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Discussion in 'Champions' started by Manu., Jun 3, 2019.


Bring back TDM?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Hello

    I would like too suggest that TDM comes back as it was much popular than DOM or CTF I feel like we should remove CTF as it gets no players and replace it with TDM there's alot of TDM players which would like this back as they think DOM is boring and getting old as the games are too long. Most people want short games unlike 15 minute games people want at the max 5 minute games.

    Please suggest or leave a vote on the poll!
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  2. Hello!

    I never really though that TDM was more popular than those options provided. I thought you they were more popular. Possibly, we could do a poll and see in game, but I don’t really agree with this.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  3. Hello

    You are partly right, partly wrong. CTF doesn't get any players anymore while DOM lobbies are filled with TDM players lots of people liked TDM some didn't we all have our opinions. I had done a poll on one of my discord servers consisting of old TDM players which said if TDM came back they'd rejoin the server and start playing again.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 3, 2019
  4. TDM was never as popular as DOM or CTF, at least in the last 4 years. Many people disliked having 1 life per game and then having to just sit and spec, so most people who stuck with champions play(ed) DOM or CTF. Also if this were added and CTF was removed (which I think is fair now, since literally nobody plays it), they would need to rework achievements because there are some you can only get in CTF.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  5. Yup, CTF lobbies don’t get too many players. Maybe adding the lobby and keeping both of them could be possible?
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  6. pub champions dead no point
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
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  7. while TDM was my favourite of the bunch, I don't really see it happening any time soon so...

    Posted Jun 5, 2019
  8. Hey man!

    I absolutely l loved playing TDM. This was my favorite out of the other two variants available. I would love to see it return! My favorite class was the Mage, with all abilities focusing on fire! Overall, I'm down for its return! :)
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
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  9. CTF removal is a no from me, especially as it's actually a 7 minute game. I'd like to see the return of TDM, but pub Champions in general is pretty dead, and I think that would have to be addressed first.
    Posted Jun 6, 2019
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  10. These are my people
    Posted Jun 7, 2019
  11. I feel like almost everyone in this thread is nostalgic. You guys say all this but when it was up there literally no games going on all day.. Everyone either played Dom or Ctf. It had to be one of the most inactive games mineplex ever removed...

    And even before CTF, Dom still had way more lobbies filled than TDM ever did.

    TDM needs a update before it comes back because the gamemode wasn't good at all and the playercount was proof of that. What's the point of bringing back a lobby that gets no players? Exactly, it needs work and the whole champions codebase needs an update as well. Ctf, dom, or even tdm isnt that much fun in this current state anyways

    Most tdm players were talking about creating a "2.0" where tdm gets a massive update with more content

    And this whole "ctf gets no players" argument isn't valid. Most of the server doesn't get any players so we might as well remove mineplex entirely.

    The only game that would be left would be cakewars
    Posted Jun 8, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 8, 2019
  12. Hey!

    TDM never had been that popular in the Mineplex community, not saying no one played it, just saying not as popular. I personally think that because it wasn’t that popular, there wouldn’t be really a point to add it back. Just my opinion though!
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  13. Hi!
    I'm not much familiarized with the popularity overtime with these games, but I'm opposed to bringing TDM back personally, though my answer is not in the poll. I don't really see any proof of players requesting shorter games or the contrast in popularity, which confuses me for this return. Even though the skills are different, there are other games that have this similar type of game mode, like SG, SKY, etc. Also, I'm not so sure what can be updated to make the game more appealing, excluding new kit editions since it's the same in DOM and CTF. In regards to CTF, I still see players playing it today, and as someone earlier said, some of the achievements come from there. If it were to be removed, the achievements would need to change and players wouldn't get the achievement kit, unless they decide to exempt people who already have it. There is one achievement called "Sticky Fingers" which doesn't come from one game of CTF, so someone could lose all their hard work right there.​
    I don't believe this to be a valid point. It's not all the time because most players don't get on Minecraft late at night. When it's active with around 2k players, the game lobbies will start to fill up, not just Cake Wars. Besides, it most-likely won't be happening any time soon.
    Those are my thoughts. ~Cheers!​
    Posted Jun 13, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 14, 2019
  14. Overall Champions lobbies don’t fill up like they used to. I feel that TDM should be a rotated game sometimes in the cow, but besides this is other wise unnecessary since it never filled up before hand.
    Posted Jun 14, 2019
  15. Dang, when I clicked on this I thought it was The Diamond Minecraft. Got me disappointed...

    I’m joking, this comment was made purely for comic relief and is not serious at all.
    Posted Jun 14, 2019
  16. Hello!

    I'm an avid Champions player and personally I don't really see a reason to bring back TDM. It was a nice gamemode and all, but it was nowhere near as popular as DOM or CTF back in the day. Nowadays Champions is struggling because of imbalance and the loss of players due to delayed updates. However, that doesn't mean CTF should "suffer". TDM never had the popularity that DOM or CTF had, nor is there a way to really incorporate it into the competitive scene. Both DOM and CTF fit that style, and because of that, have stuck around. I'm not really the person to explain how DOM and CTF should be "revived", but I don't think that adding another Champions gamemode back into the mix will help the situation. It will split what's left of the community up even more, making it harder to find games and as such, we could see Champions as a whole removed rather than just TDM.
    Posted Jun 14, 2019
  17. Just to generalize what everyone is saying, which is correct. Champions in general isn't popular enough now and that's not really changing anytime soon, I haven't been able to get on an CTF game in a while not to mention it's already hard enough to find a DOM game when I play. So I'd definitely like to see maybe a little increase in popularity and the game picking it up a bit first before we can think about TDM's return.
    Posted Jun 14, 2019
  18. I've seen this suggestion before and my opinion still stands on it. While TDM is a more fast-pace Champions game, it doesn't have the same appeal as DOM and CTF. Truthfully, TDM and DOM are too similar for both to be successful, especially now that the Champions community has decreased significantly in size. DOM is more appealing to players overall because you don't immediately die after being killed and can respawn to continue playing the game. This is especially what new players to the game are going to be looking for because they won't be knowledgeable about the kits or how to best use them. TDM has always been for more advanced players from my experience.

    It is disappointing how few players are on CTF at the moment. It is a great game mode and very different from the other two. It brings a different aspect of Champions to also have to try to get the flag to one side or the other. Champions has always been primarily related to PvP, but I think CTF gives a bit more focus to other aspects of the game. You don't necessarily have to rely on your PvP skills as much which I think is more appealing to players, new and old. Personally, I don't think TDM returning is a viable option unfortunately.
    Posted Jun 18, 2019
  19. I totally agree with this post. I actually really enjoyed TDM. I think they should bring it back as well. Hmm, maybe they could try to come up with another mode on Champions as well to make it even more fun. The CTF part is really true, there are virtually no players in any of the CTF servers, which is saddening, and makes achievements difficult to complete.

    Posted Jun 20, 2019
  20. Yes it was actually ez wins to my Champions stats
    Posted Jun 21, 2019

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