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Survival is weird...

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Adamwh1, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. It was my first day on Mineplex. I found a mode called "Survival" and wanted to try it out because I thought it would be like the faction servers that youtubers like OhTekkers do. Turns out, you can't even damage another player. Sad.

    One thing I found out after that fact was the evidence that people are hackers. Once, I spawned after dying in front of a house made entirely of bedrock. Not obsidian, BEDROCK. People also claim that gboxes are not able to be found anymore, but I got one from an user... I forget their name right now. There was a sword in it with Fire Aspect. Not too overpowered... but wait! There's more! It had Sharpness. You know what it also had? Smite, and Bane of Arthropods. Either there was no restriction to enchantments in 1.12, or this guy is a hacker. I like the sword, but the fact that it had 3 forbidden enchantments on the same sword enrages me.

    I found out later on that you couldn't get to the nether. The weird thing is, I saw a death message in chat, "<player> was slain by Magma Cube." Is this a problem with me? Or does this player randomly get a pass to go to the nether?

    The hotbar is very glitchy. If you want to put stuff in your hotbar, you have to swap it with an item already in the hotbar, or have it move back in the chest or inventory.

    Crafting is very weird, also. Sometimes, your "request" to get wood planks makes all 4 wood planks turn back into one wood. Same with other things. I tried to convert a diamond block that my friend gave me into diamonds, and it immediately went back to block form.

    Given all this, I don't think I'm going to revisit Mineplex survival for a long time, or at least until i get notified that it's gotten better. Sure I met my best virtual friend, DoggedSky231574, in Survival, but the cons of the glitchiness and the hacks heavily outweigh the pros of meeting someone new. If you're reading this, and you haven't tried survival already, DON'T. It's better to play more fun activities, like SkyWars, or Master Builders.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  2. This game was always broken
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  4. Welcome to mineplex survival :sigils:
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  5. Hey! I definitely agree that Survival mode is a bit broken. Mineplex Survival mode is honestly filled with spawned-in (hacked) items, like the OP sword you mentioned, and is full with many players abusing a duplication glitch. It's unusual, but it is now somewhat part of just regular Mineplex Survival. The spawned-in items have been patched now, and it is no longer possible to get them, although with players exploiting the dupe glitch, many more hacked items are still being made. For your thing about the magma cube, it's most likely just a renamed pet. I believe renaming has been disabled, so I'm not sure how that happened, as I'm not that experienced in the Survival community. There is a reset planned, although it has been very controversial. The reset's goal is aimed to get rid of all of the spawned-in items so that Mineplex Survival would be like a regular survival multiplayer server. Basically, the spawned-in/hacked items are used within the Survival community, but a reset is planned to wipe these.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  6. Hello everyone, a restart would be good for survival, although people who have shulkers (including me) or other illegal objects would no longer have them and it would also remove the lag generated in the servers.
    Edit: One thing that would need to be patched would be the enchantments, as they are absolutely broken if you have a level 30 enchantment table, since I got a sword with knockback and a book of enchantments with knockback 2 that got stuck in the hot bar
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  7. Hello,
    Survival was first intended as a place to casually build with friends and show off builds, that’s why pvp was dis-abled.
    That being said, survival will be re-worked some by GI team very soon, so some of how survival is or started as will be evolving some, so look out on the forums for the survival thread on the proposed changes/additions and give your input on it on what you think when that comes out, all ideas are taken into consideration as well as input from GI team, mods, and the dev gyro on things they want to do for survival.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
  8. @Adamwh1
    Let me tell you something. I've been playing Mineplex Survival for a long time & I'd like to tell you about how it used to work. I'll devide my explanation in a few chapters.
    1) The world itself
    Nether & End were both disabled since the very start. It also looks like most dungeons are disabled, but you can still sometimes find those small dungeons with skeleton or spider spawners. Luckily, all types of bioms from 1.12 can be found. (Yes, Survival is still on version 1.12),

    So... Since there was no way of obtaining stuff from other worlds & enchantments were broken since the beginning, hackers were the ones who gave resources to people. Some even gave stuff like bedrock, spawn eggs for IRON GOLEMS & BOSSES, 32k weapons (also called god weapons) and everything else. There weren't that many hackers & they couldn't satisfy everyone's wants so the players started to trade items with each other. In addition, some seasonal dupes resulted in people obtaining tons of different items that can be crafted (this was a thing for a while). After a while, many "illegal" blocks & hackers got banned or so, it became hard to get those blocks & the 32k items got fixed so the players lost their ability to one shot bosses. All in all, it is kinda hard to get most items in the current state of the game.

    3)Society & how to protect yourself
    Most people don't play this game for too long & often leave the game after a week or so. You have to be careful with people in the chat & while trading. Many people like to put unfair prices for their stuff. For example, there was a guy who offered me one quartz shard for a stack of beacons. Furthermore, people may even fraud you & not give you what you bought. There are many griefers who like to claim or destroy unclaimed buildings. You should also be afraid of people who wear elytras & mob heads (especially dragon heads), if you see them having an enchanted bow(fire arrows are the only thing except for mobs that can harm a player), you should be cautious as this is a major red flag.
    So how can you protect yourself ? I advice you to buy a full set of enchanted diamond armor, get the same bow, always have a bucket of water, ender pearls & golden apples. You should also claim the area you like before starting to build on it & never accept the teleportation requests from people you don't know. I'd also recommend to not use wood for your buildings as it can be burned down even if it is claimed.

    4)History of Survival
    It isn't a necessary part, but you can still read it if you want. It contains some interesting parts about the history of the game.
    When the stuff started, there was no way of turning on the keep inventory or turning off the teleportation request, people could be killed with normal not enchanted bows & most people were dying from the hands of pit trappers who would sent people to Sparta & then collect their loot. Many players were also claiming too much land so that was a problem. However, the devs added the keep inventory later on (they also added the ability to turn of the teleportation requests), this resulted in the full extinction of pit trappers & the great era of trading took part. People were trading all kind of stuff. A row cod that can one shot a dragon, bedrock, spawn eggs? You want it? Its yours my friend, as long as you have enough diamonds or other stuff! People also started to do crazy stuff & settlements became more common. Speaking of crazy stuff, I was the first one to build red stone space rockets & a space base, this was cool. However, nothing ever lasts forever.... The next event was nicknamed "The Great Restart". Everyone lost everything, including me. However, community did lose it's hope. Society started to rebuild, it learned from it's mistakes & therefore less land was claimed. However, devs locked the game for a while, this happened before, but this was a different case. Most major ways of duping stuff got fixed, 32k items became a memory of the past & many hackers also went extinct. My house got destroyed despite being fully claimed. Most people could now use only such stuff like dirt & stones, those who were lucky & clever enough, used terracotta & cement for decorations. Sadly, I had to leave the server for a while due to my IGCSEs so I don't know much about the current state of the game, but I believe that it could be fixed.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021

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