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The Current state of Champions

Discussion in 'Champions' started by jjzdragon, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Champions...it used to be fun a long time ago before so many things went wrong. Honestly, it feels like mineplex has given up on this gamemode considering how many issues there are and this gamemode having an extremely low player count, sometimes even being 0. Oh well, might as well sum up the current issues, perhaps this might influence mineplex to actually update this game once a year.

    Extremely slow rate of development: The last major update to Champions was in June 1st of 2018, which was an update that ruined the game, buffing lazer to an absurd amount of damage and still not fixing any major glitches. You would expect a hotfix to at least address some much needed nerfs within a week, but NOPE! Mineplex waits until April 20th of 2019, over 10 months to just change a few numbers in the code. Why does mineplex wait 10 months for a hotfix on champions? Looking at the June 28th block hunt update this year, you can see that a hotfix was rowed out on July 1st, within 3 days of the update. Quite ridiculous that champion players have to wait for months just for a simple nerf to an overpowered ability. Perhaps its because mineplex has given up on this gamemode.

    Critical glitches: Reading the Admin Q&A recap in the September newsletter. here's a quote from DeanTM:"Critical bugs are always our top priority, and we try to keep up with them as best we can. …" This however, is clearly not the case. Multiple game breaking glitches are still in Champions, and as far as I know, still haven't been fixed in years. Mineplex could've spent some time on this game but I guess they just had to add that Area 51 raid game which people only play for the broken rewards (which are still quite broken right now). These critical glitches still in the game bring me back to the point that perhaps mineplex has given up on this game.

    What has been the result of these issues? A low player count, thus leading mineplex to care less and less about the game. Maybe if mineplex actually cared about this game, this game would never be as broken and ruined as it is right now.

    TL;DR It seems that mineplex has given up on Champions due to the lack of updates and game-breaking glitches that are still in the game.
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  2. In my opinion, Champions is being extremely underappreciated and ignored since it's been a major part of the community for a long time, with much of the competitive playerbase stemming from the only game that really had continous PvP back in the day. At the moment, despite the potential to attract new players who can get hooked to the game as well, it is among the less played games due to lack of updates and advertisement.

    In order to somewhat solve this issue, I can only think of a major update and a way to attract at least a temporary playerbase (by boosting rewards for a short period of time, can be made in intervals for any game) from which a couple of players might stay. Awareness about major bugs is also necessary and I'm glad you pointed it out in the thread.
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  3. nobody wants to deal with legacy code~
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  4. Bugs suck, but assassin killed champions for me. Just isn't fun playing against people who (if they are competent, which most sin players are) get free hits, especially with such a high damage class.
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  5. Champions is proabaly done for at this point sadly. Mineplex Devs are just so slow at updating the slightest thing and this game is a broken mess. Used to be so fun in the days of Sam and lolboatz.
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  6. Why is champions unpopular now?
    First reason is assassin and how so many people use it. It's very boring to fight and it is broken let's be honest!
    The second reason why I think champions is unpopular is that so many people use cheap builds like Hilt Smash 5, Void lightning orb, Takedown 5[...] I'm sure there are more boring things you can think of too.
    However, if I ever make level 100 I will try to make my level 100 game a champions game.
    Posted Oct 1, 2019
  7. This is my favourite game... I love how creative people can be with their builds and combos.

    I love how winning isn't achieved by being bloodthirsty, but by using strategy and teamwork.

    I love the uniqueness of the skills.

    It breaks my heart to see such a good game in shambles.. but I still believe that there is hope for champions, no matter how impossible it may seem.
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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