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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JYTG, Jun 30, 2019.


Do you enjoy Summer?

  1. Yep. It's exciting.

  2. Nope. Too boring.

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  1. Hey there!

    I'm just really bored right now and I have nothing else to do (as I've said in my other Off-Topic posts).

    But, here's my question: What do you do during Summer besides playing Minecraft?

    What I do during Summer besides playing Minecraft is several things.
    These things include:

    - Going to the Gym
    / Going to the gym is really enjoyable, especially with friends. You can get a great workout in and have some time to spend with your friends before/during/after your session.
    - Spending time with Family / Spending time with family is great. These are loved ones we're talking about, the people who are there for you at dark times. With spending time with family, you can create unbreakable bonds with them because you're spending time with them.
    - Hanging out with Friends / Hanging out with friends is a huge factor in the Summer for me. If I never hung out with anybody, my Summer would be absolutely boring.
    - Cleaning the House / Cleaning the house helps me a lot during Summer if I'm bored. It gives me something to do besides laying in bed all day or playing Minecraft all day.
    - Watching Movies / Movies are great. I watch movies at home and at the movie theater (with friends, always). It really passes by time and if it's a good movie, you'll be interested in it.
    - Taking brisk walks outside / Brisk walks are amazing sometimes. Brisk walks allow you to think through life. You can imagine things, think of things, and clear your mind off of things. It also gives you some great cardio benefits.

    That's really all I do during Summer. My Summers are really boring sometimes. Although this year, it's been really great so far.

    Also, if you're reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day. Don't let anybody ruin it.

    Posted Jun 30, 2019
  2. Every summer for me is slightly different, I will reveal what I do in this year's:

    -Practice at the local rink: I play hockey competitively and it is important I stay in shape and maintain my skill. I am also trying out for AA in a few months so I must be in my best state.
    -Attending my shifts at my first ever paid job: I work one or twice a week for 3-4 hours per shift at Starbucks. This is something beneficial to put on my resume when I apply for professional fields, proving my experience at work. I also get a free drink every day:)
    -Travel: I am spending 1 week in China and 2 in Thailand to temporarily reunite with the rest of my family.
    -Practice guitar: This is my favourite instrument and I have always gotten good grades in music class. I wish to keep polishing my crafts and learn some new songs on it this summer.
    -YouTube: I do not upload very often (about once a month) on my YouTube channel but I will be posting 3-5 videos this summer.
    -Reading: My preferred genre of books is documentaries, generally anything non-fiction. Fiction books may be good for one's imagination but if you really want to upgrade your knowledge on anything, non-fiction books are the way to go.
    -Driver's Ed: I have already turned 16 this year, which makes me old enough to learn how to drive. Hopefully I am good enough to drive myself to school by the end of the lessons.
    -Hang out with friends: I have a lot of good buddies from school and I wish to stay in contact and keep the connection among us.
    -Work out: Generally, everyone should be exercising on a daily basis. I mainly just do strength workouts (lifting weights, push-ups, holding squats, etc).

    We do not have a lot in common apart from those that everyone should do as routines:(
    Posted Jun 30, 2019
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  3. I don’t have to wake up for school, and I can grind all I want :)
    --- Post updated ---
    I already do karate lessons and frequent bike rides so exercising is crossed off my list
    Posted Jun 30, 2019
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  4. Interesting! A few things that I'm currently doing this summer will be below. I'm interested in seeing what others do and how those compare and contrast to what I'm doing/have done this summer.

    Going to the gym: As the OP said, going to the gym is a good one. During the school year, I had sports which made it difficult to go to the gym after school, so I just didn't. Now that summer has rolled around, I don't do a fall sport in which I have to do summer training for, meaning I can go to the gym as much as I want. I plan to go far more often, as I have a lot of free time now that school is over.

    Cooking whenever I want: Now that I don't have homework and projects that need to be done, I can cook a lot more. I find cooking enjoyable and it helps me relax at times. I also like to cook fairly healthy meals, so it's fun to cook and not feel bad about why I'm eating.

    Playing with friends: A lot of my friends play on Xbox, so it has been fun to talk and play with them as much as I can on Xbox throughout the last few weeks. We usually play Rainbow Six Siege, which is fun as there is a pretty large group of us that consistently plays.

    Minecraft: Yeah, I had to make this one of the options. I've gotten a lot more time to stay active, do appeals, etc. It's awesome, as I don't think I've ever been as active as I am now, and that's truly a really wonderful thought to have.
    Posted Jun 30, 2019
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  5. I have several plans for this summer because I'm going to be off this week. Since I don't have anything to do for this week, here's the list what I have.

    Going to the gym: Just like what an OP and Doctar said above. I'm focusing on increasing my strength, reduce stress, and to stay healthy. Sometimes, I'd prefer to do weight lifting and treadmill. The gym is a good choice because you'll feel motivated when you do exercise.

    Reading the books: Of course, I love to read books. It'll help me to improve English strengths because I want to become better at it. I love to read The Warriors series, and it's excellent! My goal is to read many book series as much as I can. The Warriors will still always be my favorite novel to read.

    Playing Minecraft/Mineplex: That's the only option I need to do for this summer. I'm a Sr. Mod, Forum Ninja with 4 sub-teams. My goal is to be more active in the community. I love to talk to my friends in-game/forums/Discord; I love to play Minecraft all the time. Maybe minigames will help me to increase my in-game activity.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  6. The only thing I do during the summer, is Minecraft. I am Minecraft.

    Have a good day!
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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  7. Usually with my summer time, I try to:

    -Work out more.
    -Be more active on forums/in-game.
    -Hangout with friends.
    -Hike with family. (I live in Colorado.)
    -Get my sleep schedule back. (I lost all of my sleep during school. Darn hormework..)
    -Eat more. (I'm hungry. All the time.)
    -And eventually more stuff as I progress through summer.

    Then, as soon as you know it, pow. School is back and I loose all of the above.
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
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