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The End of an Era...?

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Showcase' started by chrris, Jan 15, 2023.

  1. Posted Jan 15, 2023
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  2. o7
    Posted Jan 15, 2023
  3. o7
    Posted Jan 15, 2023
  4. A classic Mineplex move. They set us up for something good with high hopes and then take it from us within an instant. I despised the owners before, but now I hate them even more. I'm absolutely devastated to hear that we will not get any of the bedrock updates. We had absolutely nothing last year, and now we won't have anything this year too probably. For years players have wanted a stats update, I really thought we would be getting one soon :/
    Posted Jan 15, 2023,
    Last edited Jan 15, 2023
  5. I. Am. Speechless.

    Never in a million year did I think they'd hit this level of stupidity, even after all the mistakes they've already made. Firing the one guy that was actually keeping Mineplex Java AND Bedrock afloat. It can only mean that this is part of a larger Java collapse, ultimately leading to its closure.
    Posted Jan 15, 2023
  6. Way to go, Mineplex!
    Posted Jan 16, 2023
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  7. Common mineplex W wink wink
    Posted Jan 16, 2023,
    Last edited Jan 16, 2023
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  8. RIP Timmi. He was actually the goat for the past year and a bit, he gave the java community more hope than they had originally.
    Posted Jan 17, 2023
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  9. I thought that Mineplex couldn't surprise you anymore and yet here we are, another insane move.
    Posted Jan 17, 2023
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  10. o>
    Posted Jan 17, 2023
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  11. It is not stupidity, it is Greed
    Posted Jan 18, 2023
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  12. Timmi o7
    Posted Jan 18, 2023
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  13. I don't think it is I am online right now
    Posted Jan 18, 2023
  14. You don't think it's what?
    Posted Jan 18, 2023
  15. It's both if you ask me. Stupid because they cast him aside just before he could finally launch his much anticipated Bedrock updates, and greedy because this is just their way of cutting costs before the server inevitably goes under in the not-so-distant future.
    Posted Jan 19, 2023
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  16. Guys I got warning points for saying what is Mineplex, that's good right?
    Posted Jan 20, 2023 at 7:02 PM

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