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(Super Smash Mobs) The Silverfish breaks free

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Huido, Feb 26, 2020.


Would a kit like this work well?

  1. Yes, a perfect addition to the roster of kits

  2. No, Would personally think Silverfish should be part of a Smash Crystal Ability

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  3. No, The moveset would be broken

  4. Meh, not a fan but if other people are happy with this then I'm happy

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  5. Maybe, if the stats were changed around abit.

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  1. Why am i making this (This part is copied from the Horse post I made a few days ago)?
    I have challenged myself to create the remaining mobs (that are available in 1.8.9 and lower only) that need movesets. My first ideas were the Silverfish (This moveset), the Horse and the Ocelot.

    The main gimmick of Silverfish's Moveset?
    You would expect a silverfish to be a very annoying kit to play against, if that's the case then you're right. It may lack in mobility and damage output but if used correctly, can get the job done.

    The Passive Ability (Terraform Traveller)
    The Silverfish by default will have slowness 1 and it's double jumps will be somewhat floaty, however if the Silverfish attacks an opponent, there is a 50% for them to be affected with Wither 1 for 3 seconds (in reference to "Infesting"). If Silverfish uses the ability "Dig" (Will be explained in further detail later on), It will be granted Speed 4 and invulnerable from most attacks (Apart from attacks that affect an area) but won't be able to attack with Melee unless if resurfaced.

    The Statistics
    The Silverfish is a kit that requires 8000 gems to unlock. It's main battle style will be defensive and has the aspects of digging underground for survival.

    The damage output will be a measly 2 hearts which may practically be nothing for classes with high defense, but the passive ability and armour will make up for that flaw, which would have 3.5 bars. The Silverfish will have a very low regen rate, which will only be 0.15 hearts per second.
    The Silverfish will be a light kit and will take 165% knockback

    The Special Attacking Abilities
    The Silverfish will have 3 special abilities, all themed around stone and being hidden in blocks, this will be why Silverfish is a stealthy and annoying kit to play against.

    "Stone Spit" is activated by rightclicking the shovel in the first slot. The ability works similar to Ink Shotgun concept wise, but instead of a barrage of ink sacs spreading out whilst flying infront, particles referencing whatever block you're standing on will shoot in a short arc that reaches up to 5 blocks away (If on flat land) and always shoots at a 45 degree angle upwards This move may deal a measly 3.5 hearts up close and will decrease up until 0.5 hearts, but this ability will give the opponent blindness for 3 seconds. This move will have a 5.5 second Cooldown after usage

    "Chizel Blizzard" will be Silverfish's way of getting back into the battlefield and is activated by right clicking an Iron Sword. A block of Chiseled stone will fall from a fixed distance, pushing opponents downwards however only dealing 2 damage. The block will stop right infront of the Silverfish, allowing the silverfish to bury itself in the block.Once the silverfish is tucked into the block, you can either hide in it until it breaks by doing nothing (will cause the Silverfish to be helpless whilst plummeting to it's doom, be careful with how you use this) or if you right click the sword again, the Silverfish will leap upwards at quite a high distance, this won't damage opponents however..

    The block requires to be dealt 10 hearts of damage before breaking, An Enderman can pick this block up with "Block Toss", the Silverfish can still be carried in the block and flung, This can be useful in teams but can also be your demise in any concept. No matter whatever happens, This ability will always have an 8 second cooldown.

    "Dig" will be the ability that will let Silverfish's passive ability come to play and is activated with an Iron Pickaxe. The Silverfish will bury itself underground for a total of 3 seconds unless if you jump.. It will have speed 4 and resurfacing will knock opponents a mediocre distance away but dealing 4 hearts of damage. Once the Silverfish resurfaces, the ability will have a 10 second cooldown. This move can't be used in the air.

    The Smash Crystal Ability
    When used, the Silverfish will use "Infestation" which has the Silverfish corrupt the path that it walks, causing up to 15 silverfish to spawn in overtime. These may be able to be killed in one hit but will surround the Main Silverfish and act like a makeshift shield whilst it also buries underground, increasing it's regen rate from 0.15 to 0.3 hearts per second. If an opponent is under 5 blocks away from the main silverfish, The minion silverfish will home towards them, dealing 1 heart of damage whilst ignoring armour and giving Wither 2 for 3 seconds. This ability will last for 10 seconds or atleast 20 silverfish (they keep respawning after dying, this takes 2 seconds) die.

    Final Words
    What do you think of the Silverfish kit, sure it may sound annoying by concept but that's what silverfish are actually like in Vanilla Minecraft. The main thing you need to do to counter these mobs is to focus
    Posted Feb 26, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 26, 2020
  2. No I do not want to have this in SSM the abilitys itselfs are not balanced and are to mutch
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  3. The silverfish's defence is clearly incompatible with its miniscule hitbox.
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  4. Would 3.5 bars be better?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2020
  5. Hey,

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to agree with a lot of the players above and say that I dislike the idea of this kit. I personally don't think that the silverfish kit is a good idea in the first place, due to the mobs extremely small hit box. It would be so awkward to actually fight the mob, and if the silverfish kit had as many evasive abilities as you suggest, then it would entirely just be designed as a game stalling kit and would take away from the actual SSM gamemode in my opinion. So, I would like to give this kit a -1 just based on that.

    Next, I'll presume that this kit is going to be made regardless of my opinion in the matter, and I'll propose a few changes to the actual kit that you're proposing.
    I personally think that the kit should take very little knockback. This would make it more difficult to escape close quarters situations, and make the kit less capable of stalling out the game.

    Can you elaborate on how the actual animation of being underground will look? I'm not entirely sure how the visual animation of being underground will look, and how the developers would use Minecrafts mechanics to make a boroughing animation look realistic.

    I personally think that speed 4 is way too fast. Speed 2-3 seems a tad more reasonable, as it's actually fairly hard to control exactly where you're moving with speed 4 and the player might accidentally throw themselves off the map.

    ~ TheGrandmaster
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  6. 1) agreed, game-stalling is already a problem and I'd hate to make it worse
    2) actually, they already have a champions animation like this, so it wouldn't be as difficult.
    3) if they use the same effect of rupture, which I think is the ability with the aforementioned animation, then it could help guide their movement to negate that.

    Now IMO
    The damages for this kit is ridiculous. If used in combination, the silverfish can deal 9.5 hearts (3.5+2+4). That ain't okay chief.
    Posted Mar 1, 2020
    TestosteronBulk likes this.
  7. I made up my mind when I remembered how small the hitbox is.
    Posted Mar 7, 2020

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