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Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Hilly, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. What SSM map theme do you want to see next being made for all the Map Creators out there? Give them some ideas B)

    Do you want to see it be a Larger or Smaller Map?
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
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  2. it would be cool if mps exclusive or teams exclusive large maps could be added. Not sure if mineplex would allow it though
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
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  3. Posted Jan 12, 2021
  4. I think we need more medium sized maps with many islands. Kind of like Adrift, but maybe a little bigger
    Posted Jan 12, 2021
  5. Was thinking of maybe creating more larger maps only available in teams to encourage players to play teams, since that gamemode has been less popular lately. Would love to see smaller maps taken away from teams and replaced with maps with more room and fighting space :)
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
  6. I agree with this. One reason I stopped playing teams was because some of the maps felt too cramped for 6 people. So I think they should definitely make bigger maps for teams only.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  7. I'd love to see a few new maps added to the rotation of SSM, regardless of size. I think SSM still needs reworks to a few kits over maps, but that's my general take on SSM. New Maps are refreshing, but so are new or renewed kits! Skywars completely scrapped the elemental kits, replacing it with a more vanilla feel. SSM is arguably the most unique game on Mineplex and across all servers, so I think reworking a few of the kits, as commonly talked about in the "*insert* kit is broken!!!!" threads always being posted, is a good idea and a good place to start. There are currently 19 maps in the SSM pool as far as I'm aware, so I think that the map pool is fine and could do without any more or any less maps.

    TL;DR - no more maps, rework the classes as commonly disputed.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  8. Heyo!

    The map submission team is actually separate from the GI team, so adding new maps wouldn't necessarily slow the rate of game updates, which depends on the GI team and the devs. There's an SSM update doc in the GI discord, though I don't play much SSM and can't recall whether or not it's been implemented yet, but SSM is being worked on.

    As for new maps, I personally would also like to see bigger maps for SSM teams. I mainly play in MPS with friends, and I've noticed that maps can be a bit cramped which leads to ability spamming around areas where most people are fighting. I think bigger maps for teams (not solo) would help, since there's nothing worse than a group of 3 players getting hit with a single firefly (or other similar abilities); basically would just like bigger areas to fight without getting picked off by kits with ranged abilities. Of course there would need to be enough cover to prevent camping by said kits at outer islands.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  9. Speaking of maps, can we delete hyrule, badlands, and autumn. They are all poorly structured maps with no hopes for rework.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  10. Yeah these are the maps that I basically never vote for
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
  11. make a nether map!
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  12. A map smaller than glacier so I can skeletal horse ez
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  13. never hyrule
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  14. Nether maps are not allowed on Mineplex
    Posted Jan 14, 2021
  15. dragon escape through hell map: am i a joke to you
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  16. Literally wdym!!!! Hyrule is so much fun bruh just lower the tower by like 60% , badlands is meh but it's a fun map to play specific KB kits on could be a lot bigger and less circle-y, and autumn is a yikes moment that should probably be removed.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 15, 2021
  17. Idk hyrule would look kinda ugly if the tower was reduced by that much. And even then that won't fix the giant void gaps it has at weird places. As for badlands yea its fun only for a select few kits you can use that argument for pretty much any map and it works. Those two maps are just quite biased towards certain kits and obviously a map thats more neutral to every kit is objectively better.

    Autumn has a cool design and theme though so it would be nice to see a complete overhaul of the map structure (basically a completely new map) while maintaining the same design.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  18. Tbh I kinda do like Hyrule unless there are runners and certain kits present, like skorse and chicken. Though it's somewhat fun to play on I can agree that if a new map was structured similarly to Hyrule, it would definitely get denied because of how tall it is
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  19. Large map please <3
    Something that has some degree of open space. Just an area with no structures and blockades - somewhere nice and big for kits to jump around. Space is usually neglected and filled with structures making it insanely hard to find a large open place to fight, think radiant reef for example; it has quite a good amount of space to play off of and does well in that regard by putting all cover on the edges of the map!
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  20. eh I like badlands, feels like a smaller mining camp
    Posted Jan 16, 2021

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