Void world- In SG, particularly on Kikoshi island, there are some times where you start in a void world(you only see the void) and you can't move. When this happens have the game is just dead, and it completely ruins the game, It would be great if this could be fixed.
    7. Chests- I'm putting this here because it makes me hate opening chests. Everytime you open a mythical chest it plays a sound so loud that it ruins my eardrums. Please reduce the volume by 95% and I will be able to here again. we get the cool animation thing but why do you have to injure my ears to do it.

    Things that I would like to see changed(not gamebreaking/glitches)
    1. Gwen- I doubt this will happen, but I would like to see some really big changes with Gwen. First, Gwen constantly pursuing you is extremely annoying, everytime you go in f5, you think someone is sneaking up on you, and it can be extremely freaky. I would add a report feature that everyone, regardless of rank could do that would put Gwen on a player. Otherwise, Gwen wouldn't be surveilling us with the spectator/body thing. Also, Hackers can turn down there aura so it is outside of Gwen's reach so I would mimmick Gwen after watchdog.
    2. taunts- a lot of the taunts that are used in game are really distracting. there have been a few times where through someone using a taunt(like the one that creates a phantom of them running in a circle), where I don't know where they are. I think that the taunts shouldn't disturb gameplay, and should be changed in some way.
    3. cake wars Frosting kit- TBH I don't play cake wars that much, but I have played there varient on other servers. There are several issues in my opinon, but one I just wanted to talk about is the complete brokenness of the Frosting kit. Frosting kit gives you snowballs that let you combo someone(through rodding), knock people off bridges, and give them slowness. It is by far the best kit, and I think it should be changed, because the other kits really are much worse.
    4. visibility settings + favorite friends. If your invisible it might be good to let favorite friends still see you(this one is less important to me, but I would still like to see it implemented)
    5. Mixed Arcade- I think its fair to say that the mixed arcade, except for a few games, is basically dead. No one really plays the games, because no one is queing for them. To fix this, I would make the games that people play: deathtag, dragon escape, turf wars, and super paintball their own non-related games, and add mixed arcade where players could vote on the games. I have really enjoyed playing some of the games, but I can't because no one is ever queuing for them.
    6. Squads SG. I have found the mineplex has some great duos games(for me) and I would love to see a squads SG, it could have more or less teams than normal/double sg.
    7. Gladiator fights in hub- Let multiple people have gladiator fights at the same time. (having multiple arenas or something.
    8. MPS cohosts. I don't know if this is just me, but on my MPS co-hosts don't roll over, so if I make them cohost one day they don't keep it forever. You should add an option or just have it so that you cohost people forever.
    9. Blockhunt maps- Some of the blockhunt maps are way too op for hiders. (I rarely play as hunter, but maps like Atlantis are kind of impractical for hunters to have a reasonable chance at winning in.
    10. IDK about other people but when the taser hunter+ the get 50 hunter wins achievement was added to blockhunt, it for some reason reset my hunter wins stats or maybe this was because it only ever gave the win to a specific person. IDK if its possible to get fixed but if it is I would be good. (I don't think I had 50 hunter wins, but I know I had more than 0).
    11. Immortal announcement when the join- I understand this was one of the gimmicks that you get for Immortal rank, but please let there be a way to disable the IMMORTAL BLANK has joined the lobby, it is kinda spam and is useless to the chat.
    12. Buff Sam the slime- Right now, Sam the slime's rewards are basically nothing compared to the objective. like kill 2 players with a feather for 300 gems, what why would anyone do that its not worth the time/attempts it takes. I would like to see the reward being buffed to like 1k gems per completion.
    13. Bring Brawl back, Brawl was the most fun thing that mineplex ever did in my opinion. I would get rid of the gem requirement, because mineplex doesn't have the player base to sustain that, and just have the game be there on the weekend.

    Thanks for reading this far, I hope you liked some of these suggestions, and hopefully might implement a few.
    If you have any questions comment on this thread, and I will try to get back to you.
    Posted May 22, 2020
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  2. I won't comment on everything you brought up here, but I thought I'd address a few. A lot of these are popular concerns that you can see thorough answers for in previous threads.
    I believe the first bug you mention is known. As for your second point, ignoring player limits is a rank perk, so when you party with unranked players they will be kicked from full games. It's intended, though I understand it can be irritating for parties.
    Mineplex likely won't fix this issue because it's a gamemode only available in MPS, though if they bring it back I hope to see this fixed upon re-release.
    You will still receive the contents of your chest even if you disconnect from the lobby. It's difficult to determine what you earned, but you can check out and this thread that hopefully will resolve the issue, assuming it's implemented.
    The Gwen entity is necessary for detecting certain cheats & hit detection, it can be annoying when you're firing arrows and can't see the projectiles but unfortunately that's just the way it has to be.
    Mineplex can't remove taunts because its a rank feature that players paid for, but I agree they should not affect gameplay and could even be disabled in some situations.
    The best way to go about Arcade games is the rotation format. Sadly the playerbase cannot support stable queues for individual games. However, I wouldn't say Mixed Arcade as a whole is dead. I for one really enjoy playing the rotation and can queue for a game pretty quickly.
    The events team will occasionally host a four-team-SG, but I doubt another gamemode will ever be implemented for SG. It's impractical and again, we don't want to spread the playerbase too thin.
    Bacon Brawl is still available in Mixed Arcade, you just gotta queue for the right lobby. Mixed Arcade rotates games in alphabetical order so you can always predict which game is next.
    Posted May 22, 2020,
    Last edited May 22, 2020

  3. I just figured I should reply. First of all, thanks so much for commenting on my post, it means a lot :D.
    I am just replying to clarify some of the things that I said. (also IDK how the quote stuff works and I don't really feel like figuring it out) In regards to arcade games, I don't think its dead I simply mean that the individual games in it are dead(not the overall gamemode) and if a rotation/voting game was played I doubt it would be dead.

    For Brawl, I'm not talking about bacon brawl, but the OP gamemode that they had rotating every week.(IDK why Brawl is the name, but thats what it was called).

    Everything else you said was great and nice for me to see, thanks :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 22, 2020
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  4. Hey!

    I have never agreed more with a thread. This is perfect. These are all glitches/little annoying things that I have dealt with, and I would greatly love to see fixed. They are little things that affect gameplay that bugs me, and you hit all of them.

    +1, if I could give more I would.
    Posted May 22, 2020
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  5. Most of the bugs/glitches you've mentioned are known, it's just a matter of when the developers can get them fixed. :/
    I don't know if this applies for all games, but you can change your kit in the time period when the game is starting. This would be a useful feature though

    I agree this would be a nice change.

    I don't play with sound on, so can't say I find this much of a problem. There's probably a setting that will turn down the sound for chests, or you could just lower your overall volume.

    Personally, that specific taunt isn't an issue, but agreed on taunts shouldn't affect gameplay.

    Frosting's slowness was removed in a recent update, and it's a stretch to say it is the best now. For example, platforms can counter getting knocked off with frosting and many players don't actually use frosting well enough to get overwhelming combos.

    This sounds pretty neat!

    I feel like SG doesn't work well as a large teams mode.
    It would be really hard to coordinate a whole team through the huge terrain, especially when solo queuing. Plus, it doesn't have a large enough playerbase to have solos, duos and squads.

    I don't think this is worth it; there aren't huge queues for gladiators, and if there is, you can go to another lobby. It also means that the hub will have to be altered, which would be a pretty big change for little benefit

    Posted May 22, 2020
  6. I really enjoyed reading through your extensive list, but I have some comments to make:
    "Things that definitely should be changed"
    5. Chest contents are automatically generated before you even pick which ones you want. You can easily see this by opening a mythical chest, and before opening any of the 'mini chests', you will see a certain number of shards added to your account.
    6. The thing you are referring to here is known as a "chunk glitch", and I don't believe this is able to be fixed.
    7. I don't see how the chest opening sound is louder than other sounds in game.

    "Things I like to see be changed"
    2. Since taunts are already implemented, I don't see how the leadership team would be able to change them without getting an uproar from some of the "og players". I also don't see how they are that distracting, since if you are doing pvp with a person, and they use a taunt, you get a free extra seconds of hitting them.
    3. Frosting has been nerfed and no longer deals slowness.
    4. If you don't want certain "friends" to see you, I would just reccomend deleting them from your friends list.
    5. The games you mentioned already have their own separate games, so I don't see the point of removing them from mixed arcade.
    7. There are multiple lobbies, so if one lobbys' queue is full, you can always go to another one.
    9. The fact that there are block hunt hunter-sided maps balances maps like Atlantis out. Furthermore, Atlantis has already been made smaller.
    10. Didn't happen to me.
    11. I don't see how this could be removed without also causing an uproar, since the subscription price would most likely stay the same.
    12. I believe that the rewards are enough, especially since you are already gaining a lot of rewards from the actual games themselves. Furthermore, you can also delete some harder missions in hopes of getting easier ones.
    13. What is brawl? If you referring to bacon brawl, it is still available in Mixed Arcade.

    Feel free to write down any other ideas down below!
    Posted May 22, 2020
  7. Just figured I should reply to your thread.
    for number5 (one about mixed arcade) I am not suggesting removing the games rather making them just normal games (not mixed arcade) and removing all the unplayed mixed arcade games. These mixed arcade games would be replaced by one thing mixed arcade, in which you would vote for any of these games to be played. After voting that game would be played. This would be good because alot of the games that I love would still be able to be played outside of MPS.
    For block hunt, tbh it doesn't apply to me as much because I prefer to just play as shocking and attack hunters, but maps like atlantis have a 99% win rate for hider and always get voted for when they show up. I just think that removing some of these maps, or changing them would give hunters a better chance.
    12. My point is that there is no incentive to actually do the sam the slime rewards. I already have like 400k gems just sitting around doing nothing and the amount of gems people get from sam the slime is really negliglible. It doesn't make sense to do some of the challenges, because there is no real reward from doing it.
    13. Brawl was basically a rotating weekend thing with stacked games. Examples of this were lots of diamond in sg chest(for the gamemode) or sheep quest with champions or sheep quest with smash characters. There was also sg with guns.

    I am going to put some links of brawls from SamitoD that I have seen, incase you want to watch them(they're really fun).

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 22, 2020
  8. One other thing I remembered I wanted fixed. After every game I say gg, however mineplex says that I am unable to say that because I just said it. I understand this is to prevent spam, but if there is a way to let certain things go through like Good Game/ gg/GG so I can say it after every game
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 22, 2020
  9. Hey, I have a few comments on some of your suggestions, but I appreciate you taking the time to comment on what needs and should be changed.
    You will still receive the items from the chest, you just won't know what you received. I think the Queue is an issue and I agree with either changing it to not let you open a chest during that time, but I mostly agree with a new "Whats New" section that was commented on here by Awquard.
    I believe this is a chunk issue and is a lot harder to fix than people think. I think it may be outside of Mineplex's power to fix, and if it were possible, I think it would've been taken care of by now, or commented on a lot more frequently.
    I don't entirely disagree. Sometimes the sounds can be overpowering, however, I think the sound volume is pretty similar to others. This can also easily be adjusted in your personal sound settings.
    The entire way GWEN functions is by watching every player in this fashion. The Anti-Cheat almost loses all purpose if this were to be changed. GWEN has been extremely successful in its work because of the system it currently runs on, and if a change this huge were to be made, it would be a major backstep for the Anti-Cheat and would allow many more hackers to get away with what they're doing.
    I believe that if this were altered or removed entirely, it would cause a huge uproar, as taunts are a pretty popular cosmetic on Mineplex. I agree with Bobtroopo and don't really see it as much of a distraction, as it gives you a second or two extra to pvp the player. And if the taunt isn't used in PVP, I don't see how its much of a distraction at all.
    I don't entirely disagree with this one honestly, but I just think it kind of ruins the purpose. If you're invisible, I think it should be invisible for everyone. If favourite friends get any perk, I believe it should be to bypass the Semi-Visible option. But even then, I believe that it's an option for a reason, and I don't think Favourite Friends should bypass either option.
    I think it would be a good idea to plan this a bit further and get some more details about how it would work, and then post a thread in the Game Ideas section here
    I used to agree with the Atlantis map, however, they recently updated it and removed the extra cave section, closing the map off a lot and making it a lot fairer. I can't think of any other particularly awful maps when it comes to a team imbalance.
    Thank you for the taking the time to comment about how you feel, and what should be fixed in the future.
    Posted May 22, 2020
  10. Who knows how many more players Mineplex would have if they fixed some of these things. I know I say this a lot, but if they fixed the little things, the could be getting 10,000+ players.
    Posted May 22, 2020
  11. I would disagree, some OITQ og players only have mixed arcade to find a lobby such as me. As for other people, a runner main would never be able to play their game again unless they have mixed arcade.
    Posted May 26, 2020
  12. When Mixed arcade was on rotation, we often played games like OITQ and evolutions. If it was on rotation, then we could actually play these game. Granted it might not revive some of the games(just because it would be voting). Overall it would be better though.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 26, 2020
  13. The glitch that you mentioned, the spawn-in-void one, I noticed today it happens in I think most games. I normally play only PB servers, and it's a constant problem where we spawn in and cannot see or move, and the other team cannot kill us. The void-glitch happens in other games like Sploor, Sheep Quest, etc.

    This really needs to be fixed just to improve the overall server/game flow! :)
    Posted Jun 1, 2020 at 12:27 AM
  14. The message that someone left your party is kind of annoying because it registers the message when someone leaves the server you are on. The reason being is that not everyone leaves "simultaneously" but in a certain order which is as fast as instant. There is a bug with some players not being able to join likely because another player that is not in your party joined at precisely the same time. If /party becomes annoying, you can just do /z to replace party commands more efficiently!

    This can be annoying but probably some players found the only way to select a kit is to left-click and would not hear of the right-click feature.

    Didn't know about that and I'm not sure if the players need to bypass NCP (join as a spectator and jump up and down flying) to make the swimming advantage work.

    If you didn't know this, the rewards are applied when you start opening the chests! When you open a chest, you may see the scoreboard and see the number of shards increase before you choose your chests to open! Back then when rank upgrades were quite common the new rank shows on the scoreboard before you start opening your 4 chests, so the rewards you'll get will not depend on which chests you open. The only problem is it kind of spoils it to new players and it takes a few seconds to randomize the rewards at the beginning.

    This can likely be an issue with the map itself with glitched blocks that are needed to support later versions of Minecraft like 1.15.

    You can turn your block volume down in Music and Sounds which should help with the anvil noises.
    Posted Jun 1, 2020 at 3:53 AM
  15. I figured I should respond to your comment.
    1. In regards to party, the player has left thing is annoying, but also mineplex sometimes actually kicks them from the party. This means I have started several games without my teammate because I thought they were in the game with me.
    3. The swimming advantage is just an advantage if your in the post aquatic update, this makes the later updates banned in some gamemode like SGCL(Survival games competetive league). Its really annoying when you get someone really low, but they can jump in the water and swim away from you at twice your speed.
    7. I understand I could turn down my volume, but its a good volume for the rest of the game it works well with everything, the chest is just way too loud. I understand I could be nit picky, but saying just turn down your volume when opening chests doesn't make sense to me, mineplex should just make them less loud.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 1, 2020 at 10:47 PM

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