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Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by moon_swifter, Dec 5, 2019.


pineapple on pizza yae or nae?

  1. yae

  2. nae

  1. Suggestions

    Obsidian is to cheap, I think the price should be raised to 12 emeralds and either higher numbers of haste should be attainable or add efficiency. As it currently is once a team gets obsidian the game will almost always go to cake rot this is especially true for when you solo queue as you cant do co-ordinated rushes.

    bows are frustrating, in cake wars bridges tend to be 1 wide this leaves no room to dodge arrows going across a bridge and means that if they hit you from the side you're automatically dead. I think we can all agree that archery doesn't take much skill and the fact that even in full diamond armour you can get one shot going across most bridges is simply op. The counter argument to this is normally "its not a big problem cuz not many people do it and most archers I face are bad" but it is still a flaw in the game and when a good player does stoop to that level it makes games incredibly boring. My solution is full removing bow's which i know doesn't sit well with many so I think its best to meet midway and increase price of bows (20 ems) and nerf archer kit (idek how but pls).

    I can predict whether I am going to win or not just by what colour team I am in,party's automatically get placed into teams with these priority's - red<blue<yellow<green, this leads to red winning 80% of all games. Now a large aspect of the game (when not in a party) is strategically queuing into the best possible team by observing if there is any full party's, guess wrong and queue for a colour that already has a full party in it and you get put in green leaving you with the lowest winning chance.

    add more achievements for cake wars as personally they were kinda easy apart from ones that require a carry (floor is lava) but even that just required finding a party

    lastly I wanted to share my input on frosting as a solid 50% of forums seems to be about it. Firstly you should remember the skill of a frosting user is on average a lot higher than that of any other kit which may lead you to falsely blame losing to them on the kit alone. Secondly its worth remembering there is more to the game than just PvP, just because its the best kit for PvP doesn't make it automatically the best kit in the game. Lastly keep in mind that all of the kits minus warrior (pls buff) are objectively op at each of there respected fields and that the kit that gains you the most versatility is builder being both 2nd best kit for PvP (suffocation is annoying) , and the best kit for rushing and traversing the map. currently I think that frosting is slightly better than builder which makes sense as you need to work to get it, personally if they remove slowness I think builder is going to become the hugely unbalanced kit(and yes I am going to abuse it) and there will be no incentive to do the achievements
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  2. Hello~~~

    As someone who plays cake wars I get what you're saying. I personally agree and disagree in some of these suggestions.

    1: It never bothered me that obsidian is only 8 emeralds, but I wouldn't care if they added 4 extra emeralds to obsidian. I don't agree about the haste/efficiency part. I think haste 2 is just fine for breaking obsidian, and it doesn't take that long. You just need to have a good strategy when going against a team with obsidian (I suggest finding a party).

    2: I personally use bows to knock people off far away. I don't think bowing isn't the hardest thing to learn, but it does take some skill (especially when the person is 50+blocks away). I don't use Archer kit, I usually just buy a bow in the later games when I have no use for my bricks anymore. I don't think the price should be buffed to 20 emeralds. As the bow doesn't do that much damage when you're full diamond, that the arrows are a little expensive, and that there are many counters to prevent getting shot off. 1: Get platforms and make your bridge more wide. 2: In later games you're probably going to have pearls since they are quite important to have. I suggest holding out your pearl and running on that small bridge ready to land it on land (in case of getting shot). I don't use the Archer kit so idk how it works early rounds, so i don't really care if it gets nerfed.

    3: I'm not 100% sure how the queueing works so take this with a grain of salt. I'm pretty sure parties get automatically on red team. As you didn't give any suggestions on number 3, and instead just ranted about it I won't put much into this one. I think the best way to win is to get a party and a strategy, since cake wars is a strategy game. Even if they randomized what island the party goes on (for example blue). It won't change the outcome as all islands are the same except with a few blocks that are replaced w different colors to signify what island you're on.

    4: I think there are a good amount of achievements. I like the amount of achievements in the game, and I don't think it should change. I wouldn't really care if they did add more achievements, but in general I think it's best to have it at this much. It's not overwhelming imo, and I think adding more might make it overwhelming for players to have to do more.

    5: Frosting is an achievement kit so it's gonna be good. I don't think it's overpowered. Frosting can not take 2v1 that well. It's mainly for one on one combat. Cake Wars is not one on one, it's teams. I don't personally use frosting, but I dont mind it.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and I hope my feedback helped.
    Posted Dec 5, 2019
  3. The game is supposed to be a team game, not a solo game. It's going to be a lot harder if you solo queue and that should be obvious... You're queuing into a game that fits 4 players on a team by yourself.

    Archer kit is probably the worst kit in the game right now in terms of how "OP" it is. A few minor buffs are planned in the game insights thread that was publicly announced here:
    It's not hard to dodge an arrow, if you think about it arrows can't aim towards you after they've been shot, if you jump out of the way or don't run into the line that it's shooting in, it won't shoot you... I disagree with increasing the price of bows, 20 emeralds for a bow is just absurd. 12 bricks for it is way too much already.

    So if you see a party that you don't think you have a chance of beating, leave the game and join another one, if you don't then you know you're going to have more of a challenge as they have more players than you. Again, it's a team game and you're queuing into it alone, you're going to run into teams.

    Already planned in the thread that I gave above.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  4. 1. I'd personally say that obsidian is fine. Teams who spend emeralds on obsidian are also not spending them on gear that would allow them to actually be able to defend themselves in a fight. Haste and a diamond pickaxe generally mines a block within 15ish seconds. Also, Polly the Sheeps have a 37% chance to instantly break obsidian, so using those strategically (more often than not hitting them off of a high place and having them blow up before the defending team has a chance to kill). Your argument that it's difficult for a solo player to compete also doesn't necessarily work in this instance since Cakewars is a team game, and balancing it around how a solo player would have to deal with things would throw it off significantly.

    2. Bows are generally extremely hard to come by in Cakewars. Not only do you have to pay 12 bricks just to purchase a bow (even as an Archer upon every respawn), 3 arrows cost 12 bricks, which for very early on in the game, is a huge waste of bricks. You also mentioned that a really good player using a bow would be unbeatable, but balancing a game around the capabilities of a good player over those of an average player will make it nearly unplayable for anyone who isn't above-average with one.

    3. Like I mentioned before, Cakewars is meant to be played in parties; knowing which teams will end up winning just by looking at their color (if read is actually prioritized for party placements, that's something we can't for sure confirm), then I'd say that's an advantage on your end since you have more time to formulate a strategy to take them on.

    4. More achievements in any game is always a plus! In the GI Cakewars Document, we have three proposed ones that could be added:
    - Add “You, You, and You Die!” achievement; get three kills with no more than five seconds in-between.”
    - Add “Stop Punching Me” achievement; get 5 total kills with your fist.
    - Add “No Need” achievement; win a game without having your team place any blocks within 7 blocks of your cake.

    5. Like you said, each kit is overpowered in their own respective areas of the game, including Warrior; it's by far your best option to take out a team of players by yourself since Frosting generally can only help you out in a 1v1 situation. I do agree with your reasons for why Frosting is/isn't good, but in its current state, it has to change. Removing the slowness from the snowballs completely will be extremely beneficial to the overall balance of the game. It would still be the only way to effectively engage combos on other players without needing to quickshoot with a bow, which is generally hard to do and very unreliable anyways. The players who get to the point of wanting to use Frosting solely for the fact that it's good for engaging combos will not just leave the kit and go to Builder if the slowness gets removed. Like you said, the players who get Frosting are generally well above average anyways, and odds are they aren't solely using the kit because of its slowness (plus snowballs in other games don't give slowness anyways, and their ability to allow players to more easily engage combos [which is amplified in Cakewars due to the knockback] is still nearly as enticing as a normal fishing rod.

    As for your argument that Frosting players would start going Builder, I beg to differ. Builder is primarily used by a large majority of its users to simply traverse the map faster and more safe near the beginning of the game (it becomes more and more obsolete as time goes on considering the item it receives as a passive will be easily purchasable by powerful generators). You're thinking of the extremely good players, the ones who are able to suffocate players with ease and trap them. This is not only generally less effective than using snowballs to kill someone, but it's also exponentially more difficult to pull off. A lot of people use Frosting right now because it's so easy to use for such a game-breaking effect, but even if those players went to Builder after a Frosting nerf, the skill gap of the kit is unrivaled by any other in the game, and the amount of effort players would need to put in to get extremely good at it would generally be seen as not worthwhile since, like I said, Frosting will still remain the most viable kit to use in 1v1 situations. Plus, like I also said, Builder becomes redundant as the game goes on considering its only super useful ability, gaining platforms as a passive, becomes easy to do for any kit once the game reaches a certain point, but Frosting would retain its viability throughout the entire duration of the game.

    TL;DR, Frosting needs a slowness nerf, a nerf wouldn't kill the kit, and players would not migrate to Builder and become gods nearly as easily as those same players using Frosting now are.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
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  5. this frosting debate perfectly highlights mineplex's problem with prioritising noob's. As mineplex caters to noob's -snip- gradually caters more and more to competitive/good players. mineplex's numbers go down, -snip- goes up.

    mineplex offers hardly anything for good players as it is (this also goes back to why i solo q, having to 1v4 partys is the only challenge even cakewars one of the more competitive gamemodes really offers for better players) currently as it is mineplex simply has nothing for good players to strive for.

    also cakewars kb doesnt make it easier to start combos as u know the kb depends on how much damage u deal hint:(snowballs dont do much damage)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 14, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 14, 2019
  6. The only change that is planned for frosting is to remove the slowness, which is a completely justified change and is one that most of the Game Insights team, even the competitive players, actually agreed to before they put it on the document of plans. The idea that Mineplex has a problem with prioritizing new players is flawed, if a player is actually good at the game, they will be able to continue using the kit in the same way that they were, regardless of the nerf. Competitive players don't use frosting for the slowness, they use it to create a combo as if it were a fishing rod and, without slowness, this would be exactly the same.

    The idea that Mineplex offers nothing for good players is also flawed, no server appeals to only one community, they try to appeal to all different types, including those that aren't solely based on PvP, Building, etc (Depending on what the game is about). It's going to be a lot easier for competitive players to win games if they're in a party of 4 players, all of which are experienced at the game and are going up against players that aren't as experienced or are playing alone

    If you want a challenge, there is a community of competitive players called the Cake Wars Competitive League where teams are formed to go against each other in competitive scrimmages and only one team can come out on top. If a team does not have good communications and strategies, they will not stand a chance at winning the game.

    Cake Wars as a game, outside of the competitive league, will likely always be a game that focuses on making sure that each player has the best chance they can possibly get, which means it is unlikely that it will ever appeal to only the competitive community, and appealing to new and inexperienced players will always be part of the discussions.
    Posted Dec 14, 2019
  7. https://prnt.sc/qaydem

    i mean maybe my eyes are wrong and i only went back the last 2 pages. Also kb depends on damage, snowballs do almost no kb especially as the game goes on and people get gear it will literally not make a difference (all coming from a SG pvp main)

    Also idk what "competitive" players you talking to cause i can tell you by far the majority want to keep it the same

    and waiting a month to get 1 competitive game doesn't appeal to me, funny sidenote there are 2 things banned in cwcl being obi(as i said op) and suffocating (weird huh diffrent kit)

    also remind me what there is for competitive players to strive for on mineplex think u forgot to idk have 1 example
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 14, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 14, 2019
  8. Yes, a poll that shows that players don't want the kit removed is a good way to show that the kit is not in need of a change or something to make the kit less overpowered. Yes, it is true, not many players want the kit to be removed because they believe that it fits the game well. However, a lot of these players do think that the kit is overpowered and needs some changes drastically to make it less overpowered.

    Also, I never said anything in my previous post about the knockback since the topic itself is one of the most controversial topics in the entirety of the Mineplex community. I don't want to be the person that publicly announces my opinion, I'll post and give my opinion in the place that it could actually make a change and that is the game insights discord, where you are able to directly give feedback to the people that manage the game.

    Coming from someone that's played Skywars and Cake Wars as a main game for pretty much the last two years, I disagree with you on the idea that frosting isn't overpowered with the state that it is currently in. I completely agree with the ideas put forward and being pushed for the next update, being that frosting will have the slowness removed and then not be touched unless other issues come up.

    And the 'competitive' players, including myself, that have been involved in these discussions are ones that play this game on a competitive level outside of the public community, those that go that little step further to up the amount of competitiveness in this game. A lot of these players believe that the frosting kit does not need the slowness, and the slowness just makes the kit that much harder to counter.

    Another thing that you got wrong in your reply here is that you think that there is a month between getting competitive games in the Cake Wars Competitive League. With the current system that is being used within the league, required games (games decided by management) are released every two weeks, with a challenge week in between to give teams the chance to challenge other teams to games and make sure they can climb to the top.

    The reason obsidian is banned isn't because it's overpowered, I can guarantee you that a majority of the players that play this game competitively in the first place would be able to counter the obsidian and still win the game in a short amount of time. The reason that we don't allow obsidian is because we don't want all games to constantly have the possibility of going to cake rot. If you can't use obsidian, your cake is easier to access, thus meaning you need to protect it better and make sure you have your eyes on it at all times. You won't be able to successfully win in these games unless your team has good coordination and a defense that matches your offensive power.

    As for the incentive that the competitive players have to play, I've given you one example, and that is that they are able to compete in these competitive leagues that are offered and run by the competitive community itself, but alongside that, most competitive players try to get as many wins as they can and get into a leaderboard position for the game that they play the most. As I said in my previous reply, Mineplex has always been and will always be a server that prioritizes making sure that everyone has fun, they don't just want to appeal to one community and that's not a bad thing.
    Posted Dec 15, 2019
  9. ignores second pole*
    ignores that in first pole it was also asking if you think its balanced*

    if you cant discuss mineplex's kb then you also cant discuss combos as they rely on kb and you also cant discuss what will and wont be balanced for frosting.

    i was in a party of people grinding to frosting yesterday and when i told them that slowness is getting taking away they've now stopped grinding for it. I was also talking to some people ik with frosting and there changing to builder once the change happens. Just the signs of a good achievement kit isn't it

    also if obi is the game changer that can effect whether it goes to cake rot even with competitive players then yes it is op.

    can we talk about patching suffocation then cause i can 100000% guarantee that most players hate it (u kinda glanced over it cuz im guessing ur a builder main)

    I asked what competitive players can strive for not what they can do so cwcl doesn't really fit . And yes you can try to get on the leader board if you want to spend hundreds of hours for no reward most dont find the idea appealing tho. theres no reward for being good or playing alot on mineplex except ironically achievement kits
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 15, 2019
  10. I didn't read all comments so I will pretend that I am the first to answer. First of all I hate Hawaiian pizza and second is that kits in Sky wars must be changed, I mean ice kit is actually the best right now. It allows you so survive if you felt out of the world, you can get tho the island with chests first and you can use it to attack your enemies.
    Posted Dec 15, 2019
  11. Just because I didn't address the second poll doesn't mean I ignored it, and regardless of whether that first poll asked if it was balanced, the question was whether people would want the kit removed, which not a lot of people do. The fact that you're only giving threads that are against the idea of nerfing or changing the frosting kit makes me believe that you're a heavy believer that frosting isn't overpowered and people on the server are going slightly mad. I myself, as a person that's played all 4 kits in this game, agree with those that say that it is overpowered. There are very few ways to counter frosting, compared to other kits where they are hundreds of ways to counter it.

    If people are being demotivated to grind for a kit because it's getting a long-awaited nerf, that's their own problem. The fact that people are going to stop grinding for it because of the slowness being removed just proves the point that it is overpowered... If one single nerf to the kit, which isn't even much of a difference because the frosting kit isn't being changed in any other way, it will still deal the same knockback and be a good way to start combos, just without the slowness.

    I never said Obsidian is a game-changer. If you read what I said properly, you would've realized that I said the reason that we disallow obsidian in the CWCL is to avoid giving games the slightest possibility of having that stalling possibility that competitive players are so good at doing in public games. If you haven't noticed, one of the main, and possibly the only reason, that competitive players will get obsidian in public games is if they're against someone that poses a threat to them, otherwise, they don't bother. These players are still able to end games within 10 minutes regardless of whether teams get obsidian. A question many people ask is how do these people do this? Well the answer, they have good coordination and know ways to easily beat the obsidian strategy.

    Patching something that's a deliberate part of the game is never going to happen, suffocation is something that is part of the game and has already been turned down to be changed multiple times, even against the number of people that complain about it. It's considered a strategy and is something that, in a way that makes a difference, can be quite hard to pull off in certain scenarios. You are correct, I do play builder mainly as that's the kit that I play competitively and the one that I'm best at, however, not even I like suffocation. However, I do respect that sometimes players need actual skill to pull off suffocation. If people can see suffocations coming (which is quite easy, since it's obvious) then it's easy to avoid, it's just the fact that people run into the line of fire that makes the strategy so powerful.

    Something you probably wouldn't expect, regardless of the fact that I'm a builder main, I've been part of the main opposition of suffocation, being one of the main people in the Game Insights discord that was arguing to have the idea of suffocation removed, but specifically on Cake. The argument has been lost countless times and there's nothing that we can say or do that hasn't already been proven wrong or made invalid. I can see where those people are coming from, and I've given up trying to get it removed because I've realized it's not going to change, the number of people that have valid points for the strategy is a lot bigger that have valid points against the topic.

    As for the final point, you want a prize for being active at the game? As of right now, I've never been and don't believe I will be for the idea of adding prizes in games for those that play the game more than others. Although, yes this would give players that extra motivation to tryhard the game and get to the top, but that shouldn't be why players play the game. People should be playing the game because they find it fun, not just because they want a prize. There are very few prizes that Mineplex would be able to offer for being active in these games. There are prizes for being active daily, that being daily rewards, your reward will gradually increase for each day that you collect it. If you are active enough, you will get Level 100, which has rewards itself, in the sense that it gets quite a lot of cosmetics, including every single one of the level colours. If you're not having fun playing the game, and the only reason you want to play it is to get some sort of reward, I would suggest finding something else to play that you enjoy and have fun playing.
    Posted Dec 16, 2019
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    the amount of contradictions you make genuinely by mistake is actually quite impressive, But it is easily done.

    i didn't pick the poles that most agree with my point as i said i picked the polls within the first 2 pages which is all i could be bothered to look at(check the polls yourself if you think i just took bias ones). many people also are surprised at the support for frosting as the louder people tend to be the ones complaining/whining so they're what you see more off.

    This was possibly your dumbest paragraph you've wrote . If player get demotivated to play the game it isn't negative? thats there own problem? so player satisfaction doesn't matter? but let me guess yours does. The fact that players want the kit proves its overpower'd? but do you not want builder kit? different kits suit different people if your not a big pvp'er there would be alot of people grinding for builder(say it was an achievement kit) so its op and should be nerfed?many people also get frosing as it currently is and prefer builder so its op and should be nerfed? but wait that's YOUR kit oh no no no that cant happen cause YOUR satisfaction matters. not much of a diffrence(i shouldnt have to tell you how big of a effect slowness has as your one of the people who whine about it). Ive already said mineplex's kb really takes away from the validity of using normal snowballs (have you ever played frosting? if you think this and genuanly understand pvp mechanics jeeeez) especially when you only have max 3 and it takes seconds (in terms of a game a long time) to regenerate. honestly i dont have to make a argument for this point if you know pvp you know pvp and if you dont, u dont just dont act like you do though*passive aggressive hint.Not a single point in this paragraph is remotely right but ill give you a participation award.

    I dont think your understanding what im saying with obi and im not sure if its worth trying to explain it to you. Most people dont play in competitive teams and obi takes away alot of skill in actually defending a cake (this is probably a bigger reason for not allowing it in a competitive game) and in a non competitive team where you cant rely on your teammates its a big pain, anything that takes skill out of the game People will find annoying kinda is the main argument against frosting aswell although i dont agree.

    on suffocation if you agree with me why are you trying to argue the point. I already know that it isnt going to change but it was a useful thing to bring up as it is something op in another kit. And something that there is no arguing truly takes skill out of the game. Its also not always so easily avoided especially for other kits as we cant juts platform around on bridges. avoiding getting suffocated on bridges fully relys on building which often isn't a valid option a lot of the time as you can get knocked of (to put in terms you might understand think in cwcl when a team is holding mid the other team normally has to wait to get there builder to get there to avoid just getting blocked (or in the case of casual possibly suffocated) as they cross there bridge if a non builder try's to build around they tend to just get knocked off. In fact this is something op about builder kit in general. the thing that builder kit is best at is avoiding pvp, A natural counter to frosting if your smart and something that truly cant be counterd by another kit.Other op things builder can do lists .instant protection of cake (the ammount of cakes that have been saved on 1 bite against me using this is acc painful) .eating cakes as you can just platform behind you to stop people from getting to you and if need be spam it .Fully avoiding the scenario where someone is waiting to knock you off at the end of a bridge(just build over) . and if your smart with it on bridges genuinely avoiding pvp as a whole. Take a constructive non bias look at the kits call it a social experiment might change your mind on some things.. To claify i dont seek for builder to be nerfed rn as frosting is more suited to me and most good players play frosting over builder anyway so it isnt getting used to its full potential as of yet. But nerfing frosting so badly gonna definitely create a bigger imbalance.

    if theirs no progression to a game it gets boring doesn't matter if you enjoy the game itself but compaired to your other points theres not much need to argue about this most of what you said was correct.
    --- Post updated ---
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 17, 2019
  12. I think waiting longer for obsidian would make the dominant team in the game more vulnerable for a longer period of time, but it's not much if they're are already controlling the game. If a weaker team gets obsidian, it only takes longer for the team that's got hold of mid and other beacons to take them out but with haste and enough armor & support, it shouldn't come with a great cost, but still opens opportunities for the team with less gear to be creative and use tricks. When two or more teams are almost equal in strength, it takes some bravery to rush and take the other team out in the early stages of the game.

    Bows are really weak on islands. They would be more useful if the opposing players had less gear, but considering the cost, they are only really used in midgame and later. On bridges, it's normal that you'd have to be more careful, and that is how those who can remain calm when defending themselves and shoot the chasing player off the bridge are rewarded in this game. If anything, you could use the good old reciprocation strategy and shoot the opposing player as well, or build platforms several blocks above if you have Builder.

    I believe Cake Wars has the largest amount of achievements (could be NANO though, but they're close), so it can be a longer grind until all achievements are unlocked with the achievement kit. Personally I believe Frosting is somewhat overpowered because it essentially disables your defence strategies and requires you to recover quickly and fight back, and I believe the snowballs can be used to throw people off bridges, so I would say that a nerf wouldn't be too unjustified.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt though as I've only recently started playing this game more often, but I'm glad to see constructive feedback offered on the topic.
    Posted Dec 17, 2019
  13. That's quite funny... If I made multiple contradictions in my responses, I can't dream of how many you made in the ones you've posted. Just because my opinion is against the one of yours, doesn't mean I'm wrong. I'd go through and point out every single contradiction or error in every single one of your responses, but that would require me to actually take the time to read the entirety of your responses, which I do not care to do.

    Many people tend to be surprised at the support for frosting because the people that support the kit itself haven't yet realized that it's overpowered to the point that it's game-changing, and also haven't been part of the main discussions in the Game Insights discord where the main points have been made. I won't bother to quote any of the points made in the game insights discord as that's something I'd prefer to stay in that discord, if people want to argue the points being invalid, they can do it in the discord. If you want an invite pm @rqil, but don't come in and call everyone's opinion irrelevant and wrong just because it doesn't agree with yours.

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, I appreciate that you are able to respond to someone's opinion in a way that isn't intended to make the person feel like they're wrong and that their opinion is wrong and they shouldn't state it. I don't think I once said that player satisfaction doesn't matter, I don't think players wanting the kit proves that it's overpowered either, I simply stated my opinion and that's dumb? I don't care if my overall satisfaction with the game is poor, I'll continue to play it regardless of whether they nerf the kits or not. I'm not going to sit here and complain and call the people that have opinions dumb.

    I, honestly, could care less if Builder kit were to get a nerf, I wouldn't necessarily disagree with it just because of how good the kit itself is when you know how to play it well. I think you're misunderstanding here, I'm not saying that frosting deserves a nerf because it's an achievement kit, I'm saying the kit needs a change because it makes a big effect to the overall balance of the game, the kit gives any player an advantage over any other player in the game, regardless of what kit they're playing. I don't care if the kit that I play most gets nerfed, I'll suck it up and realize that the people that create the game and make sure it's balanced decided that it wasn't balanced and that it needed a change.

    Acting as if I don't know the game mechanics on Mineplex when I've played the game a lot longer than you have, I've been staff on the server, and I've even been involved in the main discussions on nerfs and gameplay changes with the game. You may believe that the knockback on Mineplex completes nullifies the effect of regular snowballs, but that's your opinion. If the snowballs get nullified by Mineplex KB, what makes the kit so good right now? Oh wait, it's the fact that the snowballs aren't nullified and they're one of the best things in the game for creating combos!

    The amount of time it takes to regenerate is irrelevant, it takes roughly the same time for a builder to regenerate one of their platforms. I wouldn't go around saying that points that I make are wrong when the ones you're giving aren't anywhere near correct either. Make sure you have facts if you want to call me wrong. Yes, I've played frosting, I've played basically every kit in the game enough to know what the mechanics and benefits of each kit are, I don't need to be given a lecture on something that I already know about, especially when the information you're trying to give me is wrong. You may think that the majority opinion is that the kit isn't overpowered just because of what's said on 2 threads on the forums, just to let you know, there's more people in the Game Insights discord, that think the kit isn't overpowered, that agree with the change that it's getting than the ones that don't. The majority of people agree with the opinion, make sure you're able to get the facts before you go around spitting rude comments indirectly towards players

    Okay, so my understanding of obsidian is just as bad as yours, you're trying to make the change to the game as if it's made for solo players. I've said multiple times, the game isn't designed to be played alone, it's designed to be played with a party of 4 players. If you play alone, it's obviously going to be harder to rely on your teammates to help you, since you will have extremely poor communication with them. If you're in a party, you usually have good chemistry and communication with players. I disagree with the point that obsidian takes out the skill of defending, even if you have obsidian, you're still required to defend against pushes from an entire team. If an entire team pushes you and one player stays back to eat the cake, your cake is basically gone, if you're unable to defend properly against the rest of the team, how are you going to stop the player that stayed back from eating your cake? That's right, you're not. I can guarantee you a team of 4 players will find it easier to push and defeat a team using obsidian than 1 player playing alone will, that's just how the game is designed to work.

    If you actually read my point, I said that I was one of the main people trying to argue to have suffocation removed, but over time moved onto the other side since I realized that what they were saying was actually viable and correct. It may be something that you consider op, but it's actually something that can be hard to pull off. As I said in the previous response, you can't get suffocated unless you run into the line of fire, if you're running towards a builder that has a platform in their hand, don't complain when you get suffocated. It is actually really easy to get to middle against a builder, without being suffocated and without placing blocks, you just need to know how to do it successfully to a point where it actually works. Unfortunately, people that don't play the game a lot won't develop these types of strategies and won't know how to do it, but if they continue to try, they will eventually realize that there is ways to get around it...

    Instant cake protection is something that anyone can do, it's not something that specific to a builder. Anyone can buy platforms from the shop, they're only 5 bricks, cheaper than an iron chestplate. You don't need to be a builder, nor know how to play the game in order to right-click the block to place down the platform and stop the player eating your cake. This is just one of the benefits of knowing how to play the game and knowing how to have a good defense whilst keeping your offense. All removing slowness will do, is stop players being slowed down by players that throw snowballs at them, there's no other change that it could possibly make. The kit will still be viable for creating combos, regardless of whether you think Mineplex KB nullifies the effect, there are so many people that disagree, and so many people that could prove you wrong.

    Yes, I can agree that games need updating constantly to remain fun, but that's not exactly possible with the lack of resources Mineplex has, you can't expect them to be able to focus on one game and be able to make every other community happy at the same time, that's just not how it works. You're welcome to think that not much that I said was correct, but I can the same to you because there was barely anything that you said that was correct either.

    Other than that, I appreciate the personal jabs towards me just because of my opinion, I appreciate that you think that everyone that disagrees with you is wrong, and I appreciate that you don't want to have a civil discussion. Rather than trying to be rude and throw personal jabs against a player because they disagree with you, try and realize that they're coming from a completely different perspective to you. You're welcome to your opinion, but don't be rude to other players because they don't agree with it, that will just make you disliked within the community, and will make you a person that people are less likely to agree with.
    Posted Dec 17, 2019
  14. bruh
    Posted Dec 17, 2019
  15. Lmao how do I get warnings on here for saying gwen is bad (it is) but people above are being toxic as hell and no warning? smh
    Posted Dec 18, 2019
  16. this is getting long and boring. we have also steered away from the main topics but we both view the game in different ways you may think that your view is the most common and who knows it might be but its not 1 sided either way, right now the frosting debate is very split yet actions are being taking (mainly by staff not even in the cw community) against it. I see this as not taking the full feedback of the community, although i appreciate there trying. One thing i wont meet you half way on is ignoring problems with the server. Everyone knows mineplex doesn't have vanilla kb and when thinking of anything pvp changing in the game i think it should be taking into account. Personally i enjoy cw kits as they split players into different play styles but it comes with the caveat that nerfing a kit is like nerfing a play style. There is no problem with the balancing in my opinion as i find good builders harder to deal with than frosting users and obviously the same happens vice versa what is making this such a big problem is that people dont have access to frosting naturally, personally i wouldnt mind if they just straight up made frosting a kit you can buy with gems, I dont think many will be complaining then and people who dont suit the pvp play style will learn that it is not "op" and alot if not most will still be builder. Or something that i would actually prefer is a buff to warrior a kit that gives no actual advantage during combat but suits people with a pvp play style right now builder is undeniably better and more versatile than warrior but if you were to make these 2 kits equal i would happily vote for a frosting nerf.

    you cant say that you know frosting would still be viable after the change cause u dont until it actually happens. But can we agree that if it isnt viable after this nerf it leaves people with a pvp play style disadvantaged.

    @mab8400 idk why tbh but if it makes u happy i have been muted like 7 times in game mainly for stupid stuff like calling someone bad (also agreed gwen is totally trash)

    @Monkqy dont bruh me :( also add me on discord i still dont have u
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 20, 2019
  17. Whenever I report someone for calling me bad,they deny my report... lmao
    Posted Dec 20, 2019
  18. It's not moving away from the thread topic, I'm just focusing out one part of the discussion and responding since you decided you wanted to respond to that part of the replies.

    To assume that the people that are pushing for actions to be taken are people that aren't even part of the CW community isn't the best. The people that agreed, and pushed for this nerf to be pushed out are all a part of the GI team for Cake Wars or are a part of the community that is in the discord and are allowed to join in with discussions. You are incorrect to assume that the only people taking action are staff members that don't play the game because the people pushing for it do play the game, more often than both of us most likely.

    You may see it as them specifically not taking your feedback or maybe a few people on the forums, which isn't true because they are constantly looking but don't always respond. As I said in my previous reply - if you want a better chance at getting your voice out there, then I'd suggest you DM rqil and get an invite to the Game Insights discord, as that's where most of the discussions happen.

    I don't believe I said anywhere in my post that Mineplex has vanilla KB, so to say that I did just proves that you didn't actually read my post properly. I'm not going to argue that Mineplex has vanilla KB because, having been part of the competitive community, I know very well that it doesn't. However, I do know that removing slowness from a projectile will not make a difference to it at all, the projectile will do exactly the same thing as it did prior to the removal of slowness, and you can't argue that's false. We aren't changing the mechanics of snowballs, or how much damage it does, we are simply removing the slowness effect that comes with it.

    There's no actual buff that's needed to warrior. It just needs to have the bugs that are currently on it fixed (No Health Regen on kill, etc) which are all already planned. The only thing making warrior worse than it should be is the bugs with the kit currently, fix those bugs and the kit is back to its original state, which makes it again, one of the best kits in the game.

    Try giving constructive criticism rather than just saying something is bad and not giving ways to fix it. The forums aren't a place for you to go around slandering the server. If you want your thoughts listened to, make it constructive.
    Posted Dec 22, 2019
  19. It looks like a “Who’s message is longer” contest, no really, guys try to write in shorter sentences, it is hard to get to the bottom of the page.
    Posted Dec 22, 2019
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