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The Inappropriate Builds on Master Builders are out of control.

Discussion in 'Master Builders' started by Animalll, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Hey!

    I've been playing some Master Builders lately and i've seen many inappropriate builds. Per game, I am seeing two to four inappropriate builds. I think this is unacceptable and something must be done to stop this. One solution that I think could work is bringing back the 'inappropriate build' rating. It may have also been called 'report build' i'm not too sure. For those of you that don't know, Master builders used to have a feature called, 'inappropriate build'/'report build' once this was pressed it would report the player (sorry if this is not accurate I don't remember the feature too well.). If a certain amount of players had reported a players build, that player would be kicked from the game. I think the player had three chances. First time they were kicked it was just a warning, second it was temporary cool down and third was a permanent ban from Master Builders. (Sorry if this information is wrong, I am going off memory.)

    Basically, I think adding a feature that reports players for inappropriate builds should be added to/back to Master Builders, as it would stop inappropriate builds or at least ban players who were making inappropriate builds. I know you can report players for having an inappropriate build, however, you only have a certain amount of time to screenshot the build and if you miss the screenshot, you can't report the player.

    Once again, I am sorry if any of the information in this post is wrong, I am going off memory.
    Posted Dec 1, 2018
  2. Introducing this feature would mean people abusing it to ban the best players from Master Builders.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 1, 2018
  3. I do see the downside to this feature. Thank you for pointing this out. I have thought about this and I believe a way to stop this. If you consistently falsely report people the feature is taken away from you.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 1, 2018
  4. Hello,
    so as mentioned above this could easily be abused. A party could go round kicking everyone out of the game which would be really unfair. The best thing you can do is take a screen shot and report it at mineplex.com/report. By the time an inappropriate build appears it's too late to bring in a member of staff to deal with it. Overall it really wouldn't be an effective feature, and going so far as to ban a player from an individual game would just be unnecessary. Although I completely see where you're coming from with implementing this, more players would be falsely warned, kicked or banned then people actually breaking the rules.
    How would this be proved? I think it would just get complicated and would be impossible to check. If there was a way to it would be very time consuming to look into all of the punishments issued.
    Posted Dec 1, 2018
  5. Thank you for your feedback. I have come to realise my idea comes from good intentions, but an honour system just doesn't work.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 1, 2018
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  6. I can see your point, but bringing back the report feature, like said above, will bring lots of abuse. Back when it was a thing I used to play a lot of Master Builders, and lots of times I would see completely appropriate builds get flagged for being inappropriate, making things really unfair. I've had my fair share of builds being reported, so bringing this back would definitely not work.

    If you want to help deal with the problem of inappropriate builds, all you need to do is submit a report at mineplex.com/report, with an uncropped screenshot of the build + the name of the person who built it on the screen. There, the player will be dealt with appropriately. Sure, there's always the chance of players falsely reporting someone for an inappropriate build, but the chances of this happening are reduced, and the report will just be rejected anyway.

    I do like the intentions for your idea, and I'm happy to see you want to help reduce the amount of rule breakers in Master Builders! However, the report feature was removed for a reason and most likely won't be making a comeback.
    Posted Dec 2, 2018
  7. I'm hoping instead for a feature that saves a schematic of the build, to be able to report it appropriately and efficiently, but I do see your intentions.
    Posted Dec 2, 2018
  8. I don't think the feature used to report inappropriate builds should be brought back. It's too easy to abuse and players will get kicked for getting falsely reported quite often. If it is indeed an inappropriate build, players can record a video of it (so you also know who built it) and the offender will be punished under inappropriate gameplay.
    Posted Dec 2, 2018
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