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(Suggestion) - New Game For Halloween

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Pyratie, Oct 4, 2019.


Do you think this should be added?

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  2. No!

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  3. Maybe it needs some changes.

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  1. Hello Mineplex.
    Halloween Game for Nano Games? Yes!
    I've been playing Nano Games for a long time and decided to suggest a new game which is challenging. Let's begin!

    Nano Game:
    Rescue Operation (Currently looking for a better name, you can reply under the thread)

    Game Process:
    Basically, each player will be spawned in a different haunted darkroom with a villager telling them his baby is lost somewhere, and players will have a permanent Night Vision effect. Each player's main goal is to find the baby villager and rescue them. The baby villager is trapped inside a poisoned room, on the roof & will be able to live for 90 seconds and will not be able to live anymore. Players will spawn with Speed II, black leather armor and a bow with Power V. Once they leave the darkroom they'll have to pass 3 floors and keep going upstairs until they get to the baby villager and rescue them. Each floor is harder than the previous ones. Players will NOT be damaged by mobs and mobs will be able to jump boosts & speed every 1-5 seconds to make it harder for players to kill them. Once you kill all mobs on each floor, an iron door will automatically open and you can go to the next stage until you get to the baby villager. After passing all that, players be able to save the baby villager from dying and right-click them to carry them. Run all the way down to the villager we mentioned at the start to give him his baby back. Fastest 3 players will win the game.
    First Floor: There will be 5 baby zombies running super on the floor.
    Second Floor: There will be 3 normal slimes with a high jump effect and 1 big magma cube with a small speed effect.
    Third Floor: There will be Baby Pumpkin King with high HP and 5 witches with a super-speed effect.
    Roof: This is the easiest one, where you will find the Baby Villager and rescue them.

    (Looking for better messages, you can reply under the thread)
    Villager Message (Before Rescue): Villager Sad Voice (Villager Name): "They took my baby away from me and am afraid to get out!!"
    Villager Message (After Rescue): Villager Happy Voice (Villager Name): "I do not know how to thank you"
    Task Completion: (Player) has completed the rescue operation in x seconds.

    Extra Information:
    I will not suggest how the map will exactly be because builders are able to make it look nice if the game is accepted. But I will give extra information.
    1) Floors must be completely flat so players will not feel uncomfortable while killing the mobs.
    2) The first room should be built as a small 8x8 haunted bedroom.
    4) Players should not be able to open iron doors until they kill the mobs in each floor.
    5) Barrier blocks are needed for floors to avoid glitching through them.
    6) Baby Villager & Villager should have names, and baby villager should be able to be carried like ET creeper in Area51 Raid.

    That's everything! Please tell me your opinion about this Nano Game for Halloween, and vote above if it should be added or not. Also, If you're able to choose names for villagers and the game name, it would help me a lot.

    Thanks for reading my suggestion. ~Pyratie
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  2. Honestly I just want Halloween horror back so I can get oblivion on my alt account.
    Posted Oct 4, 2019

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