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Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gzen, Nov 21, 2019.



  1. Thanksgiving season lasts until the end of November

  2. Christmas as soon as Halloween ends

  3. Other (explain in comments)

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Halloween, duh! I just like that time of year much more since I feel like almost everyone around me celebrates Halloween, so it allows me to have some fun with all of my friends because I know we all get to celebrate it.

    *cough* *cough* @EmmaLie
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  2. Yo!
    In the past, I've never been a major fan of either holiday. However, more recently due to someone special in my life I'll have to say I'm a huge fan of Christmas. For me It's not about the gifts or anything like that but it's more so being with people who you love and appreciate and that also give you the same respect. I can't wait for this years Christmas and I am hoping for a white Christmas because who doesn't love a snow day? (unless you are traveling on the road-)
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
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  3. what is thanksgiving?
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  4. I absolutely adore Christmas and in the United Kingdom we don't exactly celebrate Thanksgiving - so this is really a no-brainer for me! An indication of how eager I am is the fact that I already have my Christmas skin on and that I have some Christmas decor up in my room, soon we'll have a Christmas tree hopefully :D​
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
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  5. spooky season is the best season, and yes we're hosting a spooky event during our holiday season
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  6. Yoo, meh I'd say none because Thanksgiving ends after 11:59 pm. Christmas would start on black Friday because it's the Christmas season.
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
  7. I prefer both Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the sales and discounts provided from the stores at this time. The only thing I love about Thanksgiving is Black Friday sales, so I can buy something that I really want, and for food when the family comes over. Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays, where I can spend time with my family, and friends altogether. And obviously, presents and food :)

    I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up !!
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
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  8. To be honest any day I would prefer Christmas. Surprisingly here in Australia, we don't even have Thanksgiving so it's basically Christmas or nothing. I just prefer Christmas more because I feel that it's got a much sweeter backstory to it even if it might not be real. I just love the feeling of coming out of my room and seeing the presents under the Christmas tree. That doesn't really happen that often anymore as I'm getting older but I still love waking up and seeing the Christmas tree even if it doesn't snow where I'm from.
    - TheProTroller
    Posted Nov 22, 2019
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  9. Hey!

    I personally do not celebrate Thanksgiving, like at all, so Christmas is a default favourite for me. Even though it's the default choice, I think that I prefer the Christmas time a lot better than other holidays during the year. It's a great time spent with family where you get to spend some time together, catch up with family you haven't seen for a while, get in the Christmas spirit, and open some presents. I do really wish it would snow during Christmas where I live, but unfortunately it's usually hot during Christmas. I'm very excited for Christmas this year!
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
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  10. Hey!

    In Australia we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so my answer will be Christmas. Christmas represents, giving, family, love and happiness, from what most YouTube videos on Thanksgiving say, Thanksgiving seems like a pretty stressful time, but I won't judge a holiday from the internet, especially when I haven't experienced it.
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
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  11. Hi!

    Like a few people have said above, Thanksgiving unfortunately doesn’t exist in the UK. In fact I’m not all too sure what it even is. Like yep it’s a day you’re thankful for things... But why not do it all year round? Anyways, Christmas has to be the best holiday. I love giving and receiving presents! My favourite thing about Christmas though is Christmas dinner because mmmm mmm Mmmmmm it’s delicious always.

    The build up to Christmas is the best time of year. December goes soooooo slowly but it’s okay because we have what’s called a “Party Plate” that my mum fills to the brim with different snacks everyday. It’s great!

    Another reason I love Christmas is because of my family traditions on Christmas Day. I love routine so much and Christmas Day is the best for continuance of routine. I wake up at 7am, wait at the top of the stairs (with my uncle and stepdad) for my mum to go downstairs and make coffees before going into the living room where all the presents are. She calls us all down and we all sit around the tree. She sits next to the tree and starts handing out all the presents. Once everyone has all of their presents, we go around in order and open them. So only one person is opening theirs at a time. It takes us a couple hours before we head off to my auntie’s house in a neighbouring village with the rest of the presents for my extended family. Everyone in my family goes to my auntie’s and we do a similar thing there, with the remainder of the presents been given out. Afterward we go back home and start preparing Christmas dinner. While we wait we all sing Christmas carols and then we watch a Christmas film. This year it’s my choice, and I’m choosing the new Black Christmas movie:))) Anyways, we all sit around the table and eat dinner before we call it a day.

    Boxing Day is good too because we go back to my auntie’s and the whole family plays board games and alike. We have snacks and everything!
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
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  12. Hmmm.. Yeah going with Christmas on this one! Australians don’t celebrate thanks giving (although the event does seem interesting). Personally, I love Christmas for being able to spend a lot more time with other family relatives and to get to sing Christmas songs with them which is well.. Quite fun! There’s a lot to do with family and family relatives around Christmas time in Australia like going for a swim! (Since it’s summer in December here) and like @Dallarth said Christmas dinners are honestly worth the wait!
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
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  13. Hey,

    If I had to choose between the two, personally I would have to go with Christmas. Around Christmas time, I receive a two week break off from school which is pretty nice since I'm able to relax without having to worry about schoolwork. As for Thanksgiving, as a Canadian I celebrate it in October but since I sadly have to go to school the next day, I usually spend my Thanksgiving studying and doing homework. During Christmas time, I always look forward to getting to put up my Christmas tree and decorations. Additionally, being able to spend time with family accompanied by a Christmas dinner has to be one of my favourite parts about Christmas.
    Posted Nov 23, 2019
  14. For me, I usually just spend both Christmas and Thanksgiving with my parents. We don’t really see extended family on either holiday. Because of that, Christmas really just turns into a bigger version of Thanksgiving for me.

    On Thanksgiving, usually it’s a big dinner, games, and movies with my parents. Christmas is pretty much the same except we’ll open presents that day as well.

    I probably would choose Christmas over Thanksgiving though, mainly because of all of the stuff we do before Christmas Day. We get to see our family friends and my family dedicates a whole day to baking which is always fun. Also I get two weeks off of school instead of one.
    I also like the Christmas spirit. It’s fun to see all of the Christmas lights up and listen to Christmas music.
    Posted Nov 24, 2019
  15. Heyyyyy!

    I prefer Christmas. This is because I think it's much more fun. During Christmas, I get to open presents, read letters from family members that live far away from me, and spend time with my family. Although, I do enjoy Thanksgiving as well. I get to feast with my family and discuss what we're thankful for. I really just like Christmas more because it's much more fun. Thanksgiving gives me a one week break off of school, while Christmas gives me three weeks. I usually hang out with my family (Dad, Mom, and Siblings) on Thanksgiving. However, during Christmas, I hang out with many more people.

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are great Holidays, but I'm leaning more towards Christmas.

    Have a fantastic day!

    Posted Nov 25, 2019
  16. I guess this really only applies if you're American. But even here in the States, people be skippin thanksgiving. As soon as Halloween ends, the Christmas decorations go up at stores and at random houses in my neighborhood. Then the radio just started playing Christmas music last Thursday. I say this Christmas stuff can wait. Thanksgiving is great because I just get to eat a ton of stuff I don't normally eat. This is the one day of the year that I actually force myself to eat a lot. Because usually I don't.
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
  17. Christmas is better, but it does NOT start till December.
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
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  18. i think christmas is a good because that is when santa come and he say HELLO also i do like present
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
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  19. im using this in my signature when christmas comes around if you dont mind
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 25, 2019
  20. christmas IS around it’s been Christmas season for a month or two buddy >:(

    Christmas is better, thanksgiving is filling yourself with too much food so it makes you uncomfortable and half the world doesn’t even have thanksgiving it’s just an american thing for pilgrims lol
    Posted Nov 25, 2019
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