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Survival survival used to be so good

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by donxyz, Nov 15, 2022.

  1. If Java's taught me anything, it's that sometimes no amount of effort can turn things around, and you can't really expect much effort from them anyway. Sad reality.
    Posted Nov 18, 2022
  2. Realy sad
    Posted Nov 19, 2022
  3. Mineplex do be like that :(
    Posted Nov 19, 2022
  4. TheMisterEpic just did a video where I talked about Survival. You should watch the segment.
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  5. It used to be my favourite gamemode after creative housing.. but we could expect a another era of the survival community in mine plex.
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  6. Already did :)
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  7. I too love having a gamemode focused on hacked items and listening to a community based around these items.

    Do you see the flaw there? Yeah. If these items are implemented and accessible through an actual mechanic instead of originating from item spawning then sure. whynot.

    I dunno about you, but the reason why these Survival servers are shutdown all the time is because someone has the idea to create something that could have originated from item spawning, (chunk locking players was quite a time) or lag machines from malicious players. Restarting them over and over and over was kinda tiring and it seems like it's to the point that it's not even worth restarting the downed Survival servers back up.

    Not everyone enjoys that kind of challenging environment, someone I knew when I was staff literally was doxed and threatened by a player who was targeting this specific player, and they were literally just trying to build cool things and events and made numerous attempts to get this person to stop.
    A bit extreme, but the point is not everyone wants that environment of having to be wary of griefers or whatever. If Survival is rebranded to a more Factions type of game, then sure griefing and whatever should be more mainstream and I would have no problems with that.

    Either way the solution to anything is dev time for Survival, which as you can see by the changelogs, doesn't seem to be that focused on Bedrock. Minus what Timmi is doing right now with stats and the Death Run game. Unless the higher ups assign him to Survival
    Posted Nov 20, 2022,
    Last edited Nov 20, 2022
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  8. Is he right about it being impossible to join?
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  9. Sometimes when your in like 11 or 8 it glitches and says like the server doesn’t exist or is unavailable and it’s very very common but I realy do like the idea of changing it to factions like I’ve said before
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  10. Is there a /server command to warp straight to any server you want like on Java?
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  11. Not that I’m aware of that kept me out of survival for 3 weeks if they need players fix that
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  12. I’d say 90% of the time you try to join it won’t work. And that does mean do it 50 times it will work I mean 9/10 days it won’t work. If you look in the mpd pins for bedrock it says what servers are up but you can’t pick what server so a lot of the time.
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  13. Java has a similar problem where you can't do /leave or /hub and you're stuck unless you log out and rejoin.
    Posted Nov 20, 2022
  14. Logging doesn’t help on bedrock we should change this thread to or make a new one called how to bring back players
    Posted Nov 21, 2022
  15. That's a way bigger topic, it's already been tackled a ton of times before, and doesn't really have any good answers, but if someone wants to, go right ahead...
    Posted Nov 21, 2022
  16. I said that because I’ve seen a decent amount of talking about it on this thread
    Posted Nov 21, 2022
  17. Mark my words, there will be a thread like that again, but I'm not gonna be the one to make the effort, knowing anything I say would fall on deaf ears.
    Posted Nov 21, 2022

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