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In Discussion suggestion

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Partialism, Dec 23, 2019.


good or bad idea?

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  1. so
    i have another game idea
    (i should stop doing this my ideas suck)

    basic idea
    the idea is it's sort of like this game show we have in the uk called supermarket sweep
    so there are three teams, pink, blue and yellow (which are the teams from the actual show, idc whether or not these get changed)
    the teams each have 8 players maximum (because the limit for nano is 24)
    they have 2 minutes to get as much food as possible from chests on shelves and bring it back to the checkouts where they cash in their points
    a food item's value is the same as the amount of hunger it gives you (e.g. potato = 1, bread = 5, steak = 8), so cake is the most valuable item to get (coincidentally xD)
    so essentially it's like a combination of ores ores ores and king slime
    we could have it so that if you kill another player you get a point penalty (as you get penalties on the real show for dropping things and stuff)

    i don't really know...

    oh god
    so here are the ones i can think of:
    - bring a cake back to the checkout
    - score over 1,000 points as a team in one game
    - score more than 100 points on your own in one game
    - win while bringing only raw fruits and vegetables back to the checkouts (i say raw because jacket potatoes are worth much more than raw potatoes)
    - bring 10 loaves of bread back to the checkout in one game (achievement name: i love bread after that oprah meme lol)

    so i think this is a terrible idea :D
    what do you think?
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
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  2. Hey,

    I personally think this seems pretty interesting. A suggestion that I have is that instead of just bringing the food to a location, the players have to feed the food to hungry villagers. So the players go and collect as much food from chests as they can from the Supermarket, and then once the food collection time is done they have to go and fill up all their villagers hunger bars. This would mean that the winner is either the team that satisfies all their villagers hunger first, or in the event that no team has enough food, is the team that satisfies the most villager hunger.

    Awesome suggestion though, this does seem like it would be a fun game. Thanks!
    Posted Jan 28, 2020
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  3. Hi there!

    I like this idea! But I like the idea of what grandmaster said better, if this was going to be a nano game there wouldn't be separate achievements for the game unless it was it's own 1 achievement like ''Win 50 games'' otherwise there wouldn't be like 10 more achievements separate and exclusive to this game only. But as I said before I really enjoy how Grandmaster put it, but maybe instead of feeding hungry villagers we can feed animals, there will be a pen of a couple of animals (pig, sheep, cow etc) and if you feed those animals their food you'll get x2 points, for example (I feed a cow a potato +1, I feed a cow a piece of wheat +2) and that's how it would work for the other animals as well, then we can put cakes into the game as bonus points, their will only be a couple of cakes in the game and if you find one It can be somewhere from +5-+10 depending on how the pointing system works out. The game could last for maybe about 2-3 minutes? And for the name of it, we could name it Shopping spree or some related to a shopping spree, food rush etc. I really enjoy this idea and I'm sure a lot of other players would love to see this game come to life! Thanks for suggesting it, it's an amazing idea! +1 Thanks for hearing me out!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions
    Posted Jan 28, 2020
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  4. I really like this idea and I do think that it could work as its own game outside of Nano Games if there were a few modifications to it. My suggestion is for smaller teams around 3-4 people and more teams 7-8 teams. The team that earns the least amount of points in each round is eliminated. The final team left standing wins the game.
    Posted Jan 28, 2020
  5. Hey!

    What an idea you've posted! This sounds a lot of fun! If I would change anything, I would probably decrease the number of players for each team. 8 players on each team would be too much in my opinion. Instead of having big teams with 8 teams, we could have more teams with a smaller number of players. Other than that, it looks great!

    I like what Grandmaster suggested with feeding Villiagers. It could be more fun to get food and feed the villager rather than finding food and get points from that. Also, you said that some food has more value than other types of food, so this is an example of how I think it could be :

    Feeding the villager with :

    Apple : Gives the team 3 points

    Bread : Gives the team 5 points

    Cake : Gives the team 7 points

    Golden Apple : Gives the team 10 points.

    And the first team to reach 60 points wins? What do you guys think? It's only an example of how I could look like. I really like the main concept of this idea, and this would be more fun than the game "Big Brian" at Nano. In the game, you only feed a big slime with slimeballs, but in this game, you need to feed villagers with different types of food. I honestly love to play this game. +1!
    Posted Jan 28, 2020

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