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The State Of Bedrock

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by Jet Starglaze, Mar 8, 2021.


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  1. Hello,

    It has become apparant than mineplex bedrock is losing players. For example, on sunday mineplex should be booming with players. Hive hit 30k. Mineplex was at 7k. Im going to give my ideas on how to up the player count but first ill explain why mineplex is dipping in player count.

    Can't Join Games Bug / Can't Go To Hub Bug / Can't Invite Friends Bug

    This bug has been around for a while, and is really taking a toll on the player count and player experience. I have had so many people ask "why cant i go to hub" or "can one of you guys leave so i can invite my friend" or "I cant join a game" and my answer is always "its a bug, spam click it". I know how to report, but its such a known bug at this point that i think QA know about it already.

    This really discourages players from staying on mineplex, most people wont even ask in the chat, they'll just leave. This bug needs to be fixed asap, its one of the main things that drives new players away.

    Creative Housing Being Neglected

    There are many people who play creative housing on the reg, and the insane lag, random plot resets and the random game crashes makes players leave on a sour note. Its a shame, i love creative housing, its a unique game. It normally has 500+ players, but people like me who have had their hard work swept away wont rebuild their creations a million times, they'll just not build things / only play others houses.

    When will creative housing be fixed?


    Survival is, well, a hot topic at the moment. One of the main topics is the reset. Players like me do not want a reset, because of a few things.

    1. A reset would ruin all our hard work
    Some players i know have put weeks into their builds, and the outcome is magnificent. I have seen bases so big that i can't see end to end of the base and my render distance is 56 chunks. Most people who build these sometimes invite me to their base, and i have to tell then about the reset. I tell them to make a forums account and state their opinion. I dont know how many people acctually listened to me, but i just hope they do.

    1. The principle of a reset
    If they reset, then whos to say that they wont do it again? this kind of reasoning drives players away from building cool things. You might say to this "well, another server resets every few days, and they're doing fine!" but players who came to mineplex, probably came because they didnt want resets constantly.
    1. It would kill survival.
    because all the experienced players that keep survival alive would probably leave (based on their replys to other threads). And there would be no motivation to play. The player count would be lower than ever.

    The Lag

    You know what im talking about, the crazy lag in the lobby and, recently, in games too. Other servers at 40-50k run smooth, mineplex is struggling at 7k. My game freezes every 30 seconds while in the lobby, and my friends tell me how im tping around when fighting people. Its not my internet, other servers run fine, and whn i lag, everyone says in chat "is everyone experiencing lag?"

    sometimes relogging does the trick, but its not reliable.

    Dont even get me started on survival lag. I can litteraly travel faster than my e pearl, crazy lag.

    Most of the issues' solutions are based on dev time, and i understand that theres not a lot of it. My idea for this is that we could have a road map of when updates are happening so players dont lose hope.

    Java Seemingly Getting More Attention

    (i went of on a bit of a tangent but you get the general idea lol)

    Java seems to be getting so much more attention compared to bedrock, more events ect. And one thing i have noticed about most subteams is that you are required to have java, but bedrock is optional. Or you need java and bedrock, but its never just bedrock. (not that i have seen). I feel like we should have subteams where one plat is the main focus. Like for QAT, instead of java and bedrock having to be required, what about bedrock QAT and Java QAT? This would encourange player without both platforms to join, and still be able to make an impact. There was 1 thing holding be back from applying for QAT. I dont have java (and i dont have discord but that can be easily fixed and isnt relevent here) That really was a sad day. I am proficient in bedrock but i dont have java, and for this reason i think that there should be a bedrock and a java version of, subteams that require you to have both. People who only play one plat might be more proficient than people who play both.

    I still love mineplex, and im not hating on it, if i hate mineplex, would i make such a long thread compiling ways they could get more players?

    I feel like theres more that i havent mentioned, but these are the things that came to mind when writing this thread. I will update the thread if i get any more ideas.

    If you agree with me, like and vote!

    Have a good day!

    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  2. Yes. I've actually witnessed a player leaving like this happen ingame, middle of a cake wars game. There are also a lot of misconceptions that you need to buy a rank to join games well and people not knowing some solutions to these problems. For example, you can join a creative housing plot or Survival to invite your friends and then /sv 1 which works for the hub bug.
    I agree. Although you said #1 a couple too many times.
    Another good reason. When I'm following a player in the lobby as a Ghast for fun, every 20-30 seconds they go forward 10 blocks, and that's delay on my side. The fireball also lags a bit whenever I use it.
    Not going to comment on this one because I'm not too knowledgable about it.

    some more things:
    about lag: update the server to the latest version
    about not getting into games, although the problem doesn't seem as big for me now: already planned for the hardware stuff

    and something others might bring up: it's not the holidays anymore. however it was also not the holidays a few weeks ago, so this is actually not the primary factor.

    So now it's summary time.
    Lag makes players leave.

    Neglecting(although I wouldn't call it neglecting, because there are higher priorities, but eh idrk) Creative Housing makes players leave.

    Not listening to players' opinions about a Survival reset makes players leave.

    Getting more players unexpectedly means lag and players leaving.

    Game Mechanics make players leave: such as kb, but it's meh right now

    Not being able to play games with friends, the hub thing, and people misinterpreting the servers are full thing as they can't just spam the NPC and it works. I've seen people ask if Mineplex's servers are always full.

    Lag, friends, hub, servers full, and other bugs/problems are priority rather than new things for updates right now.

    Edit: But Guardian gave a good reply regarding Survival: it's necessary
    Posted Mar 8, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 8, 2021
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  3. Alright where do I start...

    I feel like your thread comes more from a place of venting, which is completely valid, but from what I've seen and heard on Discord, and bringing in a programmer's mindset, I'm gonna try and explain this as best I can.

    To start, I'm gonna need to explain that we currently only have two developers working on bedrock right now: Gyro and OneThousand (Alex can supposedly do bedrock as well but last I heard he was working on a Java update so we'll see what happens on that front). Everything you just listed goes to one of those two people, and with that comes priority listing.

    Can't join servers/Server Lag: In a Discord town hall a while back, Alex did mention that new hardware was coming to bedrock, just no timeframe of when.

    Survival/Creative Housing: Again, priorities. Dev team already has a lot to deal with, I'm sure it's on the list.

    Java getting more attention/QAT: Put it simply, Java has more developer resources to allocate to certain projects. Also with your point to QAT, that team isn't split into Java and Bedrock from what I heard, but I forget why.

    KB: Remember that a lot of projects take quite a few iterations to get right, and the only way to get it right is to test it. Again, patience is key in these situations, I'm sure it's somewhere on the priority list.

    Overall, I completely understand your frustration, but I also want to shed some light on what it's like being behind the computer, albeit for much smaller projects that don't affect thousands of people every day. I hope I was able to do just that, and if you need me to elaborate, you know where to find me.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
  4. Hello Jet! I will be completely honest here but I agree that the state of Mineplex Bedrock has been going down and losing players. The bug of not being able to invite people is very annoying and can definitely turn people away from playing on Mineplex. I agree that the server is also laggy, and that also turns people away from playing. At least in my opinion, it is true that Java gets more attention, even though Mineplex has more players on Bedrock. Bedrock is very buggy and definitely needs improvement compared to Java that has more attention, staff, and more Java-centred subteams (like you mentioned). It is true that Housing is very buggy, and the occasional freezes, crashes and even full resets are very annoying. Having a house or parkour that you spent days and weeks working on and having it reset after being popular and successful can be very depressing, and this should be fixed. The Survival reset is an extremely controversial topic, but unlike you, I think that Survival definitely needs to be reset. The spawned-in items and duping are so much of a part of Survival, and unlike most SMP servers, Survival mode doesn't really feel like an augmented Minecraft world. I understand that the developers are very busy for patching some of the bugs, but I hope that soon they will be able to revive Mineplex to their old state. This is of course just an opinion of mine, and disagree with me if you like, but in short, I agree that Mineplex Bedrock needs to be revived with more attention.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  5. Yeah, I can see where you're coming from and I agree with most of your points. The only part I disagree on is with the Survival reset, but that's a pretty controversial topic and there's a large number of mixed opinions for both pro and anti reset.
    As for the Bedrock only QAT, it's not that they don't want people who play only Bedrock to be on QaT or any bias like that. The QAM, Maggie, sent this in the Bedrock Players Discord which is an explanation as to why you require both a Java and Bedrock account.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  6. I completely agree, bedrock is kinda falling apart because there is only one dev (gyroninja) and that's it. Mineplex needs to hire more devs or else bedrock will kinda slowly fall apart. The community has explained that they need a "qualified dev" but I bet you there are many devs out there that are looking for this job. I don't know when mineplex will decide to get more devs on their team, only then we can start improving.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  7. Plz fix the lag by updating Mineplex to 1.16, people still play on it through 1.12, which is much less laggier (or so I’m told, since I’m sadly an Xbox noob at the moment). Wouldn’t upgrading Mineplex’s version give it all the optimizations that come with every new update? Just look at the Hive, for example. NO lag. NONE. And they average wayyyyy more players then Mineplex. I hope that Mineplex prioritizes lag to be fixed before everything else. (Oh and giving Bedrock more attention won’t hurt, since it probably makes Mineplex more money nowadays due to the player count vs Java)
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  8. Hello!

    Let's get started, shall we?

    This is a very well know issue nowadays. All I can really say on this topic is that we are working on a fix.

    I would have to agree Creative Housing has been somewhat neglected over the past could years. I would love to see it gets updated but it's just really up to the devs on what gets fixed/updated and we really only have one Front-End dev to work on all the updates.

    My favorite topic of all Survival...

    1. Resets are something that sadly must happen when we want to start a new Season. Season 2 we have been on for a couple of years now and after a while, it just gets really boring cause the challenge just goes away. When/if we restart this is also the chance for us to add new features.

    2. Resets for Mineplex really only happen every couple of years. We are currently on our second world for Mineplex Survival (Season 2) and when Season 3 Starts. There will be a reset.

    3. We have reset Survival before and it didn't die at all.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
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  9. This is a major issue and I understand your frustration. I also have to spend several minutes sometimes clicking on a NPC to join a game. This issue was brought up at the recent town hall meeting in the Mineplex Community Center discord and was addressed by AlexTheCoder. Here are the questions and answers from that town hall meeting:

    Question: Will they add more bedrock lobbies so then you can actually leave your game
    Answer: This is bound by hardware, so as hardware is improved, there will be more lobbies.

    Question: Alex any idea on when we could see fixes for the Bedrock server (ie Servers being full)
    Answer: We are working on Java and Bedrock being able to share hardware, so that is a major focus. We are also across the board working on improving efficiency.

    Question: When is Bedrock getting a hardware update? It's been about an entire month where we have had issues with full servers
    Answer: There are plans for this; currently in the works of getting better hardware for both Bedrock and Java. It is a process, so no set-time, but this is in the works.

    As Alex said a solution is being worked on so hopefully it will be fixed soon.
    I think this occurs because of storage failures and limitations on the server. Hopefully this will be fixed when the Bedrock server gets better hardware.
    The Bedrock Game Insights team, which i am a member of, will be designing a large Survival update this year so many of the issues in Survival currently should be fixed in that update. I will bring up your concerns about the map being reset with the rest of the team and see what they think. I think it would be beneficial to have a poll, in-game if possible, or on the Mineplex discord server in regards to a map reset to see what the majority of the player base wants. I can make no guarantees about anything right now in regards to the survival update but I will voice your concerns to the others.
    I haven't been experiencing much lag on the server so it might be an issue on your end. It might also be an issue with the server and if it is hopefully it will be fixed when the bedrock server gets a hardware upgrade.
    I somewhat agree with you. In terms of subteams Java is favored but there has definitely been improvement. The Translations, Game Insights, Community Council, and Newsletter subteams are all open to Bedrock only players. As you mentioned QAT does require a Java account and that is unfortunate for people like you who don't have a Java account. I hope that can be changed. As for the other 2 community subteams, Map Testing Team is only open to Java players because new maps are built on Java edition and only implemented on the Java edition server so it makes sense to only allow Java players to join. The final community subteam, Event Assistance, is only open to Java players because Bedrock edition does not have events, although that may change in the future. In total 4/7 of the community subteams are open to bedrock only players so its not as bad as you think.
    Posted Mar 8, 2021
  10. Yeah I get where your coming from. Most people I talk to in game are upset about the reset.

    Do you have a time frame of when survival will be reset? Also, will it still have any of the traits that current survival has? Or will it be normal survival, like in a world. Also, some blocks like beacons and others, are they banned or is it a bug? I have seen talk about these blocks being banned on purpose. Do you have an update sheet thing (I forgot what its called lol, the page where is tells us the new features of the new update) ready yet? how else can we voice our opinions? (other than discord) Sorry this is a lot of questions haha.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  11. We don't have a time frame for Season 3. Season 3 from what I've seen on the doc will be somewhat different from Season 3. I'm not sure about what blocks will be ban. I don't think I can share season 3 plans at this time. You can voice your opinions on the forums. Your voice matters in updates and we take a look at all suggestions.. I hope this helped :)
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  12. Then I have wasted my time and efforts.

    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  13. Most if not all Survival Servers reset yearly so.
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
  14. But do most survival servers lose most of their playerbase every time they do it?
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  15. Hey Jet!

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this thread! With being new to Bedrock, I really wanted some feedback to formulate before I left my honest response. I wish I could give a better perspective, but with being new, I'm just learning about most, if not all, of the concerns you've addressed within this thread. As I've read others feedback fully, I wanted to share my own personal opinion on each issue/concern you have presented within this thread!

    I do absolutely agree with you here 100%. This can be very discouraging for newer players and even players who have been around for a while. While it can be extremely frustrating to try and switch game lobbies, party friends, or just go to lobby, I understand why this is a current bug. Bedrock is a much bigger platform than Java, and a lot more is demanded, as the player population is much larger. I don't think a lot of players know about the /sv system, or /server commands, otherwise this issue could temporarily be avoided in moderation. Although, I do again, agree that this does affect the playing experience and it absolutely has potential of driving newer players away.

    I feel that @zapig, @Cheezeburgerfan and @GuardianInASuit have addressed this concern very well in their responses above. As said above, this is a known issue that has been brought up several times, and it has specifically been addressed by one of the Developers in a Community Townhall Meeting.
    Unfortunately, it was mentioned that implementing a new Hardware is a process, and no accurate time frame can be placed on this. Hopefully with the new Hardware coming to Bedrock, this issue will be easily be resolved, as more lobbies can be opened according to the influx number of players on Bedrock.

    I don't know much about creative housing, but this is a huge issue that is widely known as well. Coming to Bedrock, I was very stoked to have a new creative game mode option, but I had heard about the constant loss in progress and lag. Unfortunately, hearing that alone steered me away from Creative Housing and I would love to see this worked on in the potential future. I personally don't think that it's at the top of the priorities list at this time. In time, I think it will definitely be worked on, as the issues are known and are demanded to be shown attention by a mass majority of the Bedrock Community. I know I would, again, love to see this game mode worked on for sure.

    I'm not really too experienced in Bedrock Survival, and I'm not sure if I should be giving my personal opinion on this topic whatsoever (just because I lack experience), but I certainly agree with points made by both GuardianInASuit and Cheezeburgerfan. From my understanding, Mineplex has conducted a reset in the past (Season 1 to Season 2) and players still made the game flourish throughout the years. I do agree that I think that a reset is necessary to make challenge an aspect in the game again, and it allows the chance of new features being added as mentioned by GuardianInASuit in their response. However, while I do feel that is a very valid point, I do understand the center of the controversy that currently surround Survivals rumored reset. While I can understand that losing all the progress is very frustrating and may even drive away players who put forth time and effort into bases and progress, I do agree that a poll should be implemented in the Mineplex Community Center Discord to see what the player base wants as suggested by Cheezeburger. I can't speak for anyone, but from what I've seen there's been a lot of concerns arising in regards to the map reset. I personally feel that it's most logical to reset the maps as a new Season comes, but then again, I am not whatsoever experienced in Bedrock Survival.

    The lobby lag has been a major issue that I have firsthand experienced, and I have personally asked about this issue myself as well. These lag issues are well known, and I assume that this lag is generated by the mass amount of players gathering in one lobby and the massive building structures around the lobby. I hope that this issue is easily fixed with the new Hardware coming, as it will allow more lobbies to open and allow players to be more disperse, further reducing the lag. As for survival lag, I feel that it may be generated by all of the structures around the map. With a Map reset, I could potentially see lag being reduced? (I may be wrong, but that's where I am thinking logically)

    I feel that this is a very good evaluation of the current community sub-teams and their respective platform requirements. I do agree to a certain extent that Java gets more attention, however there are a lot of teams open to Bedrock players as well. I feel that the three notable sub-teams that are not open to Bedrock only, makes sense at this time and Cheezeburgerfan addressed why it makes prefect sense in their response above.
    • QAT - While it would be nice to have just a Bedrock QAT Team, I feel that the current requirement to have Java is fair in a sense because there's not really a lot of specific Bedrock Testings at this time. That has been confirmed by rosmeme (Maggie: The QA Manager) herself in the quote provided by @DaPBillk. I also personally feel that having both platforms is beneficial in a sense of gaining knowledge of both platforms and how to overall improve the quality of gameplay experience for all players. This also allows QAT to provide attention to both Platforms, and provide feedback across the board.
    • MTT - As addressed by Cheezeburger in their response, it makes perfect sense why this is Java only.
    • EA - Event Assistance is Java only because there isn't any events on Bedrock at this time. (As addressed by Cheezeburger) Although, I do personally seeing this changing in the future, so keep your eyes open!
    Again, thank you for making this thread, it was very eye opening as a new Bedrock player/Staff Member and I would certainty would love to see all of these concerns addressed in future/upcoming updates for Bedrock to further help increase the player count from its current state. All of my feedback that I have provided is a personal opinion.
    Posted Mar 10, 2021
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  16. I like how people who havent built things vote for a reset but people who have poured their heart into survival dont. Hmmm. Interesting...

    It wont affect the people who dont care about survival. If someone playes more than a day in survival its more than "WhInInG aBoUt gBoXeS" its more about the community and what you achieve and build. We will just have to wait and see.

    I just want to ask though, will survival season 3 be normal survival, or illegal survival like now?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 10, 2021
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  17. I agree, everytime I join a game like bedwars, i get stuck at spawn. I think its something with the chunks not loading, but back to the main point- mineplex is very buggy and the developers shound not push updates but fix the bugs so that the game is more smooth.
    Posted Mar 10, 2021
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  18. So what i have seen from reading all these reply's, is just that it will happen eventually, they dont have enough devs, and its not important. Why cant you just get more devs? There are millions of bedrock players out there, most have played a server at a time in their life, i mean, im trying to learn code to possibly join the dev team years into the future, If the server lives that long. If you tried to find devs, you would. I cant speak for everyone, but people would come if you asked them. This was once the best server and it can be again.
    Posted Mar 10, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 10, 2021
  19. Comparing Hive to Mineplex shouldn't be a comparison.

    Hive has been dying for years and honestly is a LOT worse off for Hackers. (take it from somebody who played/plays Hive pretty actively)
    Hive doesn't have events for Java anymore, in fact in about a month, Hive's java version will be gone, so their entire focus will shift towards Bedrock, giving them a bit more attention.

    Hive Java Edition is arguably worse than Mineplex Java.
    The reason Hive Bedrock has done so well is because all of their attention has moved towards Bedrock, all of their devs are focusing on Bedrock.
    Mineplex Bedrock only has 1-2 working on it, so you gotta give them a little bit of slack.
    Posted Mar 10, 2021
  20. But in the end, if i play java, im on my personal server with friends or on another server. I never play mineplex java, due to there being better options for java. Bedrock is different. There are only so many featured servers, not a lot of competition and there are no personal servers and such. If i am on bedrock, i will play mineplex. Not on java. You all know what i am referencing on java, but i will not say the servers name, it is not allowed on the forums. Shift focus to bedrock, or at least hire a 3rd dev. There has to be at least a third person to help out there. I also disagree. There are more hackers in mineplex, and the small skin issue i am counting as a hack, as you need to pay for it, and this is fixed on the hive. All around, hive is better if you dont want hackers or P2W people. Mineplex has better games, Cakewars is the best game on bedrock, but it is not focused on enough, and not enough attention is given.
    Posted Mar 10, 2021
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