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Taunts are counterproductive.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Glitchy, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Glitchy


    they say they wanna deter toxicity but how is adding taunts detering it? you can't even silence chat without preventing commands for this thing, honestly I think taunts should be removed as I've seen them induce anger on many people
    Posted Dec 6, 2018
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  2. MrDrProfessor//_Prof_


    I don't believe all taunts should be removed, just some like "(IGN) thought to himself, is this easy mode" and a few others (can't name them all off the top of my head).

    In real life, if you taunt someone after you score a goal, it's considered bad sportsmanship. This is just meant to embarrass and anger the opposition in which, again, in a sports game, you'll probably get penalized for poor sportsmanship. Taunts like those just promote that and should be removed as yes, it's somewhat toxic.


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    Posted Dec 6, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 6, 2018
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  3. saltyish_



    Thanks for the post.

    Realistically, people do not use taunts very much and personally I haven’t seen them to be much of a problem. I have one that I use every now and again, and it doesn’t effect the game or anything. I don’t see much of a reason to remove it.

    Posted Dec 7, 2018
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  4. Glitchy


    Just because you don't face problems, doesn't mean others don't
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 7, 2018
  5. Houpatt


    The taunts aren't meant to torment other players. In fact, I don't even think there is one that does. All they really do is show off a player's collectibles.
    Posted Dec 7, 2018
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  6. Glitchy


    Not really just showing off, like I said, I've seen it anger players
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 7, 2018
  7. Unfavorited


    I mean I remember seeing a thread like this a while back. In that thread, I stated that taunts really shouldn't be taken seriously. It's a fun little thing to have and use in a game. I have seen some people state that "easy mode" or "too much of a chicken" is harsh for fun taunts, and I semi-agree. IMO I really don't care if they are removed or kept. I think the thoughts of it is split. If it's something that gets many players mad, then surely it needs to be removed or revised. But if it's just a few people, then nothing should be done.
    Posted Dec 7, 2018
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    thats true but considering i have 19k games played and i rarely see anyone use taunts, I think its safe to say that others don't experience it. The taunts are harmless anyway...
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
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  9. Marzie


    I do agree that some taunts, such as easy mode and the chicken taunt, will cause anger to people and can seem deteriorating. Other taunts that don't do much though are fine, like the snowball and blow a kiss taunt.

    Although they can be angering to some, they're just cosmetic and shouldn't be taken so serious. I know some people will take them serious, but would you have any other ideas besides removing them? Maybe changing them to be something nicer could be more possible.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  10. TedBread


    Hey Glitchy!

    I understand your concern here. However, as many people have mentioned above, I do not really feel that the primal purpose of these taunts is to add toxicity to the server. Instead, they are rather collectibles that sort of tease the people around you. In fact, I think most people would agree that these taunts lighten awkward moments and can friendly bring people together. While there could be a counter argument that these taunts possibly anger folks, let's take step into the creator's shoes and evaluate what the true purpose of these taunts are. To make Mineplex a more hateful community? I think not.

    Just as people view a glass of water as half empty or half full, taunts can be viewed either negatively or positively. Just because people a few people are slightly offended by them does not necessarily mean there aren't people who, on the other hand, enjoy them.

    Thus, the solution is here. Have a problem with someone? Though you will still be able to see taunts from him/her you can simply /ignore [username] if the chat becomes an issue. Or you can simply leave the game! Sometimes you can be the bigger man by simply walking away.

    I apologize for not being much help here, but, realistically, I do not see taunts going away anytime soon. Hope in some way I helped! Good luck.

    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  11. ShewRadical


    In my opinion, many competitive people will be angered by taunts and gameplay(especially when they or their team are not doing well). They are not causing any harm and they are not degrading or hurtful in anyway so they should be left as they are!
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  12. Ayeconic



    Taunts, in my opinion, are just for fun personally, I don't see the harm in them. I can see where the anger may come from with the "Is this easy mode?" and other taunts of a similar nature as it is equivalent to saying "ez" after a fight or a game which of course can cause conflict so I agree with that taunt being changed/removed. But to be completely fair I have never seen someone use a taunt in this way and it is a rare occurrence that people will use taunts after killing someone or winning a game.

    However, for the rest of them, I see no harm in them and they are simply for fun use.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  13. DiamondBudderAxe


    I really don't think anyone should get angry over a simple taunt, it's showing off a cosmetic, not making fun of the other player. I think if you get angry because of a taunt, then it's really more of your problem rather than the taunt itself. And as others have said, myself I rarely encounter taunts. Removing them isn't the way to go for something that I don't even think is a real problem.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  14. ppancake


    Nobody should be 'taunted' or angered by a taunt; it's not as if they're hurtful in any way. It is simply a cosmetic and its purpose isn't to anger people nor does it anger people in my experience.
    Overall, I'm disagreeing here as taunts don't exactly do what you say they do in terms of hurting players' feelings.
    Have a great day!
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
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  15. Oscaros_


    I agree with @DiamondBudderAxe, if you get wound up by them that's just ridiculous. They're just a tiny cosmetic message in chat, I really don't see them as an issue. I run into them quite a bit in Cake Wars, but they're a nice little effect, add some competition, and also give a nice cosmetic for others to work for and say "i want that". They also provide another feature for Eternal.​
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
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  16. leo_thya


    Whether you think the purpose of a taunt is for fun or not, some taunts still promote toxicity and you can’t ignore that. I’ve seen groups of players using the Easy Mode taunt after they killed a player and it’s honestly disgusting. Agree with what @Glitchy said, just because you aren’t affected by it, or you don’t think the purpose is to do harm, the matter of fact is that there is a possibility to do harm. Especially in gladiators, it makes the player that is killed feel really bad.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  17. Wiz_Techno


    Okay, I feel like this needs to be addressed because I've seen this type of thread at least 3 times now.

    Taunts. Are. Jokes. They're literally just humor that the design team knew were complete jokes when adding. Only a very small portion of the player base actually take offense to them. And honestly, anyone who does take offense to them probably shouldn't be socializing because that's just a lack of understanding the humor in general. If you still aren't convinced then I'll be happy to ask a dev for a list of the chat messages a taunt gives you and break down each one.

    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  18. leo_thya


    Again, it doesn’t matter what the original intentions were. If the taunts (specifically Easy Mode) are causing toxicity, it should be changed.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018


    the thing is you are going to find toxicity no matter where you go and people will always criticize.... its kinda saying that if a youtube video has a dislike then its a bad video
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
  20. leo_thya


    That’s a pretty bad analogy. Whether a video is good or bad, it’s opinionated, hence dislike and like. When a taunt can cause toxicity, it’s not subjective. It’s a fact the taunt can cause toxicity; I have been any multiple situations where the Easy Mode taunt caused some people to be toxic.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018

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