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Star Powers! [SSM Idea]

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by OverlySalted, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hello! I am here to talk about a brand new idea that will bring something new and exciting to SSM! Introducing, Star Powers!

    What exactly are Star Powers?
    Star Power's are small buffs to a kits ability or armor. Each mob has one Star Power, and it can be achieved by getting 30 wins with each mob INDIVIDUALLY. Since this would be a new feature, everyone would start with 0/30, regardless of how many wins someone may have had with a certain mob beforehand. Furthermore, some Star Powers could also potentially be sold for a mass amount of gems as well! Star Powers can be enabled/disabled whenever the player wants, as they are not forced to play with them.

    What is the point of adding Star Powers?
    After playing SSM for a while, I can imagine it being quite boring when all the achievements are locked and there is nothing else to work for. I have always found myself enjoying a game more when I'm working towards something. Whether it used to be farming gems for a new kit, or working to accomplish the achievements, I have always had more of a drive to do well in games. SSM is no exception. To solve this, I have thought of a fun way to add new challenges for players to have fun accomplishing!

    Furthermore, adding this would help balance out the meta a bit. This being added could drive players to use kits that they haven't been using due to the Star Power being worth grinding for. After asking many players of their opinions on this idea, the biggest complaint was that it could ruin the completive play and give players an unfair advantage over others. While I understand this, Star Powers are meant to make the kit better, but not needed for a kit to still be viable. In addition, I would find Star Powers as an excellent alternative for Smash Crystals, which have been pretty disliked for quite a while now.

    Potential Star Powers: To give a better idea of what Star Powers are, I have gave a potential Star Power to each mob in the game! :3

    [SPOILED MILK] (Enemies hit by the Milk Spiral ability will be poisoned for two seconds).

    SKY SQUID [FISH TRAP] (Enemies in the radius of the Fish Flurry ability will be granted slowness 1).

    IRON GOLEM [BONES OF STEEL] (Granted full diamond armor when below 6HP, which can only be used once per life).

    SPIDER [WEB RETREAT] (Granted speed 1 for three seconds after hitting an opponent with the Spin Web ability).

    WOLF [CUB CHAOS] (The Cub Tackle ability will now summon two cubs instead of one, however, the damage is reduced by 15%).

    ZOMBIE [GOING THE DISTANCE] (The Death Grasp ability’s distance will increase by 50%).

    SKELETAL HORSE [BONE CAGE] (While using the Bone Rush ability, damage taken will be reduced by 25%).

    BLAZE [HEATWAVE] (Dealing melee damage with the Blaze kit will set opponents on fire for two seconds. This has a cooldown of 20 seconds!).

    SHEEP [SCOPED IN] (While using the Static Beam ability, time to charge the beam is reduced by 30% and damage is increased by 15%).

    VILLAGER [SONIC EMERALD] (Every time the Sonic Hurr ability is used, an emerald is thrown out that deals area damage and knockback to any opponent hit by it).

    SNOWMAN [PATH OF REGENERATION] (Standing on the Ice Path ability will grant regeneration 1. Maximum of 5 seconds).

    PIG [BIG BACON BOMB] By holding down the shift button while having all of your energy bar full, the pig will produce one massive bacon bomb. This deals 150% more damage and knockback than a normal baby bacon bomb!

    WITCH [HEALING POTION] (Using the Daze Potion ability on yourself will heal you by one
    heart automatically).

    CHICKEN [EXTRA FLAPPY] (The chicken can now flap two more times than normally)!

    MAGMA CUBE [BLINDING FLAMES] (Opponents hit by the Flame Dash ability will have blindness for two seconds)!

    SLIME [SQUISHY SLIME] (When you have 3HP or less, you can leap twice!)

    GUARDIAN [TARGET TORNADO] (Using the Target Laser ability will deal intense knockback to any opponent hit by it).

    CREEPER [ELONGATED EXPLOSIVES] (Left clicking on the Sulphur Bomb ability will charge it. Once fully charged, the Sulphur bomb’s max distance traveled will increase by 35%.)

    ENDERMAN [BLOCK BOOMERANG] If an opponent has been struck by the Block Toss ability, the block will immediately travel in the direction of the next player.

    WITHER SKELETON [ENDLESS IMAGE] (The Wither Image’s lifetime lasts 2X longer)!

    SKELETON [BONE BLASTER] (The Bone Explosion ability’s radius is now 2x as big, however, the knockback taken is reduced by 20%).

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like this idea, if so, let me know which Star Power Is your favorite! I look forward to reading you responses! <3

    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  2. Herro!

    This is very well thought out idea and I see no reason not to add this! Your suggested powers seem well balanced and thought out, none that seem particularly overpowered to me. Take that with a grain of salt though because I am very far from a hardcore SSM player. I'm excited to say how this idea goes! One of the most important things about adding an update like this is to make sure that it doesn't make people without powers easy to beat, and I think you've nailed it with balancing them to be fair and beatable.

    +1 from me!
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  3. Hello, OverlySalted!
    I personally believe your idea is phenomenal and at first I was unsure of how the idea would turn on but this looks amazing! You've obviously put so much effort and heart into this one idea for Star Powers to be implemented into the game and it is great to see!

    I have a strong desire to see this in the game after reading your detailed post about each mobs individual power, and how none of them are too overpowering to the point where it is unfair. Also, this design gives a nice incentive for users to grind using certain jobs to obtain their abilities. They are balanced and would be a perfect replacement to smash crystals in my opinion, so I agree with you on that aspect.

    Overall, seeing this stupendous idea of yours implemented into the game would be exciting and fresh for the community and could possibly restore the player base and balance that Super Smash Mobs once held. It's a +1 from me, thank you!
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  4. This seems really well thought out! I see a few issues with logistics of some, of these such as how wither image lasting 20 seconds is a little pointless when the cooldown is 13, or how a massive bone explosion makes a skeleton really hard to approach, or how BBB doesn't do knockback so maybe it would move faster, and some of them have some balancing issues in high level play (hurr shooting an emerald doesn't do anything, it's a projectile when they've been knocked back by hurr, it'll be nigh impossible to hit, or PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GIVE SPIDER SPEED 1), but if they were tuned by a professional I can see how this would be a great boon to the game!
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  5. Thank you for the kind words! I’m really glad you like this idea, and I hope something like this gets implemented soon! <3
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 12, 2019
  6. Honestly, this idea seems great. This could replace the smash crystals. These seem balanced and not overpowered (like some of the smash crystals). Overall, great idea. Keep up the good work! +1
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  7. This idea seems great, although some of the star powers might need to be balanced a bit. +1
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  8. I like the idea of giving players something to grind for again as like you said, it can give an incentive for players to keep playing and grinding the game, but personally, I don't see a need for "Star Powers". They're just slightly better versions of one ability of each mob. The only thing I can see this doing is just making every mob slightly better which wouldn't change the meta. Additionally, there are some underlying problems that need to be addressed.

    This is a problem. There are some Star Powers that only buff a move while there are other Star Powers that buff a move, but also come with draw backs. This would be problematic because some mobs would never have to disable their star powers as it only buffs their abilities, while other mobs have to think twice before using them.

    For Example

    No cow player would disable this Star Power as there's no reason to disable it, it can only benefit you.

    While Skeleton players have to think about whether they want the added radius or more knock-back, this is unfair as the Skeleton's Star Power comes with a drawback, while the cow's doesn't.

    I'm also seeing Star Powers that are drastically better than others

    For Example


    2 Chicken flaps is a minor buff compared to 150% added knock-back and damage to bacon bomb.

    The difference in strength is quite apparent, there's still a lot of balancing that needs to go into these Star Powers.


    Overall, the idea is interesting, but it looks like it's still in it's infancy stage of planning. If this were to be added with Smash Crystals, the gap in the tier-list between mobs would proliferate immensely and make the game extremely unbalanced.

    I would have gone and talked about each Star Power individually, but I feel like they first need to be thought out and balanced more. I'd recommend following the same structure for each Star Power - one benefit and one draw-back, that would solve a lot of balancing issues.

    Interesting idea, but needs more planning.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019

  9. Hi! To be quite honest, I strongly disagree with your opinion. Regarding your first point that some star powers have draw backs while others don’t, it’s because some are meant to be better than others. The Skeleton is very strong right now, so I decided to give it a very mediocre star power while giving a kit like the Snowman or Witch a stronger one. These can all be adjusted and changed when new metas appear as well. Regarding your second point with how some are generally just too weak, I also disagree. You brought up a point that the Chickens star power is weak compared to the Pigs. I fail to see this, as the Chickens main focus is staying in the air due to how weak the armor is. These extra 2 flaps can be game changing, as it can allow you to travel to one location to another without having to go back to recharge. Furthermore, I believe the Pigs star power is ironically useless against the Chicken since players can just continue to be in the air while the Pig deploys a ground unit. Overall, a huge reason I wanted to add star powers is to not unbalance the kits, but to balance them. I gave better kits mediocre star powers and underwhelming kits better ones. Like I said before, all of the stats can be changed or adjusted when the meta changes. There is so much versatility when it comes to this idea.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  10. If you would like to balance the kits, don't do it through Star Power; balance the kits themselves. Star Power is just going to unbalance the game even more. These are essentially an added passive that will affect gameplay a lot. If you think about it, at least if a person that doesn't use Smash Crystal gets it, it won't be used. But with this Star Power, you give everyone the opportunity to use them and that won't be fun.

    You shouldn't be balancing them based on how the current kits are, because the kits themselves will be balanced. Sure they can be changed, but right now with limited dev time, that would create even more work.

    Also, this makes it so that long-time players will have an even bigger advantage against newer players. The intentions are good; you want more incentives and you want to balance the game, but the execution is off.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  11. Hey, Salty!
    As many have noted, this is a high-quality post with a solid, original idea to it. I love the work put in and I'd like to give you huge props for that.
    Now, let's get to the idea behind this. "Star Powers", as you've stated, are there to spice up the game by giving players something to work towards. I assume that as you rank up by winning games, you unlock more for each kit, giving players an incentive to keep grinding SSM. I do like the base idea of having more content and something to grind for, but some of the star powers might need heavy balancing.
    I agree with what @MiladKhan | iDaimyo said in his post, where he mentions a good structure to making the powers fair, instead of shifting the meta:
    Shifting the whole meta is huge. Giving some kits indirect buffs is really hard to work out, but I understand the intent. I'd be happy with these changes if they followed the official tier list and matchups. Things like buffing C and D class kits, while adding low-value addons to kits in A and S categories.

    A total reversal of this idea is something I might actually feel happier with. Think about it; Star Powers are unlocked by winning matches - the more you get the better your kit becomes. This gives total newbies a disadvantage. Someone with 1000+ wins, unlocking insane new skills for their kit, could easily destroy a new player because of how much they've ranked up.
    What if the stronger you got as a player, the harder it got? What if you had the option to intentionally give yourself a handicap, such as a weaker ability, longer recharge times, or negative effects (poison yourself if you miss a hit or something of that sort), so as to challenge yourself and push your limits?
    Imagine a veteran player with ~3000 wins going up against players with under 100 wins in his lobby. At a default state, this matchup is likely to be won by that one player due to his experience. They will keep winning and winning against the others no matter what kits they all play because that veteran has the upper hand with their experience. They could use a Star Power (or something which has been renamed appropriately) to build a level playing field. With the game being harder for them, they gain extra shards in turn.
    Another idea could be to have a special "Star Power" win count - get a certain number of wins with star powers and unlock a new kit or particle - something that rewards you for making the game harder and incentivizes players to use them when they're not buffs.

    That said, I think this could be a good idea. As Milad said, I'd keep it to one buff and one debuff per power, regardless of the kit's rankings (for now), but they could be used to balance kits, but I wouldn't see players who choose kits like Spider or Wolf using them if that were the case, which is why I come back to Milad's argument once more and reinforce the argument for having uniform guidelines with this addition to the game.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  12. Hey there!

    I don't really play SSM. However, I think this would be a great idea to implement into the game as it adds more fun to it. All the SSM players would really be delighted. I may start playing SSM soon, as I am trying to find new game modes to try.

    Have a great rest of your day!

    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  13. requiring that you win to get this might be too hard on new players. Maybe second place finishes should count?
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  14. i love your idea +1
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
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  15. I love the concept as this would definitely provide players with an incentive to play the game and try new kits.
    However, the abilities need serious balancing if this is what’s added to the game. Also not a fan on how some give negative effects as well as positive effects, making it so there’s a reason to have it on or off (like the skeleton one) while others have no disadvantage (like the cow one) and you’d just want to keep them on constantly. I could definitely see this idea added with a few changes, though.
    Posted Jul 12, 2019
  16. The reason for there being certain Star Powers with both a buff and a draw back is to not make the power weak, but to stop it from being completely overpowered. For example, if the Skeletons Star Power was only increasing the radius of Bone Explosion 2X the amount of before without any draw backs, it would make the kit even stronger than before. To stop this, there would be a small pay to cost. Although reducing the knockback by 20% sounds like a nerf, the Star Power as a whole would still be better than without it. I decided to do this with certain kits to help find a balance. My goal while thinking of potential Star Powers for the mobs was to give the rather better kits Star Powers that weren't as good as the ones the underused mobs got. In addition, if this were to be added, any Star Power can be changed or nerfed/buffed at anytime! :)​
    Star Powers are meant to be hard to unlock and only achieved by putting effort into. Furthermore, placing in the top two in a four person game 30 times is not that difficult. That being said, I disagree with that idea.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 13, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 13, 2019
  17. I do play SSM a pretty decent amount at this point in time, and while I'm definitely not one of the more experienced players, I figured I'd throw my opinion into the ring as well.

    While I appreciate that you're attempting to balance out the game while also drawing more attention to the game by adding an incentive that sticks around even after the achievements have been hit, I don't think this will affect the gameplay in a particularly positive way for a couple of reasons.

    Balancing the Star Powers doesn't balance the kits, so there will still be issues with balance on top of the new Star Powers. I agree with @leo_thya on this point - if we're going to balance the kits, we should do it directly through the kits rather than balancing an additional "passive" thats balance is dependent upon how the kits measure up to each other in terms of power. The kits are susceptible to change which could then alter the balance of the kits, which means the Star Powers would be outdated, and would basically be another attribute of the game that would need to be continuously balanced. That's not an issue when the added part to the game is necessary for positive gameplay, but to me, the additional work and thought that would have to be used to be able to change and alter the Star Powers in accordance with changes and alterations to kit just isn't really worth it.

    Super Smash Mobs is already a very hard game to get into. There are many players who have played the game a ton and have gotten really experienced. Due to the nuances of the kits and tricks/strategies that can be employed by older players, it's difficult for newer players to get into the game already. Adding Star Powers on the basis of wins would skew the game even more in favor of older players, making it much much harder for newer players to get into the game. Say a player with 1 win is hoping to get into the game and get good. A player who already has accumulated 2000 wins pre-Star Powers would already beat that player pretty easily. With Star Powers added on top of that, I'm finding it extremely difficult to believe that a newer player would stand a chance against a player like that, or even players with fewer wins due to the additional benefits of the powers that would make the game easier. I don't think adding Star Powers would be fair to newer players, even with the win count being "reset" for gaining Star Powers. While it's hard to fix the issue of players being turned away from SSM due to a pretty intimidating rank of strong players, we shouldn't be piling onto that issue and making the game entirely unapproachable for casual players, new players, or anyone in between. I personally don't see the attraction in giving an already skilled player an unoptional advantage over other players. I don't think the game should come down to who has the most wins, but should instead come down to fair and "vanilla" (so to speak) gameplay.

    Smash Crystals are already generally unpopular as an addition to the game. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally find them unfair due to the random advantage that they give a player and the way that they pretty easily change the outcome of a game. Does it make it more fair for newer players? I would say yes in that scenario, but it also makes it easier for players who are equally matched to choose not to fight for the rest of the game and use the Smash Crystal to give themselves a massive advantage in the game. However, you can opt out of using Smash Crystals, which is what I and other players do in order to keep the normal game continue and to keep it fair. You have the option of playing a normal and fair game without any extra advantages or random benefits that Smash Crystals give. To me, adding Star Powers is like adding Smash Crystals that you really can't opt out of. While the advantages are definitely smaller, it still would change the outcome of the game, and from what I'm reading, aren't optional. There still is an advantage to the player with more wins, which ultimately makes the game less fair and fun for the player who happens to not have as much experience or skill in the game.

    While I think efforts to balance out SSM should definitely be made, and that we should be building bridges to newer and casual members of the SSM community, I don't think Star Powers is an effective method of doing this. I think the idea itself has good roots and that we as a community should be coming up with ways to balance things out (though I'm sure this has already been done), but I think the way Star Powers would affect the game, the gameplay, and the players who play the game doesn't make the addition worth it. I personally would rather see the removal of Smash Crystals altogether as opposed to an alternative, and I think sticking to normal and fair gameplay would be better for SSM as a whole (although we should think of ways to ensure newer/casual players do have more of a shot).
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  18. No. No. No. No. No.
    Do NOT give rewards to players who've played the game more. The reward is getting better at the game, or at most, cosmetics. Making players who've nolifed the game STATISTICALLY STRONGER is a terrible idea, and not a single new player will want to play the game.
    The Other Server (tm)'s version of a smash game has prestiges that give you more health, and even though it's a minimal boost, it's still dumb. If you're gonna give players something to work towards, make it cosmetic at most. These aren't even small bonuses, these are HUGE buffs to players who've played the game VS newbies who wont have access to these.

    I don't want to be rude, but I have to emphasize that anyone who thinks this is a good idea as is does not know how to balance the game or how to make it a healthy experience for new players.

    Absolutely a thumbs down from me, because I quarantee, if this were added, SSM would die shortly after due to not receiving any new players.
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
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