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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mr.Cardyceps, Aug 14, 2022.


Did you feel like I was showing off?

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  1. Hello everyone, be you a guy, a gal or a non binary pal.
    I am kinda a returning forumer?
    I haven't logged in for quite a while. Many things have happened and a lot of water has flowed away. My English is pretty rusty so pardon me for my lack of grammar and common reason or sense in my sentences.
    On this thread I'd like to discuss the achievements or other things that you have done during this summer, perhaps you have some interesting stories to share?

    I'll start.
    1)Perhaps the most memorable part for me was that I failed my Business and I.C.T. tests & now I have to retake the exams for these two subjects

    2)I learned to drive a car. I haven't received my license yet because I'm not old enough to have them. The way it works in my country is that you can take lessons (both: practical & theoretical) at the age of 16, but you can only attempt exams if you are 17, if you do so, then you'll get your license, but only when you'll become 18.

    3)I caught my first pike. For those who don't know, pike is a pretty ancient carnivorous species of wish that is a very big part of slav culture. The story goes like this, I went trolling (a type of fishing) with a few friends. This was in the part of Russia called Vologda. Anyway, this wasn't my first time going trolling, however, I was usually catching either zander or nothing & while zanders can grow very big, most zanders that I'd usually catch were too small to be legally caught (there is a restriction on what size the fish should have to be taken, in other words, you have to release small ones). The thing with pikes is that they are stronger than regular zanders, you also need someone to hold a special scoop-net when the fish gets close or you'll end up braking the rod. Another issue is that you have to be pulling the fish with the fishing rod in a fast, yet constant way or it might pull off what we call "candle", in other words, the fish will jump out of water and spit out the wobbler.
    Last but not least, even when you finally catch this fish the game is not over yet. You have to be careful or you'll end up getting a nasty bite that will result in you having a scar. The good news is that the pike is not strong enough to bite off a finger or pull off anything like this. Moreover, this fish can survive for hours without water so do yourself a favor of being careful if you ever are to encounter a similar fish.

    Anyway, I've finished my part, I'm interested in what things you folks have achieved in this summer.
    Posted Aug 14, 2022
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  2. Don’t wanna say you can’t say what you did this summer but it’s just making me sad
    Posted Aug 14, 2022

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