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Not Planned The infiltrator kit (turf wars)

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Frosted, Feb 11, 2021.

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  1. I think the infiltrator kit should be able to kill in one shot with its iron sword but then add a cooldown of how many times you can go to the other side. you get one shot by bows so you can be killed easily on the the other side plus there is slowness making it hard to dodge arrows.
    Posted Feb 11, 2021
  2. Hello!

    As a Turf Wars main, I'm going to have to disagree with this idea, as it stands anyway. Personally, I think the Infiltrator is okay jsut the way it is, it's gone through a few revamps over the past couple months and I think is should stay the way it is. It used to take 4 hits to with a sword to kill someone, and the arrows did about as much damage as the Shredder Kit.

    The point of the infiltrator is to be able to cross the turf, that's kinda it's whole thing, so I don't really think its a good idea to limit how many times they can cross the turf.

    An idea that I will throw out there is making the Infiltrator bow have the same arrows as shredder (they do less damage, but only get one every 8 seconds or something) If they had arrows that did less damage, then I could see the sword being a one hit kill instead, but I think have both a bow and a sword that can kill someone in one hit is a bit OP.

    Overall, -1 from me, though it's an interesting idea for sure!
    Posted Feb 12, 2021
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  3. -0.5
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
  4. Hey,

    I'm also going to have to disagree with this idea.
    TheArrow'sShadow stated everything I had to say!

    None the less this is a good idea.

    Kind regards,
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
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  5. Hello!
    I don't agree with this idea, mostly for the same reasons as @TheArrow'sShadow. This kit would become very powerful, but at the price of only being able to use its ability a few times. I don't think this would be a beneficial change. While it's an interesting idea, I don't think it should be implemented this way. -1
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
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  6. Howdy.
    I don't play turf wars often, but making the infiltrator's sword a one-hit would be extremely overpowered. If we look at the nano game called "Grapple Knife", you can one-hit people in that gamemode, and it's extremely chaotic. Now while you do have to get past the enemy's lives to get there in the first place, you could get on a stack of people and wipe the whole team. I think the amount of damage that the infiltrator kit's sword does right now is fine.
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
  7. I don't main Turf Wars on Bedrock, though I have had my fair share of experiences playing the game on that platform in order to understand the differences between Bedrock and Java and I agree with what everyone else has stated above. Personally I don't see the need in limiting the amount of times you can cross over to the other opponents side while playing Infiltrator. I feel as though this defeats the purpose of the kit as it is supposed to allow for you to hop over onto enemy lines to sneak in a kill or two for your team, and would be a very limiting factor in the scenario where a game lasts a bit longer than average (in the scenario you mean a limitation for the entire game). I could maybe see if the amount of times is limited per combat time, but even then I think it would make the kit a lot more complicated than it really needs to be on top of it being difficult to wager how many times would be a fair amount for a player to cross over onto the other side.

    In reference to the one-hit kills, I think there would have to be some other changes made in order to accommodate a one hit kill by Infiltrator in order to make the game-play more fair, otherwise the kit will become heavily overpowered in comparison to the other two kits. Infiltrator can be pretty handy and powerful on its own if it is used to its fullest potential, so adding in extra buffs would be pretty harsh on game-play. I do like the idea that @TheArrow'sShadow mentioned above about decreasing the arrow damage in order to accommodate the impact of the sword becoming a one-hit kill. Something like that I think would kind of balance it out a bit more, but I don't know how fond the community would be in decreasing the arrow damage for a sword damage buff. It is a very creative idea though and I'd love to see some more elaboration on it if anyone has any suggestions that could help even out the playing field if these implementations were ever added, its not often you see suggestions for Turf Wars so I look forward to seeing some more discussion regarding this!
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
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  8. Hey,

    Personally, I'm going to disagree with this idea. I think that the whole point of the infiltration kit is to push forward and play aggressively. Having a one-shot bow would mean that halfway through combat you could bow the person and then kill them, as well as having the advantage of an iron sword, too. I think it's better off staying as it is, or implementing what @TheArrow'sShadow said, about changing the damage to allow the sword to one hit afterwards. I think either this should be the change, or it should just stay the same.

    Nice idea (very interesting), but -1 from me.
    Posted Mar 4, 2021
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  9. Unfortunately I will have to be agreeing with the majority of the people going with -1 on this idea. The infiltrator already gets a good amount of abilities like an Iron sword, being able to actually go on the opponents side and still having a bow. I feel like adding yet another ability to this kid would make it extremely overpowered compared to others. Imagine being able to "one shot" people two different ways and actually go on their side of the arena. While I definitely don't grind Turf Wars so I don't know the game mode as much as I know other game modes I still feel like this would make Infiltrator an extremely overpowered kit which we need to avoid. From when I have played Turf Wars the kits as they stand now seem pretty even and fair so changing them wouldn't make much sense in my opinion. Thanks for the idea though!
    Posted Mar 6, 2021
  10. Hello! I am going to be marking this thread has "Not Planned" and locking it.

    Turf Wars is meant to be primarily a bow game, with your sword as one optional way to kill. It is intentionally weaker than the bow, and doesn't kill in 1 hit like the bow does. This would make this kit super overpowered, and basically make it so that you cannot go near the turf line. People would be able to step over the line, click once, and then go back on their side, and you'd have next to no reaction time to handle it. Additionally, as @TheArrow'sShadow states, Infiltrator is already quite useful as it is, as you can use your bow at a new angle on the enemies line of turf.

    For the above listed reasons, this idea is going to be denied. Thanks for sharing! =)
    Not Planned>> Denied by Game Insights
    Posted Apr 2, 2021
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