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In Discussion [Suggestion] Glide Minigame

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by pvini07BR, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Hello, i would want to have the Glide minigame, that its from the Minecraft Legacy Console Edition (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, etc.)

    I want this minigame because it was one of my favorites. And after the Legacy Edition is now abandoned or its going to be abandoned, theres not any server that has a minigame like the Glide.
    Here's how the Glide minigame works: The player has an elytra, and you fly with it, and there needs to be 10 players to play. When a player hits the walls or the ground, the player dies instantely, and return to a checkpoint if he reached. The checkpoints are 2 beacons in a side and other in the other side. And the maps are very big. When the player reaches the finish line, he will can spectate other players.

    And also, there are 2 modes: Time Attack and the Score Attack.

    The "time attack" mode is a race against other players and the clock, so speed is the key to winning this game. While playing this type of race, there is a clock in the top right corner with a speedometer underneath, indicating how fast a player is flying (in meters per second). At the very bottom of the screen, there is an outline showing one the start and finish line, as well as how far each player is from the finish line.
    In order to save time, one can use a couple of tactics to their advantage. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts will help save time. However, one's speed will decrease if they cut turns. Shortcuts are also tight areas that save time, but they can be very difficult to safely traverse. Dying makes one loose time, so one should try to avoid hitting any obstacles or prevent themselves from plummeting to the ground.
    Once a player finishes, there will be a certain amount of time left for the other players to get to the finish line. If a player does not make it to the finish line in time, they will be labelled as DNF (did not finish) when the times of each player are used to determine the winner.

    The "score attack" mode has players competing to get as many points as possible, by flying through different colored rings. Depending on the color of the ring, a certain number of points will be awarded to a player as they fly through it. If a player dies after going through a ring and they did not go through another checkpoint, the points they had obtained will be taken away, and they will have to fly through the ring again.
    Rings can be: green, yellow, or light-blue. Light-blue rings are the smallest and will give the most amount of points. They are also the hardest to get, since they are found in high places and in very tight shortcuts. Green rings are the largest, and give the least amount of points. Green rings are the easiest to fly through, since they are so large, are usually found along the actual track, and rarely in shortcuts. Yellow rings are larger than light-blue rings, but smaller than green rings. They award a medium amount of points, and they can usually be found above green rings and in shortcuts.
    In order for a player's score to be saved, a player must cross the finish line in time. If they are unable to finish then their score for that round will not be saved.
    A player's screen in this game is very similar to the time attack game, however, there is a points counter underneath a player's time and speedometer. There is an emerald icon next to the score, and the emerald will change colors depending on the type of ring a player has gone through.
    In order to win the score attack race, a player needs to get the most points in one round. The player with the highest score after the rounds are over, is the winner. To get the most amount of points possible, it is recommended to go through as many rings as possible, without worrying about the color of the rings. For example, if a player only aims for light-blue rings, they may often die and end up losing time. There is also the risk of a player losing all of their points, because they took too long and were unable to finish.

    I would love to have this minigame added!
    Posted Oct 14, 2019
  2. Hey,

    I have Minecraft PS4 Edition and I love this mini-game. Though, I do not see Mineplex adding this game into the Java or Bedrock edition as it would be a copy of the official Minecraft Mini-game. Maybe a twist to the game would prevent it from being a direct copy but I still don't believe Mineplex would add this. The developers have a plate full and I'm sure this wouldn't be the first thing on their agenda. Though it might happen! Thanks for all the effort you put into this thread and the cool idea.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this comment, feel free to PM me and I will try to get back to you ASAP.
    Posted Oct 14, 2019

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