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Survival Games Tier List (Solos)

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Bossitiveplays, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Hey,

    So the topic of this post is ranging the kits from best to worst. If you disagree that's fine, obviously not everything's going to be perfect (Though that's my strive). If you wish to, you may leave a comment and I'll get back to relatively fast. I'm going to try and justify why I placed all the kits where they are so you can know my reasoning. Note, I'm not really pointing out if a kit is op, but rather why it's placed so high.

    Tier List

    S: Archer, Axeman, Knight
    A: Bomber, Barbarian, Necromancer, Beastmaster, Brawler
    C: Warlock, Assassin

    - Arrows deal too much damage in a game where armor isn't very strong.
    - Arrows are too numerous on certain maps such as Wild West, Fallout, etc. This may not seem relevant but because the user also receives arrows that potentially adds to the total damage the user could deal with their bow alone.
    - Barrage almost guarantees you land an arrow.
    - Short cooldown stacks total damage more and more over time.
    - Running away is difficult since you're opponent can chuck axes at you while maintaining your speed, unlike the bow.
    - If timed well Axe Thrower can help assist with landing combos.
    - Extremely well-balanced kit.
    - Damage reduction allows user to tank damage a little more.
    - Hilt Smash messes players up allowing for the user to land hits.
    - Hilt Smash has a bug where an enemy will be sent upwards (And in some cases even towards the user) allowing for the user to land more hits on the enemy.
    - Extremely well-balanced kit.
    - The kit is only as good as you make it. Depending on your creativity, Bomber can be a really good kit to use.
    - Excels at chasing and running away.
    - Can turn the tide of a battle with 1 good placed TNT.
    - Most weak during Endgame when movement is more restricted.
    - Blade Vortex is too powerful, sucking all players around you within 5 blocks.
    - Cleave will take care of cross-teamers if you can place both enemies near each other.
    - Blade Vortex by itself excels in many areas similar to Bomber making it really good.
    - Very top-heavy kit.
    - The kit is good when you have 3-5 skeletons active and gets overpowered at 6+.
    - Skeletons don't work correctly in which they attack almost randomly.
    - Great for blocking arrows.
    - Skeletons aren't effected by Explosive Arrows.
    - Kit is absolute junk with no skeletons.
    - The kit would be as good as Knight if the Wolf landed attacks more consistently (This is a general Minecraft bug).
    - The dog can essentially make a fight a 2v1 if the placement is good.
    - Cub Tackle is basically a ranged Hilt Smash.
    - This kit is only as good as you make it. Depending on your creativity, Beastmaster can still be a good kit to use.
    - Good at cornering/trapping enemies.
    - If the dog is dead you're going to be dead if you fight (Unless you don't need the dog in the fight).
    - Good at trading since the user receives less knockback and deals more essentially being able to get some combos.
    - Knockback bonus isn't very strong.
    - Ground Pound by itself excels in many areas many areas similar to Bomber making it good.
    - Deals a lot of fall damage if the enemy was really close to the epicenter of the attack.
    - Taking less knockback can work against you if you're trying to run away as you may get double hit.
    - Good for running or trying to regain a little hp during a fight.
    - Repel can hit multiple enemies.
    - Cooldown is way too long.
    - Sneak-attacks are more effective as you deal more damage while you're landing the first few hits.
    - Fall damage can come in handy if you want to jump off of cliffs to run from an enemy.
    - Kit is practically useless at Endgame.
    - Sneak-attacks are hard to do when your username is visible.

    Dang this took long!
    Posted Sep 17, 2020
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  2. My list:

    S Barbarian, Axeman
    A Knight, Bomber
    B Brawler, Necromancer
    C Archer, Assassin
    D Warlock
    F Beastmaster
    Posted Sep 17, 2020
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  3. S Axeman
    A Knight - Barbarian
    B Brawler
    C Archer - Beastmaster - Bomber
    D Necromancer
    E Warlock
    F Assassin

    S Tier:
    AXEMAN: Definetely best kit at high level. Even though is the strongest kit, I don't think it should have a big nerf, I prefer to buff the worse kits and just make slight balances to strongest kits.
    Axes are very common in chests, this creates a situation where you can have like 10+ axes in your inventory. You can use axes as a combo setup (like a fishing rod, but deals damage) or as a draining weapon (like a bow, but faster), and good luck with trying to escape against an axe spammer lol. Also you can get iron axes from spawn (using Axeman, axes make same damage as swords: Iron Axe = Iron Sword), so you will have an insanely good early and late game. This kit is overall very good in every map and have a good matchup against all kits.
    The only weakness that I see is that you don't have too much space in your hotkey bar and inventory, but it's definetely worth.

    A Tier:
    KNIGHT: Probably the easiest kit to use. Hilt Smash it's ok, but the thing that makes this kit go to A tier is it's "passive". Taking 0.5 less damage from all attacks it's just so good for melee fights, specially in closed areas. However, it gets countered by Axeman and Archer, due to not being able to melee as easy. Good at early, mid and late game due to being such an standart kit, but it doesn't excel in any of those.

    BARBARIAN: If we were talking about SG Teams, this kit would be with no doubt number 1, because of Cleave, which gives permanent area damage (This should be nerfed or reworked). But talking in SG Solo, this kit is not that strong. Because of Cleave, it has a very good early game, but you, most likely, wont be fighting two or more people at the same time later. Blade Vortex is very good to "micro-counter" (if that makes sense) Axeman, what I mean is that you can attract the player to start a melee fight or give him a bad colocation, but if the axeman player is smart it can still avoid this situation. Barbarian most likely losses to Knight in a 1v1 unless the Blade Vortex completely disorients the other player for too much time, but if the Blade Vortex missed or the Knight player recovers his aim fast enough, the Barb player is most likely dead. It pretty much wins against every other kit except from this two mentioned.
    This kit is also very good to grind and fight casuals. Barbarian is overall good in every map, but it's (in my opinion) the best in Aztec Island and maybe Kikoshi. In Aztec you have lot's of places to abuse Blade Vortex like lava or high places, also it's easy to catch people in the water. In Kikoshi you also have the Blade Vortex abuse with the giant stairs at spawn, also the big amount of water makes barb a very comfortable kit.

    B Tier:
    BRAWLER: This kit is so overrated in low level but very underrated (or under-played) in high level. Again, if we were talking about teams, this kit could go higher. It's still a good kit but definetely a tier lower than the others above. Ground Pound is very good to escape, which gives you the opportunity to partially finish a fight if you are losing. Using this ability aggressively is a bit harder, since you have to calculate to not let your opponent escape, but a good ground pound can take many hearts from you. The fact that you take less knockback from attacks it's why this kit is here, without this, this kit would go to a couple of tiers lower. Having less knockback means that is harder to combo you and then easier to combo the opponent (good luck with a laggy brawler). It's best map is probably Aztec, for similar reasons as Barbarian, but also having less knockback makes it harder to people to punch you into lava or high falls.
    This kit gets hard countered by Axeman, slightly losses to Archer, Barbarian, wins against Necromancer, Beastmaster, Assassin and Warlock and it's pretty much even agains the other kits.

    C Tier:
    ARCHER: One of the most hated kits, because is very hard to fight a good archer. This kit is here because arrows deal tons of damage and Barrage is a guaranteed arrow land. Bows are very strong in Mineplex SG, and a Power bow can easily destroy even a Knight. But this kit is not higher because is not that worth to use in comparison to the others. You can go every other kit and still have a Power Bow and 20+ arrows. The only thing that gives you extra is 1 arrow every 20 seconds which is ok and the Barrage of arrows. Losses to Axeman, Necromancer and Barbarian if the player is smart. It's even against Bomber and wins against every other kit. Very good at maps where you can run a lot.

    BOMBER: For many people this kit is the funniest kit to use. In maps like Fallout, Fantasy Land, Riverton Castle and Tropia, you can easily get TNT kills in supply drops or while others are fighting. Also Explosive Arrow is good to escape. (You can also try to drain with it but it's not consistent). This kit has a solid mid game but it's not that good on early and late game. It's not that good in 1v1 and you can be easily killed at the first seconds of the game.

    It's up here just because if you don't know how to play against this it could be very hard to melee since it's the dog will deal damage and knockback it feels like a 2v1. If you play patiently and you know how to kill the dog first, the kit gets very bad, but with kits like Knight, this is hard to do versus a good Beastmaster.

    D Tier:
    Weird kit, it's very good when you have 5+ kills. This handicap makes you're early game bad. The skeletons are very stupid, but they can protect you from arrows/axes. Still, a good player can deal with this, you can counter it with TNT, thats why Bomber its his biggest counter.

    E Tier:
    Very bad for being the "Achievement Kit". Repel knockback effect is so bad, better use Brawler. The regen is ok, that's why it's not the worst kit, but it still not enough to go higher. Pretty much every kit wins against this in a 1v1 but Assassin. In my opinion this kit should get reworked or replaced, I don't think it's even fun to use.

    F Tier:
    Very good early game and good mid game, and that's it. You have absolutely nothing in a fair 1v1. In late game it's basically having no kit. Good for getting some kills, but it's the hardest kit to win a game if you have a decent player in your lobby.
    Posted Sep 20, 2020
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