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In Discussion The Invisible SSM Kit

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by IsWater, Jan 15, 2020.


Add these changes.

  1. Yes

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  2. No (post why)

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  3. Most of them.

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  1. Let’s see. Uhh... Skeleton, Spider, Iron golem, Slime Witch, Chicken, Magma cube, Zombie, Skeleton horse, Creeper, Pig, Sheep, Villager, Guardian, Enderman, Sky Squid, Wolf, Snowman, Cow, Blaze.

    That’s all the SSM kits! Wait... I think I’m forgetting one, Pfft oh yeah! That one irrelevant SSM Kit nobody cares about because it’s boring predictable and has a low win rate which one is it again? Oh yeah Wither Skeleton, How could I forget!


    Yeah let’s all take a step back and take into consideration how bad Wither Skeleton is, I never really thought about it until I was taking into consideration how good all the SSM kits were and what made them good, and to be honest I completely forget Wither skeleton even existed until I was inside the SSM waiting lobby looking at all the different mobs, I play SSM daily, probably 20 wins a day average for the last week or two and you know how many times I’ve seen wither skeleton?

    Not once, I’m not even joking, I forgot it even existed, can you blame me though? I’m going to say why this is now!

    Wither skeleton only has 2 moves, Wither skull, and Wither image Wither skull is a mid range projectile with a short cooldown that pretty much does no damage at all and while wither clone can be very useful and last a long time it’s still got a really long cooldown, Do you know why nobody plays wither skeleton?

    Both of the moves are alright but lackluster compared to other kits in the game and because wither clone has such a large cooldown you can pretty much predict what a wither skeleton is going to do, stall waiting for wither clone to recharge, spam wither skull over and over again, try to get void kills.

    Wither skeleton is so underused it’s actually sad so here’s my take on how mineplex should buff/rework wither skeleton so people will actually go “oh wither skeleton yeah that’s a kit that exists!”

    Wither skull: Cooldown increased by 2.5 seconds
    Projectile speed decreased by 20% Damage increased by 30%

    By making wither skeletons wither skull do more damage, be slower, and take long to use, it’ll make people less likely to be more careless about using it and spamming it, it’s also so fast that it’s pretty much unavoidable of aimed right which is why the suggestion to decrease projectile speed.

    Wither imagine
    Cooldown decreased by 8 seconds decreased the amount the wither clone stays alive by 75% wither imagine has x3 the health but does 2 less damage

    Decreasing the cooldown will make wither clone a lot more useful while also making it so wither skeletons won’t completely rely on swapping around with their clone because it’ll last less and do less damage, and they will use it more as a way to recover or as a shield.

    Regen increased by 0.1

    New passive ability Withering Life does +1 damage to mobs for 5 seconds after they’ve been hit by a Wither Skull.

    I personally think that all of these things would be great for wither skeleton and would like to see these changes to wither skeleton added into the game.
    Posted Jan 15, 2020
  2. Wither is a pvp combo based kit. Its quote versatile long range and close range. The wither skulls actually do quite a lot of damage when you get a direct hit. And the cooldown of wither imge does not include the duration of it.
    I dont think you have seen many good wither players since most of the wither players run and spam image.

    I think the reason you may struggle with cooldowns is because you don't time your attacks and you use the image or the wither skull whenever you get it. A good time to use the image is as a recovery, when a wolf tackles you, when you think a spider is about to use web, when a slime starts charging the slime rocket, or when an enderman is holding a block. This is so when they attack you you can swap and the clone will tank all the damage. The timing comes with practice.

    A good time to use wither skull is when a creeper starts exploding, a split second after a wolf uses wolf strike, or edge guarding. Wither skulls are also useful close range with combos. Also, the wither skull is quite easy to dodge long range, if you stand still, of course you are gonna get hit by it.

    Decreasing the cooldown by 8 seconds might even make it possible to have 2 wither clones which will be insanity.
    Posted Jan 16, 2020

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