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(Super Smash Mobs) The Horse races into the battlefield

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Huido, Feb 24, 2020.


Would you think a kit like this is necessary for SSM?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes but make it more complicated

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  4. Yes but make it less complicated

  5. Yes but change some minor things within the moveset

  1. Why am i making this?
    I have challenged myself to create the remaining mobs (that are available in 1.8.9 and lower only) that need movesets. My first ideas were the Silverfish, the Horse (which is what this moveset is) and the Ocelot.

    The main gimmick of Horse's moveset?
    To be honest with you, my idea for the Horse is somewhat luck based with it's passive ability (which will be explained later on) to kinda reference horses in vanilla minecraft and horse races. I also decided to give the Horse (The Skeleton horse and Zombie Horse (Another Kit Idea I made)) a unique jump called "Galloping Rise". Galloping rise is a chargable version of the regular leap. The longer you charge, the higher you jump unless if charged for too long. (reference to how Horse jumps in regular minecraft). Another gimmick (Just visual) will have a jockey (A zombie which holds the head of the player and leather amour which by default is grey but can chance colour to represent the team it's on)

    The Passive Ability
    Before I list the statistics, I will like to explain the passive ability of the horse. "The National Pick" is a luck based ability which changes the stats of the horse every time it dies. For the sake of it, it will also change colour and maybe it will wear Iron Armour (to indicate one of its stats are maxed out) or Gold Armour (When no stats are minimum). The Horse's stats may be all around weak, or they can be pretty overpowered. Let luck decide how you will cope against the tough foes on the blocky battlefield.

    The Statistics
    The horse is a kit that requires the player to pay 7000 gems to unlock and it's main battle style is partially inspired by Skeleton Horse's moveset (Only more gimmicky and stats are randomised)

    The horse will have the damage output will be between the minimum of a measley 4.5 hearts or an unstably strong 7 hearts and would have inbetween 4.5- 6.5 bars of armour.

    The amount of knockback that the horse takes would be the minimum of 125% (If you're lucky) or 165% (Which is pretty light for a kit) and will heal between the minimum of 0.15 hearts per second or at a quick pace of 0.25 hearts per second)

    The Special Attacking Abilities
    The Horse will have 3 special abilities, most of them will have some sort of gimmick to them to give them an interesting feel.

    "Hoof of Steel" is a melee attacking move which can be activated with an Iron axe on the first slot. This move consists on the Horse kicking similarly to the Skeleton Horse's "Bone kick". This move may not deal as much knockback and will have a 6 second cooldown after usage, but will deal a hefty 8.5 hearts of damage against opponents with no armour. Yet again, it is somewhat difficult to hit, just like Skeleton Horse's Bone kick so this move is pretty standard.

    "Rocket Power / Whipper Snapper" is the Horse's method of getting back on the battlefield and is activated by the right click of an Iron hoe. The bags on the side of the horse will shoot out fireworks from both sides of the horse (if you want to hit the opponent, turn 90 degrees in any direction, the rockets will slightly home only vertically) for a fixed amount of distance before exploding to deal 6.5 hearts of damage and high knockback on the foes caught in the explosion, pushing the horse very slightly upwards.

    If you sneak whilst left clicking the Iron hoe, the jockey will whip the horse sending it forward. This move has the power of knocking away unfortunate foes in it's path until it lands. This move basically functions like Wolf's "Wolf Strike" but more damage and knockback due to the bulk of the horse, This move can be used 3 times in the air before cooldown (won't move that far with one, probably the distance of Iron Golem's height gain from Seismic slam).

    If you use any variant of the 2nd slot ability, there will be a 4.5 second Cooldown for both variants.

    "Jockey Archery" is the final ability of the horse which is activated by right clicking a bow (The Bow will not have arrows with it), this will have the Jockey aim at the nearest opponent and shoot away at them, one arrow every 0.3 seconds for 3 seconds. This can be used for pushing opponents away as the arrows only deal 2 hearts of damage, however the arrows will fly faster than the normal arrow.

    The Smash Crystal Ability

    The ability that the Horse uses when the Smash Crystal ability is activated will be called "The Grand National" and will maximise all of the Horse's stats (Except for Health Regeneration) so it is at it's maximum potential. It will also be granted Speed 2, maximum jump height without need of charge and every ability will have a 2.5 second Cooldown until 15 seconds has passed. It is possible for the horse to die in this state, all this ability does is buff the Horse up alot kind of like the Pig's Crystal ability "Pig Stink" but without the Regeneration. For the sake of cosmetic use, It will also wear Diamond armour.

    Final words
    So then, what do you guys think of my first ever Super Smash Mob Kit Idea that is uploaded on Mineplex? I have more kit ideas prepared but they are all on a discord server. I'll be honest, when I was making this, I had to change a few things around. The discord versions are just the "prototype" concepts. If there is anything in particular that you think needs changing, let me know by replying.
    Posted Feb 24, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 26, 2020
  2. Hey!
    I think this could be a good kit but needs some changes like smash crystal I feel like it shouldn't have buffs till it dies maybe like 15 seconds or something like that and maybe heal 2-3 hearts with smash crystal since in vanilla Minecraft you can use hay bales to heal horses.
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
  3. Happy to see a kit concept that has a lot of thought and care has been put into for once, refreshing and is nice to see. That being said, I have many issues with the kit's design.

    Firstly, you mention "hearts" a couple of times when talking about damage values, regen and etc, I'm going to assume you mean health (2 health= 1 heart), as 7 hearts or even 4.5 melee would be insane- same with regen and all other damage values.

    Regarding the RNG passive, I really dislike the concept of that; I dislike RNG elements in SSM in general but this goes above and beyond any other RNG aspect we have currently for how significantly it would affect the game; we're talking here about a kit that is either busted as hell or weaker than chicken and everything in between depending purely on how lucky you get- this would take a lot of the skill required when playing the game, you rely on luck to make your kit good. Matches would be decided a lot of the times not on how good a player is, but how lucky they got with their stats at that moment.

    The range of the stats you've described is also pretty busted, especially with armor and regen. With armor even at a minimum would still be higher than slime and at a maximum it would be just 1 point away from IG's, for regen the fact it can get higher than even .4 health per second (fastest in the game currently) could make the kit almost unkillable even more so if they get good armor.

    Personally, I'd remove this part of the kit entirely, really don't think we need more RNG aspects in the game and definitely not something like this.

    Horse kick ability- even with me assuming you meant health and not hearts, a 13 damage ability with a 6 second cd is very, very strong- current bone kick damage is 6.5, so this would have double that.
    This is even more of an issue when we're talking about a bone-kick type ability which isn't very difficult to land and is easily combo'd with melee (so you'd be able to get 17.5-20 just from landing a simple combo with a 6 second cooldown).
    Additionally... I just don't think we need another bone kick ability, if a horse kit would be added I'd rather see something more unique for a main damaging ability that we haven't seen before and changing up the values isn't enough imo.

    For the recovery, 4.5 seconds is very short for this type of move. Shortest cd recovery in the game right now is Skeleton's roped arrow with 5 seconds of cd (If you don't count odd cases like pig, wither skeleton and chicken who can all be considered to be faster than 5 seconds but each has their weakness and isn't a straight up normal recovery move) and roped arrow isn't that good of a recovery move- it's not terrible but not very good either. Being able to activate the ability with 3 different bursts of movement (which I do like the concept of) is a very solid recovery and a better move overall. Also, I think the ability should end if you hit an enemy, for no potential 3* 6.5 damage + melee combo if you get an opponent against a wall.

    Before I get to the projectile... Honestly I didn't really understand what you meant by "will have a jockey (A zombie which holds the head of the player and leather amour which by default is grey but can chance colour to represent the team it's on)" at the beginning, are you saying there's a zombie riding the horse? If that's what you mean, I don't think it's a good idea to keep it just as a pure "visual effect" as it could confuse enemies making them think they can hit the zombie for damage when they can't.
    Alright, so the projectile. You didn't write what's the cd on this ability so I can't say if it's too good or not, but I dislike the idea of a self aiming projectile that does your work for you, not much skill involved with that.
    Furthermore you've written that it would travel at a faster rate than a normal arrow which is already the fastest projectile in the game, making it nearly impossible to dodge.

    This is getting too long (just like my diii-finetly too long list of disappointments) so I'll pass over the smash crystal as I don't care much for those anyways.

    Before I end this I did like the first passive, "Galloping Rise", I think it's an interesting concept but I'm unsure of how it would work exactly, has potential but right now you haven't really described it beyond that first sentence.
    If I had to design this kit with the ideas you've introduced here, I'd probably try to take that ability and make it so the other moves synergise well with this type of jump.

    To sum this up- I am happy to see there's still people who try to make well thought out kits, but as I've described above it does have many issues. When I say everything I say I don't do it to "hate" or whatever those are genuine issues I have with the kit.
    Posted Feb 25, 2020
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  4. Ok i'm gonna fix some of the things to make it more balanced.
    Thank you for the feedback
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2020
  5. This was the main reason why I made the Horse Kit and why it has all of this inspiration. I know there are going to be a few people out there that won't like the concept of an RNG character but I mean, if you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

    I have nerfed the RNG stats so they aren't as broken. I am going to upload a moveset for the Silverfish soon, Maybe you would like that moveset instead of Horse? Once again, everyone has preferences.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2020
  6. Well this isn't just about mine or someone else's preferences, it's about making a balanced kit that rewards skill and not luck.

    In the hypothetical situation that this kit were to be added my issues won't be solved by not playing the kit, the kit would still be there and could be abused for how busted it can get if you get lucky enough (and also in general, even without that aspect the kit is still op in it's current design)
    Also you only fixed the regen from what I see without charging the "hearts" to "health", not sure if you missed that part or is that the intended design...?
    Posted Feb 26, 2020
  7. It is supposed to be hearts, yes.

    Ok, so for the RNG thing, I will get rid of that, but i will have to change the Smash Crystal Ability abit, I will sort that out in a few hours or so
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 26, 2020

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