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The Plan:

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Bossitiveplays, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. I'm going to make this simple. Here is a list of possible changes that would make the game more balanced.

    - Rework illusion and smokebomb in a way where neither skill uses the broken invisibility.
    - Revert Level Fields and increase the effectiveness. The difference isn't that good and you're playing is really not leveled at all.
    - Add a rule to intimidation that only applies the slowness if the enemies in the radius have less health than the user. This makes sense.
    - Buff shocking strikes to do slowness 1 every hit for the same amount of time as shock.
    - Nerf Assassin arrow damage to 3 max.
    - For the passive C slot add skill "Assassin's Bane" which decreases damage taken and increases damage dealt. I want this if Assassin stays the way it currently is. 1 Level, 2 Skill Tokens. 50% increase to damage dealt and reduced damage.
    - Fire Blast deals AoE damage. 1-5 damage at all levels. Decrease fire time from 4-14 to 5-10 (Lvl 1-6).
    - Bottles don't get rid of poison and shock. Doesn't seem realistic water cures you from poison and water conducts electricity.
    - Using blink halves the fall damage you take to avoid dying when you use it.
    - Automatically use secondary recall while slowed and make the go-back time 3s. Primary recall health gain should just be instant instead of a regeneration.
    - Resistance goes from 10 + 25 pl to max lvl 3.
    - Buff Break Fall to 1 + 2 pl reduced damage.
    - Revert Longshot to how it was years ago. No extra arrow speed and did more damage. It was harder to use and more rewarding making it more of a "longshot"
    - Buff Blizzard by making it able to block arrows with the snowballs.
    - Make Stampede go up to Speed 3.
    - Nerf Assassin movememt speed to 1.
    - Increase the energy void uses per second.
    - Buff the life steal perk of Life Bonds.
    - Make colossus knockback reduction for normal 50%.
    - Make Combo Attack like Wolf Fury, missing consecutive attacks causes the skill to reset.

    And that's all I got... Let me know what you think in the commemts!
    Posted Dec 4, 2019
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  2. I'm fairly sure none of these changes will be implemented in Champions soon, as the gamemode is pretty dead in the development area at the moment, but I like the gist of your ideas to make sin more balanced.

    I'll add in my own opinions here:

    1.) Changes to illu and smoke - Illusion and smokebomb make you immune to melee damage for half a second after activation, dealing or taking damage/impulse(kb) from any source afterwards immediately cancels the ability and invis.

    2.) Changes to level field - Either level field is always active with no activation requirement and cooldown, or each enemy within range increases X by 1.5 instead of 1, max X of 6. If level field is always active, that's a surprisingly decent buff that you have at all times. In 1v1s, you deal 1 more damage and take 1 less; usually you'll hit and get hit at least 4 times, so the numbers alone show that it has viable stats when compared to swordsmanship and deflection. It has a weaker effect as more enemies pile on, but having to not press q or wait for it to cooldown would be a nice change to have. If X change per enemy changes by 1.5, this will be much more effective when dealing with 2+ knights/brutes/sins, and combined with cleave, knight could actually have a decent CC skillset. Right now, 1 per enemy doesn't change the outcome of a fight much; 1.5 is a more potent and would encourage LF knights to stand their ground because there's a better chance of not getting steamrolled.

    3.) I'm loving your intim idea to only apply slow to enemies with less health. I think that you should change around the wording a bit so that it doesn't affect enemies with more health (so at the beginning of a fight intim isn't immediately useless against people with equal health).

    4.) Shocking strike needs to apply slow for the first hit, and then every 3rd hit.

    5.) Sin arrow damage nerf - 3 is a bit low, change it to 5. Using a bow to deal ranged damage is an important part of the sin kit; nerfing it too hard is an imbalance.

    6.) I'll assume assassin's bane was a joke because a 50% +damage dealt and -damage taken is an incredibly bad suggestion. Champions is supposed to be a game with a varied amount of kit interactions, and giving every kit besides assassin an ability specifically designed to screw over sin and sin only wouldn't be something implemented.

    7.) Fire blast damage - Yup, fire blast needs to deal damage, not just kb and fire (DoT is just stomped into the ground by bottles).

    8.) Water bottles - I'd say that bottles take 1.5s off the duration of any negative effects on the user. Ostracizing shock and poison from being cured by bottles is just appeasing to being more "real", which isn't the basis behind a game like Champions.

    9.) Blink fall dmg reduction - Nice blink change, but I'd reword and say that using blink negates the next source of fall damage, instead of providing a universal 50% fall damage reduc.

    10.) Recall - Secondary recall goes 2s back in time, removes all negative effects (restores no health) and can be used while slowed, but isn't automatically used. An automatic ability trigger, especially one that has a major effect on player status and position, isn't needed for something like recall.

    11 + 12.) Resistance and break fall are good as is, I don't think there needs to be a change

    13.) Longshot - remove bonus arrow speed, remove longshot-type shot cooldown, arrows deal 4 less base max charge damage (fully charged arrows deal 9 - 4 = 5 damage without traveling any blocks), max damage increase changed to 18.

    14.) Blizzard - Blizzard spam is an issue, especially when combined with glacial blade. Making the snowballs block arrows only worsens the problem, as a blizzard mage with half a brain easily stops melee damagers like knight and brute, where rangers and sins are the only real way to get around it. Change blizzard snowballs so they deal small knockback and damage, but drain energy faster. This way, blizzard can be used better offensively (it is a sword ability, after all) and spam can't completely block melee.

    15 + 16.) Stampede - yes, change back to III levels. Assassins rely on mobility as part of their kit. Keep the speed. If other changes are made to balance its abilities, there's no need to reduce sin speed. But... if no other changes are made, I'd wholeheartedly support changing sin speed to I.

    17 + 18.) Void - I'd say increase the energy burn per damage reduced rather than the energy drain-per-second. Life bonds - Increase health on hit to 0.5 + 0.5 pl. 2 hits gives 1.5 hearts at level 3, which is nice and balanced as a passive combat supplement.

    19 + 18.) I agree with colossus change, and the combo attack change.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  3. Everything you said I agree with, and I'm glad you agree with me. And the Assassin's bane was satire. Assassin needs a balance, but not something like that xd.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 8, 2019
  4. Mage doesn’t need any further nerfs, and 2 counters are enough for a blizzard mage.

    more nerfs would just make the skill unviable, strafing with speed 1+ almost completely negates its effect (tested)
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  5. Honestly just rework Sin so it is fair.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  6. Life bonds with only a constant mana drain and potentially lifesteal would make it much more viable for the supporting role it was made for. Right now life bonds is only used for meme kits and mage needs some way to be viable besides void + ice prison.
    Posted Dec 21, 2019
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