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The better together Project - Lets make clans great again

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Cluckers, Nov 5, 2018.


Will you stand with me to disband the hacking meta?

  1. yes

    9 vote(s)
  2. no

    1 vote(s)
  1. Cluckers


    Hello ladies and gents,

    Recently I decided to give clans a shot again and grouped up with some old friends of mine. We went into an MPS, Hanged out for a bit and did a little champions due to be being rusty. Now i've never been a god at clans or champions for that matter but then again I wasn't the worst at champions either. Anyway we were just having fun when I noticed over half of my friends were getting some really fishy hits. I asked if they were hacking, and one of them replied "everyone hacks nowadays Its basically hacker VS hacker in clans. This was a little unsettling in my stomach and after I repeatedly attempted to ask them to stop cheating they suddenly got very toxic. I myself was getting pretty pissed off because all of the sudden these friends of mine were trash talking me and telling me I'm bad and not worthy to join their clan because I don't cheat. To me this just pissed me off to the point of were I'm making this thread. At this point although I really do love clans I'm almost completely convinced that mineplex needs to vault clans and get rid of the swirling toxicity that now surrounds all of mineplex with it. But I have one last little piece of hope left that we as a community can turn clans and mineplex around. I ask you to sign this pledge to never cheat again, to leave your cheating friends behind and to stop this stupidity because in my opinion in NO SUCH WAY SHOULD A SOMEONE BE REJECTED FROM JOINING A CLAN FOR NOT DOING SOMETHING AGAINST THE RULES! (sorry this is just really pissing me off). As this point I say drop the casual servers and let the cheaters use massive cheats, at least mods can ban them without having to spectate them for 3 hours... Sorry Im ranting. Anyway as I said I ask you to sign this pledge to leave ur past behind and join

    The Better Together Project

    This project is designed to stop the hackers and replenish the fun game mode we all used to love :)
    Some things we can do to kick start this project are:
    - Show hackers how much fun clans is when they don't play with a competitive edge
    - Record hackers and then proceed to tell them why they got banned and to show them how if they keep doing what there doing right now they will stay banned
    - Give them a reason to stop hacking Ex. If they say "Everyone else does it" a good thing to say back is "so if everyone in your school were to jump off a cliff would you?" and if they reply "its just for fun" tell them "is it fun when you can't play the game for a month after you get banned". You get the story just make up a wise comeback and eventually they will understand.
    - For you rich clans out there give the players that don't cheat and are just playing the game for fun a small reward because even though they may seem like a bot Minecraft is a Game and is meant to be played for fun, some players don't like the competitive edge and that's ok but that's no reason to pick on them for it.

    These are just many on an infinite list to stop the hackers and lighten up the community.

    Thank you for your time, You can sign up for the Project by leaving a comment writing "I stand for the right hand" (cringe motto)

    Posted Nov 5, 2018
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  2. TitchMeThroughThePhone


    Look you can't just reason or threaten hackers. They don't care if one alt gets banned. They have an infinite supply of alts, and vpns so they won't get ip banned. They won't stop hacking just because they are asked nicely to stop or are threatened to be reported. Staff also are not that useful, as staff request is flooded with requests when there are only a few staff on. Taking the time it take to find, watch, and ban a hacker leave many open to be hacked on. The only way to stop is to have a better anti cheat. I know people who hack and talk about how Mineplex is a JOKE to hack on. KA isn't blocked, they can b-hop all around the server, and can phase through any block they like. We need a better anti cheat.
    P.S. Do not tell me that GWEN is being worked on and bans plenty of hackers.
    Posted Nov 7, 2018
  3. Cluckers


    I completely disagree with you, In case you didn't know hackers are also human!!! Of course there's ways around bans and the anti cheat may not be good but from what I've experienced in our life time is people tend to go with the meta. And guess what! The meta is in the community's control right now the meta is hacking so everyone is hacking but what if hackers were ignored, trash talked and shunned from the community? do you think they would still hack? No! because there still human. I don't understand why people like you blame the staff members or anti cheat when it really is people like you that are putting them down.

    also "Staff also are not that useful, as staff request is flooded with requests when there are only a few staff on." This sentence is entirely stupid! How about you provide some more evidence to back how staff aren't useful besides have you ever been a staff member? I think not so lets not blame staff for VOLUNTEERING TO DO WORK TO TRY AND MAKE THE SERVER BETTER! Also about the anti-cheat, have you ever tried coding? If you think we need a better anti cheat how about you design one and submit it to mineplex... That's what I thought how about we stop demanding that things get done and work our way into the staff team to get things done! this is my current course of action and I hope to only improve mineplex. Im sorry for my rage/salt and will try to keep it to a mature level but for some reason people think hackers are some kind of monsters who arn't human, don't have feelings and live off of making other people's feelings hurt.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 7, 2018
  4. happilycam


    I’d have to disagree with your approach here. Hacking is a large issue, not just on Mineplex, but throughout Minecraft as a whole. However, it seems a lot like you are trying to fight fire with fire. Quite honestly, that never really ends well.

    I can understand some rage, and salt here and there. But, trying to reason with a hacker or make witty comebacks isn’t going to work. They hack for a reason. And I can tell you that most don’t mind being banned. Considering many will have alts and continue, or genuinely don’t fret at the thought of being banned, this doesn’t exactly help the hacker problem.

    Making witty responses in return sounds like a bad idea. On one side, I understand. You don’t like the hackers, you want to stick it to them. Show them that you don’t care and you’ll do whatever to just make them stop. Your frustration is understandable. But on the other hand, you’re sort of just adding fuel to a bonfire. Trying to make comebacks or witty responses to them won’t work. It would just cause a flame war, and I’m not sure you want that. In fact, it could end up with you getting punished as well.

    While I agree this is an issue, and a large one at that. I don’t think this is the way to do so. You have a good thread here. I’m glad you explained your reasoning and your points. But will this really fix anything? I wouldn’t say so. If I remember correctly in the Admin QnA, they said that the team is considering/planning on doing something about ip banning hackers. This could be massive for the server and the problem itself. Either way, it was a nice try, but I just disagree with the route this idea is on.
    Posted Nov 7, 2018
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  5. Duppy


    Contrary to what a lot of people think, this is actually true in a lot of cases. I've hacked before on Mineplex, talked with hackers, and have played with a lot of hackers. Now, I don't play as much anymore, since all my friends and I play other games, but I did play a lot between Alpha and Season 4.

    From my experience, what generally makes people cheat is usually they feel the only way to enjoy the game is through cheating. This is because they feel that the game is unbalanced and not in their favor. For instance, one cheating clan I've been apart of cheated against a 20 person power clan. This is because our clan would get demolished over and over again by this clan. Now, a lot of people say, "Well, why don't you just get more members? Clans is about grouping up with friends, and not having small clans". While it is true that the game is about teaming up, as of right now it's extremely rare to find 10-19 reliable, friendly people to play with. A lot of these power clans weren't made just today, they are usually friends who have known each other for a while and trust each other. This makes it easy to get a lot of people in their clan, however for smaller clans, they are punished for trying to make newer clans. This is because they don't have enough people to win team fights, due raids, etc.The game punishes small clans way too hard, and usually smaller clans tend to be cheating clans.

    Now about general community behavior, I definitely think that just being kinder to a person through small actions will have a huge impact. For instance, I've met people who sometimes drop me potatoes, or don't kill me when I don't have armor. These small actions always made my day better, and I would feel like helping somebody else in need because I was helped. Now, if I my pixel character mercilessly slaughtered because I didn't have armor, I would do the same to other "naked" players I found. Maybe it's just me, but by showing a small amount of care for weaker players tends to have a positive outcome in general. I've even met friends because we just started to chat when they fell into my moat. Now, of course I'm not saying, "Don't kill anybody", but try and put yourself in somebody's shoes and try to make their day better.

    Well they also rejected this idea several times. IP changing programs are very common, and sometimes built into someones networking system. This means IP banning would likely change nothing.

    Sometimes we have to understand why people cheat. If we don't solve that issue, then it won't ever be fixed.

    Ye, we all human. Well, NGL the staff team doesn't ever present themselves as "normal" people. Have you ever talked to an A.I at a company website before? That's exactly how people sound when they get onto the staff team. They always try to be professional, however end up suppressing any ideas that go against the flow, or any opinions that can be viewed as rude. They tend to become like a herd of sheep, all being in an echo chamber with one another. This is probably why whenever someone resigns, it is usually followed by a complaint about how bad the staff team or Mineplex is. Talking to people in an echo chamber is like talking to a herd of sheep, you never get a different response. Now while not everyone is like this, from my experience the majority of them are like this in a public scenario (like being in a crowded lobby). Majority of staff are just inhuman robots, end of story.

    Personally, I've always felt like Mineplex should create a "commendation" system similar to CS:GO's, so you can determine who was a generally "nicer" person. Don't remember why one staff person disliked it (a lot of people liked it), the thread was on the old Enjin website and is locked now.

    IMO, the threat isn't cheating, but just toxicity.
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
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  6. xPossum


    I admire your intention, but I feel like a form thread isn't going to get hackers to magically realize what they're doing is wrong. Aside from this, how do you suggest we go about handling the hacker situation; especially as it pertains to clans? I know when I was a staff member on Java clans moderation was extremely difficult. Maybe a revamp of the clans moderation system? Or maybe it's just a culture thing. I'm not sure the best way to go about it, but it is definitely something worth discussing
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
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  7. happilycam


    I don’t think that solves much. Why do we need to know why hackers do what they do. Reasoning with a hacker is most oftenly a hopeless case. Hackers would’nt do what they do if they cared much about playing fairly. Considering what you want is to play fair, attempting to understand/reason with them isn’t your best option. Understanding why people cheat with help us fix the hacking problem throughout the server. Finding out ways we can further prevent this and help fix the issue will.

    You make some good points throughout the rest of your replies though.
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  8. Cluckers


    Cheaters in general are a problem and everyone knows that. The only try way we can solve the cheating problem is by learning why cheaters cheat. And so from being an X-Cheater I know why I cheat. I told myself 3 main rules of why I was a massive cheater and how I made it acceptable for myself to cheat.

    1. Everyone else does it (peer pressure)
    2. Clans is a very competitive game and everyone wants to be the best of best.
    3. The risk factor is very low and to be the best of the best you have to cheat your way to the top.

    #1 The only way we can stop this is by forming a clan with the last non-toxic people and slowly get rich. This will show people that clans is fun and you can get rich even if you aren't cheating.

    #2 No one wants to be left behind in the skill gap so why not cheat? With the risk factor being very low and the rewards for doing it very high people ignore there natural morals and resort to cheating.

    #3 The only way to fix this is to tighten the noose on hackers, that up to higher ups and as we can see so far they feel like they would rather have incognito hackers that a few false bans. hackers also don't take mineplex seriously, if mineplex started banning players at the slightest suspicion of cheating I promise you all the hackers would run away from their clients or quit the game. But right now mineplex needs to focus on growing there server and the rest of the minecraft community doesn't want to be anywere near a cheating toxic community.

    So my take on all this? tighten the noose on hackers and reason with the hackers that still remain and eventually players will start leaking into mineplex again. Its not that they hate mineplex as a whole they just hate the toxic community.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2018
  9. Pluty / BilNye_ / DIPAM

    Pluty / BilNye_ / DIPAM

    you can have the entire clans community on your side, but one group of people that arent ever gonna be on your side is staff. according to staff, "gwen is doing its job very well" and bs like that. alts never run out (trust me), cheaters are actually cheating because "everyone else does it" so who is everyone else? the other 9 people on a dead clans server? theres no point of playing anymore until our dev makes a better anticheat or more staff are recruited (that are above 90 IQ) and the old players decide to come back to play, ive been playing since alpha and i realized that the only good seasons were 1 2 and 3, after that the generation that has been playing clans just matured and stopped playing minecraft and a new generation came on and decide to be toxic and cheat, theres such a small chance that clans returns to the way it was with all these main clans not playing anymore. for example, season 3 was booming all the way through because of clans like clanyt and people wanting (really badly) to be noticed by them or clans like trumpcare which people wanted to really badly kill them but thats all over now so it doesnt matter
    Posted Nov 10, 2018
  10. Cluckers


    Well said, I wonder what would happen if clans was vaulted for a month or two to fix and patch everything up, would the community just leave or would cheaters realize that clans isn't meant to be played by cheating and give up on cheating? To me clans needs a fresh start, so either combat, community or both need to change
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 10, 2018

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