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The Topics of Master Builders

Discussion in 'Master Builders' started by slottermachine, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Hey,

    I'd like to spend some time talking about the topics of Master Builders. I will try to do this as constructive criticism:
    "Coal", "Gift", "Bed", "Fruit"... I think that all of those themes are boring, because they are way to clear. There is no way to interpret them and bring in your own ideas. Everybody builds mainly the same thing (some better, some not). So it becomes unexciting, since you already know everyone built what you did. I guess, I would call the topics "unimaginative" and "uninspiring". Another "definition" could be the search results of Google - if you input the topic and see similar images as every result, it's probably too distinct.
    But I don't just want to criticize the old topics - I want to propose some "better" themes, by the above "definition". For example:
    Movies - instead of giving "Batman" as the subject, why not generalize it to have people be able to bring in their ideas? This will make a game way more interesting, because there are so many to choose from. You could build a ton of things, from subtle movie references to big movie sets, a Hollywood-logo or a camera. And those are just the things I thought of in a few seconds.
    Music - this, I hope, is also a bit more creative. Again I can think of a lot of stuff you could build here; a guitar, a keyboard, a violin (or any other instrument), musical notes, headphones or an equalizer or a microphone or some logo of a famous musician or, or, or...
    Games - will I build a video game or a board game? What game would I build then, anyway? Or should I make some kind of console or controller? I think those questions show the variety of stuff you could build.
    Sports - the same things apply to this as they do to the above subjects. There are so many different sports you could choose from: Hockey, Athletics, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf... You don't know what everybody else will create, but what you do is probably going to be unique.
    Now, these are just some ideas I had in mind, while thinking of this matter. Tell me what you think of this. Have you also thought the same? What other great ideas for build themes do you have?

    Posted Jan 2, 2020

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