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The Chains Of Command 2.0 - A Clans Dungeon Idea

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Busjack5, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. Witheron Remains

    ~Presented by Busjack5 & Coyly
    Please note this is not entirely finished

    A new raid to Clans, how wonderful don’t worry it shouldn’t break the economy and flood legends in, everything would (Hopefully) be balanced accordingly. Please take some time to realise this idea isn’t one of those “omg add this now xdxd” ideas. This is an idea for the future when everything else is currently sorted out within the clans world. Such as besieges, events, new player friendly content and other important quality of life updates. I cannot stress enough, ANY NEW RAIDS should not be implemented anytime in the near future until other important structural game elements are sorted. You can lay a bridge with bad supports, it may work for the short time however, if you have weak supports it will break. More so if the raid is not designed for MOTW as MOTW content is incredibly narrow.

    How to get the requirements for the raid

    Requirements for the raid that will pay big and shouldn’t be mass farmed at extreme amounts like how the Charles Witherton raid can be. That being said there will be multiple steps to get the final token for the raid. There will be 4 total items required for the raid. Three of them being three power crystals to bring to the Tower of the Forgotten and the other being a Scythe of the fallen lord.

    How to get power crystals:
    There will be three crystals, each one obtainable in different ways

    Crystal of Greed and Wealth

    Pick up message: As you hold the crystal, you feel powerful and wealthy but scared the people around you will turn on you for the crystal and the wealth it beholds.

    Item Description/Lore: Passed through generations of royalty. This item was the most valued in the old Kingdom era, this crystal was obtained by King Nate II from his predecessor Queen Mary III until it was pillaged by a rivaling Kingdom shattering Nate’s Kingdom into dust and rubble. However, it was lost during the chaos the pillagers left. Once thought lost forever, a wandering merchant was scavenging the old kingdom and found it by surprise.

    Obtainable: Find the merchant, once found players will need to bribe the merchant.

    When players find the merchant the normal announcement message will play globally however, the cords will have a golden tint if it’s a bribable merchant. If a player wishes they may attempt to bribe the merchant in giving them the crystal. If so, the player must drop 16-32 Emerald blocks. If successful, a global message would appear in chat saying “X person has been spotted trying to bribe the merchant, get over to x y z swiftly to stop them from obtaining the Crystal!”. This process will take 8 minutes. Plenty of time for counters and fights. No pressure though, the clan who controls the bribe will be given speed I in a certain radius to the merchant. If a clan were to successfully kill the clan they may overturn the bribe by clicking the Merchant GUI and left clicking the Merchant and standing still for 5 seconds which would prompt “x clan has taken over the transaction. Quick get over at x y z to recover it!”. The clan who controls the Bribe stage will have drop priority once it drops after final purchase. After the bribe stage is finished, players may purchase the Crystal for 600-800 emeralds. This would trigger a 15 second countdown which the merchant would shoot out multiple yellow fireworks around him until he shoots one where he stands which would then drop the crystal. Once it drops the merchant will immediately run away and despawn while removing the merchant cords from the scoreboard until once found again.

    When holding: It circles the player with yellow particles circling them.

    Unstable Crystal

    Pick up message: You hold the crystal and feel the cries and unstability it holds within, you think to yourself is this a good idea?

    Item Description/Lore: Forged by the evil sources within the world this crystal is commonly used to create more evil masses within the clans world. Known for being dangerous it’s said to have originally been found by an average person within the Clans world at the very start of the old kingdom era, not knowing what it was they played around with the crystal. One night, one of the local village children woke up noticing their whole town was burning. Most made it out except for one. That person and the town's location are still unknown till today.

    Obtainable: This is obtainable by killing a skeleton king or iron wizard, instead of dropping a silver token, it would drop the crystal shooting up one gray star balloon whilst shooting the corresponding event drops balloon.

    When holding
    : Red particles would surround the players body every 5 seconds

    Nearby first-time pick up message: “As the defeated evil boss tumbles to the ground, you feel a bolt of unstable energy shootout in all directions”

    Undead Crystal

    Pick up message: “As you finish killing the fallen warrior, you notice they were carrying a glowing object..”

    Item Description: This crystal could have been any of the others however, was corrupted by the undead as they were pillaging villagers in the search of great wealth and power.

    Obtainable: This is obtainable by killing an undead warrior/archer from a skeleton king, eclipse, undead city/camp/outpost.

    Nearby first-time pick up message: “The cold night sky daunts you till you see a glowing green light nearby, could it be a crystal?”

    How to get the requirements for the raid

    After completing getting all of the crystals, players would need to then obtain a scythe to dismantle. The scythe deteriorates as it consumes all the power from the crystals creating balanced crystal(s) in the ‘Tower of the forgotten’. Which leads us to the next part of the final requirement.

    The tower of the forgotten

    After obtaining all crystals, players will then need to travel to the tower of forgotten locations in the ‘outer region’ which would be new territory within the borderlands. After players arrived they would see a tall discarded wizard tower. Once entered players would place their crystals in the three beacons. To confirm they wish to go ahead they would right click the NPC named ‘Ancient Wizard’ with the scythe. Immediately particles would start shooting from the beacon toward the scythe which is visually displayed in the middle of the tower. The whole tower would then transform into a fort with a massive beacon shooting inside the middle. Counters would have to burst through the Front gate and the Main gate to gain entrance both having different health values. By doing this they’d need to shoot abilities, arrows or melee the gate. All in the meanwhile people inside the compound may exit the compound via 2 iron doors in a safe airlock mechanism. The clan may also use archer spots around the compound to help defend the compound. The attackers will obtain regeneration I whilst the defenders will get resistance I. Players may place outposts on the outskirts of borderlands to help them counter the compound. However, all clans who place their outpost near the borderlands will have a quick tp to the outer region where the compounds are located. Whilst, all defending players will have a TP to inside the compound via an outpost. If all gates are compromised then raiders can no longer spawn inside the compound therefore, not being able to secure the crystal inside the tower once it drops whilst also losing their quick tp will which would no longer spawn them inside the compound and instead will spawn them in the outer regions alongside the other attackers. The total time for this process will be 16 minutes and there will be chests inside the wizard tower for the defenders to store loot in and a /c outpost command for attackers. Please note: All quick travel will end when the event ends alongside a temporary /c home block on all borderlands for 5 minutes (excluding victorious defenders) due to the special energy in the world being overwhelmed therefore, breaking down. Whilst all of the above is happening there will be multiple scripts the wizard says alongside different noises and sound affects. Finally, there will be global messages on the progress for example someone is starting the forgotten tower, half way through, almost finished and finished. Alongside other small global alerts in chat if any of the gates drop.

    Altar design & Starting the raid

    After getting the balanced Crystal(s), the altars will be submerged into the ground and don’t worry there’s none of that global message stuff this time. There will be two altars to stop the issue of people camping the altars. Although it won’t fix it completely, it will help. To go into one of these altars you must locate a cave inside borderlands at night. After players enter into one of the caves a lore message will play (Locally to all people in the radius) and the altar would appear.. After they right click the head with the balanced crystals the cave walls will shut behind them and purple magic bolts will shoot around the room before it teleports players into the raid.
    (To help server load, they may disable normal raid from being started, etc due to the disruption within the world).

    Stage 1 [Room welcome, lore and room challenge]

    Players will be teleported into a nether cave with a closed wall while a custom script is playing which would explain lore and the challenges ahead. After it finishes, the wall would open leading them through a discarded nether village and then down into a modified Netherfort/Castle. After entrance, they would have to fight a Mythic Undead Mage who would have special abilities that would change the environment such as spawning lava pools, ripping up spikes etc. [750 HP]

    Stage 2

    Players will be teleported and would have to complete 2 rounds of snake parkour. Afterwards they would face one more harder version of parkour where if any player falls they would be met with some hard fire DPs, not enough to instantly kill but the further you go, the more dangerous it gets. Undead mobs will spawn whilst players do the snake parkour alongside archers trying to hit people off. (Those archers will have a slow re-spawn rate). The longer it takes the clan to complete it more mobs will spawn. Finally, the players will be met with a longer version of multi path disappearing block parkour where at least 3 of their members must get to the end to go back to the main room.

    Stage 3

    Mob waves! (Woo) This room will contain undead creatures such as spiders, wither skeletons, blazes, zombies, witches and a wither In this mob wave room there will be 10 waves with a small boss fight being at the end. All classes, teamwork and communication would be needed. Maybe not an assassin..

    Stage 4

    Players will enter into a cave however, the walls behind it will tumble meaning that everyone’s split up. This room would split people into groups of 2, players would have to complete various amounts of puzzles and small mob battles. (Notingly, it wouldn’t be that hard). If there is an odd player, then let’s hope you can carry yourself. Kidding, the rooms would be slightly nerfed. If there’s 4 people doing the raid (Unlikely) one team would need to complete it. 6 people = 2 teams, 8 people = 3 teams, 10 people = 4 teams. If one of your teams dies then oops, the room would teleport the players into another room and begin a timer until lava starts to flood in and kill them; it would happen quick, so… Yeah better hurry. Even if saved, they will have weakness I for the rest of the raid.

    [Raid Shop Idea]

    After Stage two and four players will be able to purchase boosts to assist them in the raids with emeralds as the currency. The shop would have the following;

    Stage Two Unlocks:
    Resistance I - 500 Emeralds
    Regeneration I - 500 Emeralds

    Stage Four Unlocks:
    Removal of Weakness I - 600 Emeralds
    Speed I - 500 Emeralds
    Revival of Team Mate (2 players max) - 600 Emeralds
    Strength I - 900 Emeralds
    Anvil (100 Emeralds)

    Final Boss William Witherton - First Stage (6000 HP),

    The final boss would first appear to be as a wither skeleton. Players can arrow spam during this stage. However, the more projectile damage dealt the more aggressive it gets. So players will have to navigate the risks themselves. During this stage, the battle will take place in the royalty room of the fort/castle. The abilities it will have during this are lifting all players slowly, floor & environment changes alongside melee/projectile abilities.

    Second Stage (4500 HP)

    Appearing as a wither skeleton once again. The only thing that changes during this stage is that it may no longer be bowed.

    Third Stage (3000)

    Enraged by how far the players have made it, he reaches down into his inner power and rips the room apart forcing players to find different exits around the fort. Different exits lead people to different players where they would all eventually meet up. Most paths will have mobs the players which they will mostl likely need to kill before making it to the new arena. Some paths will have different structures relating back to lore and different stories of those who were there once. Once players have arrived at the arena they will need to fight the person who was once in charge of Charles Witherton, the highest on the hierarchy in the Witherton family. William himself. Being another witherton, the unique abilities he has is freezing the room and it’s occupants, witherton skull shooting, tornado (spins players in a circle 1-2 blocks in the air), normal spike & environment changes and of course, not bowable.

    Final Stage (1000)
    William Witherton will start increasing his wither head throw by a lot more. Meaning team healing, work etc is vital. The Witherton will start using its abilities a lot more, with a lot more damage to it. This will be by far, the hardest stage.

    Rewards Room:

    After killing it, all players will be teleported to the rewards room where two NPCs appear, named “Ancient Wizard” and “A lost soul”. It is optional for players to listen to the track because it will just explain lore and other events that have happened and what could happen.

    2x Confirmed Runed Scythe
    1x Withertons Remains
    1-3x Runes (Possibilities, Sharpness, Recursive, Flaming, Scorch, Spiked, reinforced or chained reinforced).
    2-3x Random Rares (More chance of the new runes being applied to them).
    1-2x Gold token 200k-280k
    0-3x Random Legend
    1x Beacon (Placeable, but not to apply affects)
    1500 Clans points
    (Network xp/shard/gems)
    Title “The New Chain of Command”

    • When defending the wizard tower the HP of the gates will be determined by the amount of players online.

    • Add a new title where players would need to kill both Charles & William Witherton.

    • 12 Player Cap

    • A message globally announcing that William has been defeated and the chain of command falls. Possibly citing an eclipse

    • Add a rarity of each ability that the Witherton helmet disposes

    • If a player lags out they have two minutes to re connect or if the room is completed during that time, they will be unable to reload back in.

    Withertons Remains Helmet

    This helmet outbursts unstable energy every 10-15 kills a player achieves. This can be things such as lifting everyone 3 blocks in the air in a certain radius (Including allies/clan), creating a miniature tornado making players spin in circles, sending spikes up from the ground lifting players up and applying damage. Possibly more abilities could be added or removed but the general idea is for the helmet to outburst a random and uncontrollable ability.

    Creators Notes: This raid is carefully made to ensure that it’s middle of world content. Instead of the usual grind, grind, grind with Charles Witherton. In my opinion once again, no raid should ever be added in the near future. All elements combined means it’s hard to obtain the tokens to start it alongside to finish it. This is not small-clan friendly but all small clans can always ally. Although there are some high emerald prices this is to help make sure players fight this later on in the clans season but also don’t forget if this were to be implemented a lot of different methods of obtaining emeralds would also be too. We would love to hear your ideas about the raid. Clans can have an incredibly cool story time, if allowed to. If you notice anything wrong with Grammar or hard to read areas please don't feel uncomfortable to point it out in DMs so I can fix the problem!
    Posted Mar 3, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 3, 2021
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  2. Woh, that's a pretty cool idea and I could not agree more with adding some MOTW focused content. I'd love to see this implemented one day. But I could not agree with you more Clans does not need a new raid or possibly even a new event. They should really focus on re-working the pre existing content of the game that needs work.
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
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  3. Stop mansplaning.
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
  4. Seems cool didnt read it
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
  5. Leaks for season 10???
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
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  6. gg jack
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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  7. First of all: Daaamn jack, go off with all these ideas.

    Second of all: I'm extremely fond of this new raid concept of yours. I think it really sticks out from the rest of your ideas since it's something that players have been wanting for a while: a new raid/boss. However, I do think it would need some slight changes to make it fit in with the rest of the game, like possibly lowering the health of the last boss in the very last stage, but other than that I think it's awesome.

    Strong +1 from me. (:
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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  8. EPIC!
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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  9. Thank you, it means a lot Shyxn!

    Yeah for sure it's pretty large it was really just a estimate of what it could be but you'd be able to for sure lower health but increase challenge. Thank you for your feedback every little thing helps and it means a lot! Thanks Rey.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 6, 2021
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  10. Hey Busjack5!

    If I may add before I include my feedback, this is a massive idea although it’s massive in quantity it definitely does not lack in quality.
    Personally, I love the different ways you can obtain different crystals my favourite being, the Crystal of Greed and Wealth. The global messages send out an invitation for pvp and hardship for those who wish to obtain it. Which don’t get me wrong, will be extremely hard however that seems to be the general theme here for the raid as like you said, it would be designed as MOTW content. Secondly, seeing the tower of forgotten is quite intriguing as it’s like a small hold the fort mini game but within clans. This would allow players to have more unique experiences within clans on both attackers and defending teams and could increase communication which could lead to more team building and boost of morale within the clans that participate.
    Finally, I find it awesome seeing emeralds used as a currency in the raid shop definitely more so at a high price. This would ensure that all ways of grinding for emeralds is utilised at its fullest potential and the value of emeralds is boosted. This could lead to emeralds being traded for something as expensive as a legend, high amount of gold tokens or well, really anything in the clans world. Which could enable another path for smaller clans to obtain rarer items that are easily obtainable by power clans.

    Overall, +1 love the idea.
    Posted Mar 11, 2021
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  11. Thank you Jackson very cool!
    We need more MOTW content. MOTW is the longest "phase" of a clans map, and also the phase where people get the most bored. Although, before we get any new raids or anything like that, its important that all the code faults within the gamemode are remedied (I think we both agree here). +1
    Posted Mar 14, 2021
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  12. This is a super cool idea Jack! I hope to see it in action at some time. Think it could really help the clans community
    Posted Mar 23, 2021
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  13. Wonderful idea Jack! Thank you for taking your time to put such a creative and interesting idea into the community. I honestly would love to participate in such a raid if it is ever made.
    Posted Mar 30, 2021
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  14. jack you always have the most out-of-this world ideas and i'm all for it keep it up
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
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  15. I really do love this idea. I think that this could be a great addition in a few seasons to come, after just like you stated, all of the current problems are patched up.
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
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  16. To add onto this, I think that there is a lot of protentional to add onto this raid system in the future, after it is released.
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
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  17. Thank you all very much for your constructive feedback & support. This will all help with future alternations of the concept.

    Stay cool and stay in school!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 27, 2021
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  18. Jack I haven't been *in school* since March 2020.............
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
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  19. I don’t usually play this. However I do like the ideas and I think it would be a good addition.
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
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  20. This is very unfortunate, we should add a stage to the raid full of calculus and advanced algebra questions. If you fail the mineplex gods from above will instantly kill you. This enables people that play the network at the age of 8 to learn calculus otherwise they won’t get their legendary pixels.
    Learn from school ❌
    Learn from Mineplex clans ✅

    (edit to the beloved men and women who serve the forum moderation team, this is a genuine suggestion delivered in a small way of improper manner not trolling)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 27, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 27, 2021

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