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The Mineplex Unofficial Annual Champions Tournament - 2019

Discussion in 'Champions' started by AbDabTheFab, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Hello Peeps!

    My name is AbDabTheFab and I am the manager of The Mineplex Unofficial Annual Champions Tournament - 2019. This will be a test tournament and if this tournament goes well, I can assure you that Champions will hopefully someday be alive again! So, with all that I need to cover up, I will waste no time speaking more!

    This Tournament is made for fun and if it goes well, the Champions Tournaments in the coming times will hopefully have more decent prize pools. It will start on the 30th of July, and end on the 31st of August.

    Tournament Journey

    This Tournament will begin with its round-robin matches, a total of 48 teams of 10 - 15 will be split into 12 groups, and fight the other 3 teams in a match of Domination AND Capture The Flag, making 6 round-robin matches for each team. A win is 3 points, with a loss being 1 point. The top 2 teams of each group will ascend into the round of 24's, with Capture The Flag as the round's game. The 3rd places in each group will have a chance of redemption in the losers bracket. The 12 3rd places will be split up into 4 groups of 3 and it will work the same as the round-robin matches, just 1 Domination Match against each the teams in the group, which will give you 2 matches to play. A draw in the losers bracket is a game taking longer than 15 minutes, and upon doing so you will get 2 points, instead of 3 or 1. The 4 winners of the loser brackets' groups will join the 12 winners of the round of 24 to make a round of 16, playing Capture The Flag as the round's game a second time. The winners will make 8, resembling quarterfinals. The game in the quarterfinals is Team Deathmatch, and you only play it once to play the best as you can! The semifinals will consist of one TDM and CTF match. The losers of the semifinals will fight for 3rd place in a domination match. The final will be played consisting of 3 games of Team Deathmatch, between the 2 final teams.


    Sadly, there aren't any prizes as I couldn't find a sponsor this time. If you guys play, we can make this tournament popular and then probably get a sponsor next time around!

    Team Registration.

    All Team Rosters Should be sent to my discord, AbDabTheFab#4010 in the following format -

    -Team Name-

    -Member IGN, Class they're playing-

    Example -


    JonPlayzMC - Assassin
    _xRyanx_ - Brute
    Finniesta - Assassin
    PhoenixTempurr - Knight

    If you are a team leader, then include an * after your IGN. Anyone that has been put in a roster and didn't want to be in one, then trouble goes to that Leader :3


    These are mandatory to read. If you break one of these rules, you will get a strike. 7 strikes for one team will be an instant disqualification. Each strike will be given by one of our referees (DM me if you want to apply to become a referee), with a reason and the number of strikes your team now has.

    -Follow the Mineplex Rules, as usual: https://www.mineplex.com/rules/
    -No more than 3 of each kit in a Team. 1 Strike If Violated.
    -Gold Restocks are allowed, so is Emerald Point Boosters. Restocking by going to your spawn is not allowed. 1/2 Strike if violated.
    -Kill Evading is not allowed (/kill, using fall damage, etc.) 1/2 Strike if violated.
    -Using /kill is strictly not allowed. 1 Strike if Violated.
    -All team leaders will have a brief screen-share, members will if they act sketchy. 2 Strikes if refused by a member, Instant Team Disqualification if refused by the leader.
    -Teams must have no more than 8 players on the line-up. During registration, you can place as many as 20 members. Less than 8 players available is put in a team's own risk.

    All of the rules will be updated every now and then, but these are it for now

    If you guys aren't thinking about playing in the tournament, you could be a referee! All you have to do is DM me AbDabTheFab#4010 and we'll have a little chat and see if you're up for it :)

    If you are thinking of playing but re-consider because of no prizes, I'm sure that if you play now and spread the word, we may get a sponsor soon enough for the next Tournament!

    Any questions or inquiries should go straight to AbDabTheFab#4010

    Thanks and good luck to all that play in this tournament!
    Posted Apr 28, 2019
  2. You're welcome to try your hand in the CCL if you're looking for existing competitive Champions.
    Posted Apr 28, 2019
  3. We'll see (;
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 28, 2019
  4. all the teams are gonna be assassin i bet
    Posted Apr 28, 2019
    Starx280 likes this.
  5. tru dat
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 29, 2019

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