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The PvP Experience still terrible and annoying

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by SandoChoKUN, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. I'd like to ask you 'Staff' if many known PvP Bugs that makes worse the experience will be fixed, after more than a couple years. I do mean: non-existent knockback, enchantments not working at all (Like fire aspect), too much lag with some 'projectiles' like eggs and snowballs.... Most of the popular Mini-games are about Fighting, and i expected at least 2 of them getting fixed after 2 long years, literally. I'm just asking to know if i must to leave my hopes on Mineplex and only playing Cubecraft and Hive-Minigames to get that great experience. For me, the pvp experience is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than a lobbie Update. By the way, as i've been hearing from other posts, the knockback issues are not a ping problem from players. The game detects my connection "as perfect", and even testing with many friends(as great connections as me) and hitting them, they only get away "4 pixels" from they were and it's not impossible to fix; even Cubecraft which is hosted in Europe got a WAY better balance.

    New Partner servers will arrive soon (next one called Galaxite) and Mineplex, it's hight time to take in mind these BASIC issues to get fixed AFTER 2.5 YEARS.
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
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  2. Fire Aspect does not work? That makes sense why it was not working in skywars. Why is it even rolled chests then?
    Posted Jun 9, 2020
  3. Hey!

    I do agree with this point, but there is a bit of reasoning behind this PvP mechanics issue.

    No knockback

    Mineplex has an anticheat that can detect fly.
    For this reason, Mineplex had to compensate by making Knock back comepletly different than say hive mini games or lifeboat. The good part about this is if a player get kicked by the anti cheat, they will be moderated to see if they are cheating.


    I’m not so sure about this one, but there is a lot of toolbox hackers on mineplex, so it might have to do with that.

    There are only 2 developers that are active on mineplex, so please don’t bash on them. these updates take longer than you think.

    More people

    there is a LARGE amount of people who play on mineplex for reasons such as

    -Creative housing/roleplay

    -Master Builders

    -Block hunt

    Not every partner server is about the PvP experience, so you must consider people who aren’t interested in PvP and only play for the games listed above

    I hope this response helped.
    Posted Jun 9, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 9, 2020
  4. This isn't a reason to make the KB basically non-existent.

    This explains a lot, I hope they'll be able to hire more developers soon. Mineplex is going to continue going downhill if they don't.
    Posted Jun 9, 2020
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  5. yes to alot of this. The PvP is bad. There needs to be more kb I cant get opponents in air or combo easily
    Posted Jun 9, 2020
  6. Opening;
    Hey! So I see you are looking for information about bugs and how long it takes to fix them. Unfortunately, it isn't an instant process to fix bugs and does take some time. Yes, there are multiple bugs on Bedrock which shouldn't exactly happen, but there isn't much the developers can do right away. Personally, I do not mind the PvP entirely. I am used to the low knockback from playing on other Java servers with low knockback making the Bedrock PvP more fun for me.

    Ways to report bugs;
    If you continuously go around saying there are bugs and listing them on forum threads, nothing will be done to them. If you believe a bug should be fixed immediately/should be investigated then you can submit a bug report here. But before you submit a bug report, be sure to read this. The Mineplex quality assurance team for Bedrock would gladly look into any and all reported bugs which could decrease player happiness.

    Other reasons;
    If you feel a game mechanic should be updated, contact a Bedrock member of staff to see what they could do as the staff team is always willing to update the game to make it better. It is annoying at times with PvP bugs, such as the Fire Aspect enchants and the knockback restricting gameplay for others.

    Just remember;
    • Bugs aren't immediate fixes and do take time. Yes, there have been bugs on the server since its release which hasn't been fixed but as NerfGuns3 said, most players of Bedrock come for not PVP-based mini-games.
    • There are only 2 developers for Bedrock, which also makes the wait time longer.
    • You should always report a bug when you see one get it checked out by a Quality Assurance member in order for it to get fixed.
    • The Mineplex development team does tasks assigned to them. Because of this, the lobby was updated, among other reasons.
    Posted Jun 9, 2020
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  7. I'll see what I can do. I know the KB is bad so even getting that a bit better would be a start. Will keep you updated on any changes
    Posted Jun 9, 2020

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