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Processed Statistic GUI Update Ideas

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by MARS, Jan 19, 2020.


Do you agree that these statistic updates should be thought about?

  1. Yes

  2. A lot of them, but some are unneeded

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  3. Some of them, but most are unneeded

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  4. No

  1. Introduction
    I've been thinking of ways to update the statistic GUI and make it look a lot nicer, and find ways to fix what I would consider issues with it. In this thread I'm just going to be explaining my ideas and giving my reasonings for my thoughts. This is completely my opinion and you are allowed to have a different opinion about this situation. Nonetheless here are my ideas.
    The current statistic GUI can be seen in game by typing /stats.

    Removed Games

    As of right now there are games on the statistic page that are no longer available, these games consist of Wizards, Castle Assault, Castle Siege, Bawk Bawk Battles, Skyfall, Gem hunters, and MOBA. Due to these games being unavailable for players to play these games anymore, I believe they should be moved off of the front stat page, I understand this would start issues with players who have played these games previously, so I think these games should be moved to a page like the arcade page, but for removed games. I've recently been playing new games and trying to make my stats look more balanced. These games being on the front page make it close to impossible for me to balance my front page stats. 7/19 games on the front page are unable to be played.

    Team Games
    Team games are only able to be seen once clicking the on game you want to see, SSM, SG, or SKY. Once clicking you must hover over the book, then you can see team stats. I think this is quite unfair towards players who play team games. Team games are just as much fun and just as much work as solo games. To have these stats be displayed in a place hardly noticeable unless being looked for is quite unfair. I have a lot of friends who mainly play team based games. This causes their stats to look a lot worse than someone who mainly plays solo games. My idea here would to be have a combined amount of wins on the initial stat item, So for example, if a player has 100 wins in solo survival games, and 400 wins in team survival games, it would show 500 wins on stats, when clicking on the diamond sword to open the SG stat menu, it would then show 100 solo wins, and 400 teams. this would then equal out the players who play solo, and the players who play teams, since a player with 500 solo wins would look the same as a player with 500 team wins until you look farther into it. In my opinion this would be a lot more fair for those who play team games.

    Event Games
    Event games are usually available for a short period of time, but a lot of them come and go, allowing players to rack up a lot of wins and experience from these games, recently games like Christmas Chaos and Snow Fight were available, the top players in Christmas Chaos achieving 500+ wins, and the top players in Snow fight achieving over 1000. These games are never shown on the statistic pages, anywhere.. So I believe that event games should also have a page, like the event achievement page, where it should show games like Halloween horror, Halloween Havoc, Christmas Chaos, Snow fight, BRAWL, Area51raid, Valentine vendetta, etc etc. These games are just as much of games as the permanent games on Mineplex, and therefore I think they should also be shown as such.

    Additional Stats
    Mineplex's database keeps track of A LOT of stats that are not shown on stat pages, such as win streaks, chests opened in certain games, times completing an achievement and even more. I believe some of(not all obviously) but definitely some of these stats should be shown. Personally I'd like to see how many chests I've opened in Survival games on my stats, or how many blocks I've placed in speed builders. Although these aren't exactly needed, and definitely shouldn't be seen as a priority compared to anything else I've stated so far, it would still be fun to have a lot of different stats to try for.

    I'll keep this one pretty brief.
    To end off this whole thread, I just want to point out that I understand not everyone truly cares about how their stats look, or how other peoples stats look, and that's completely fair, I don't think players should worry about how they compare to other players, or anything along those lines, but there are many players like myself who do care about how their stats look, and I enjoy grinding stats even in games that I don't particularly enjoy as much as others. So players like me will grind games like snake, just to reach those 50 wins to get that achievement, when we would rather be playing things like skywars or survival games. Grinding is just fun for some people and not for others, I just believe people who want their stats to look nice should be able to have them look nice, no matter what they play.

    -Mars :))
    Posted Jan 19, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 19, 2020
  2. All of your ideas are great, the only potential issue I see is these arnt really going to be prioritized or even necessary changes and as such they might not be added because it would be using developer time that could be spent on fixing bugs and creating new games. I do think your ideas shoild be implemented though so +1
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  3. Hey,

    1) In relation to your idea of removing games from the stats GUI that are no longer playable, I 100% agree that they should be removed. However, I do only think that they should be removed from the in-game GUI and not from the forums. Some players probably played these games a lot, and would still like for their stats to be visible, which is why I don't think they should be removed from the forums. That being said, I totally agree that there isn't really a need for them to be visible in-game, since you can't actually increase your stats in said games anymore.

    2) I also agree with your idea for changing the way stats are viewed for team games. Combining all the stats in the initial viewing of the games statistics seems a lot fairer, and ensures that players who are playing to grind stats aren't deterred from playing team games.

    3) This one I disagree with. The reason that you wanted to remove games from the stats GUI that are no longer playable is because it's unfair that it's shown when players aren't able to gain stats in them anymore. Adding statistics from event games just creates this same problem. Maybe if Mineplex wanted to be really proactive they could add statistics during event games whilst the event is ongoing, but I don't see the point in adding event stats when the game isn't actively playable on the server.

    4) I do think it would be cool to be able to see additional statistics that Mineplex has kept track of that aren't shown in the GUI. However, I think implementing this might take a little bit of work, and I'm not sure it's the best thing for Mineplex to be spending it's developer time on. I personally think the other ideas would really help improve the functionality of the statistics GUI, but this one would just display additional stats for no real other reason than the players curiosity.

    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  4. To start things off I 100% agree that there needs to be a remake of the /stats gui. I got level 100 back in early 2017 and I kinda ran out of things to do so I went for all achievements. Before I could complete all achievements I had quit minecraft and two years later redownloaded to not being able to get all the old achievements they added to old games that were removed. I currently have all the achievable stats and it bothers me that there is still red in my GUI. I would love a removed game section to be included similar to the mixed arcade section. Another game that would be moved into this section is Ultra Hardcore (UHC), which has a faulty statistic under the speed UHC that I would love to be removed. This stat called "Fine dining" only 12 people got in regular UHC but nobody managed to get it in speed uhc. Because it would be literally impossible to obtain everything in the time frame speed UHC allowed. Whoever made this achievement clearly did not play UHC once in their life and it should have never been implemented in speed uhc. Finally, I like the idea of "unhiding" the team wins but I think instead of combining the total, it should be displayed similar to block hunt hider/hunter wins where it would say Solo wins: and Team wins:. If it were to combine the total it would for example mess up the win records for the games and that would be unfair because they are in fact two seperate game modes.
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  5. Hey there!

    I really like your idea about the GUI. With that being said, it is a +1 from me.

    Thank you and have a good day!
    Posted Jan 19, 2020
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  6. An update to the stats menu has already been approved by production and so should be implemented at some point (though it's low priority).

    Moving the removed games into their separate menu has already been approved. Having a tab for event games also makes sense.

    I agree that team games should be more easily viewed. I think your idea of combining the stats could work, although another idea I have is to just display them both when you hover over the game's icon, the same way it works for Block Hunt hider and hunter wins.

    I like the idea of being able to see more game-specific stats, as long as they were placed on the book once you click on a game so as to not clutter up the stats menu because having many different stats all shown from the main GUI menu would be overwhelming.
    Posted Jan 20, 2020
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  7. Hello!

    Definitely, I see an idea to update stats GUI as so good. Actually, almost a year ago (on Feb 23, 2019) I made my own idea thread where explained in depth how we can update stats menu, even provided the working in-game concept and I guess you and some other people who already answered in this thread haven't seen this but you can check it here. It was liked by people who answered it, and they wished to see it be implemented.

    Mostly which you mentioned in this thread I included in my overhaul idea but one thing is not here:

    , you mentioned that it's not good to have both team and solo stats under the same item and I resolved this in my thread by separating both modes in different items on the game page (you can see it on the screenshot in the thread itself). It's obviously better to have it in different items as it will be easier to find these stats just like you said. But on the main stats page when you will hover a game item you will see the total amount of wins in this game which include both Teams & Solo.

    Secondly, about additional stats. In my thread, I tried to use all possible stats types which Mineplex collect for all games where it's possible. So, all stats types which you included are there too. And yes, I agree with you that it can be cool to see this in stats menu.

    Thirdly, I made a section for removed/discontinued games as an item on the main page in my thread. So, when you are on this page, you can hover any game item to see only stats from this game because I think we don't really need to have achievements for these games but I don't mind having similar games pages for such games too.

    Fourthly, I want to see Event Games on stats too as it really can show how much time the specific player spent in the chosen event game. It's something which I didn't mention on my thread. I will add this to my thread if you don't mind, to have like fully idea on my thread (asked forums staff, and it's allowed). I think it can be done in the same way as it's made for removed games on my thread, so we will have only stats here. If you on this page, hovering on game item it will show you all stats from this event game.

    Overall, big +1 to this thread as it was something which I suggested myself and definitely I want to see it be implemented too.

    Yes, sadly our Dev resources are so limited and this stats update won't be prioritized, but we can hope that once one of the current Dev or potentially new Devs will take this project and implement it for us. And yeah, it's better to put resources on something more important like bug fixes as currently there are a lot of bugs, I agree.
    Posted Jan 20, 2020
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  8. We're planning on updating the /stats GUI in the future but isn't the highest priority at the moment. I enjoyed looking through your ideas and including a separate page for Discontinued Games is something we've been interested in, as well as a revamp of the whole GUI in general to include Event Games and a nicer layout. Anyway, I'm going to be marking the thread as Processed but feel free to create another thread if you have any ideas. Going to leave the thread open though in case anyone has more suggestions to improve the /stats GUI.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020

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