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The 5 maps most players love and hate on dragons.

Discussion in 'Dragons' started by SoulGhoul, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. As a daily dragons player (not rn because I'm on vaca with my gf) I can tell what maps players love and hate.

    Hate: The lie. Many dragons players hate this map mainly for its size.

    Love: Faisal. I hate this map so idk why others like it but it might be the most popular map.

    Hate: Dragons egg. With this map the main issue is the theme of the map. The dragon egg in the middle makes the gameplay worse.

    Love: Sands of time. Almost every dragons regular likes this map. But it also has players who love it making it one of the most loved dragons maps.

    Hate: Hollow rock. This map is alot like the lie but technically BIGGER which most players dont like.

    Love: Cabbadge/Cutting board. After doing the math these maps are picked just as often. Personally my favorite dragons map is cutting board. But most players like cabbage just as much.

    Aaaaand people also hate balloon town lmao
    Posted Aug 20, 2020

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