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Super Smash Mobs Map - Serpent's Den

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by ArcticLord02, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Posted Nov 7, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 10, 2019
  2. Love the build, you should add another snake on the other side. Perhaps a different color or some sort of pattern on the green snake? Other then that, you did an amazing job :)
    Posted Nov 7, 2019
  3. thanks will put that in mind
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 7, 2019
  4. Wow!

    I love this map! As soon as I saw the images, I loved how visually detailed and colored the map was! This is especially true with the colors of the snakes, so great job with that! In terms of the size, you did a good job! The map is far from small, but still a good size for four players. As someone who players SSM a good amount, this is definitely a map that I would vote for and look forward to playing! Overall, this is a map you should be very proud of, and I wish you the best of luck if you choose to submit it!
    Posted Nov 8, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 8, 2019
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  5. Thank you man its much appreciated I hope it gets accepted too because it would be fun to play on
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  6. This is a great map very detailed but can you make the snakes a little bit shorter? I don’t want playmakers camping up on the snakes but overall this is a great map! You should submit it I hope it gets accepted :)! It would be very fun to play on and I look forward to maybe playing on it eventually
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  7. Very cool looking map, and different from what we currently have in the game! A bit hard to tell just from seeing screenshots, but I'll say what I'm worried about when looking on this map-

    The top of the snakes looks like a very good camp spot, and in general the map seems to have a lot of good camp spots. For the snakes, from the top it looks like you can hit almost every part of the map (namely with skeleton and zombie), and you can go to the back or their mouths to avoid projectiles shot at you. There's a lot of different access routes to the different points in the map which is good, but it doesn't look like there's enough cover in any of them so the routes are very unsafe for the most part. The map in general seems to lack cover in many areas, though the bridges and small islands seem to be the biggest offenders (well, snakes as well but that's to be expected).
    Personally, I would either try to make the snakes shorter and lower so they're not as good of a campspot, or make them bigger and distance them from the map significantly so they're part of the background (but then there's needs to be a clear spot where the snake goes out of bounds)
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  8. In that first screenshot, on the big island on the left, I can see some leaves that are hanging over the edge that you can camp on. There's one leaf block specifically that seems to be really far down, so that should be changed. I can also see a sheep, a couple of horses, and a couple of pigs which would need to be removed so as to not confuse players. In the farm area, there are a couple of water blocks which would instantly kill someone if they went in them (because of how SSM works) so that needs to be changed to blue stained glass.

    In the third screenshot, there's a bit of island on the right which is made from green stained clay instead of grass? I'm assuming that's an oversight because it looks really weird.

    In the fourth screenshot, that wooden platform with the pig on as well as the body of the green snake seem to be really low down, making it easy to camp there. I think the wooden platform should be removed as I don't see how it would be used for anything but camping. I can't see where the body of the green snakes goes as it's blocked in the screenshot (does it go under that bridge or through the island?) but I think that's fine. I also think the heads of the snakes should be made a little smaller, as one, they look a bit too chunky, and two, they create so many more hiding spots.

    That's all I can see. Overall I think it looks like a really nice map so if you're submitting it good luck! :)
    Posted Nov 9, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 9, 2019
  9. Make sure not all the islands are connect, I suggest removing some bridges and then it gets a solid thumbs up from me.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  10. Awesome job with the map so far, especially with the snake designs! I'd actually like to see one of the snakes (or an entirely new one) wrapping around one of the islands, like it's slithering up from the void. It'd create some serious camping spots though, so I don't see any way of making it work sad to say. I'm no expert in SSM so I can't offer much, but maybe remove some of the stone walls on the bridges so that it would be easier to knock other players off. Not sure if that would be an issue but just my two cents. Looks good overall!
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
  11. Heyo!

    This is an amazing map! I love the theme of it but there are is something I would suggest gets improved. I think the map looks great but the terrain isn't really smooth. It feels really blocky and not smooth. I think if you went in by hand it would look a lot better and smoother.

    Otherwise the map looks pretty good!

    Posted Nov 13, 2019
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