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Official StaffRequest Guidelines

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Toki, Sep 8, 2018.

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    These are some official rules & guidelines made for the StaffRequest community. Anyone can be in possession of this, and we hope it keeps the community more clean and simple to the goal, allowing staff to better connect to help the community!

    • Please refrain from going off-topic in our community! The sole purpose of StaffRequest is to get staff assist the community quickly and easily, off-topic chat can flood the community and confuse others! This means no off-topic chatter, the only thing that should be in this community chat is players requesting staff, players asking questions, and other players/staff helping out (where applicable) Small reminder that by not being a co-lead and asking others to stay on topic, you yourself are being off-topic.

    • Please refrain from negativity, or slandering in the community. Please do not discuss or confront people in the StaffRequest community in a negative way, this is a community for requesting staff. We don't want any negativity discussed here!

    • Please refrain from spamming or trolling in the community. Spamming is where you spam/flood the community chat. Don't do this as it confuses users and it makes the chat hard to read! Any trolling is also not allowed, this includes misleading users to believe you are staff, telling people if staff are inspecting them or confusing players in another way!

    If you break these rules, you are subject to being warned verbally, then kicked from the community. If you continue after being re-invited you risk a Ban. This is where you are not allowed into the StaffRequest community until you submit an appeal here. You will also be banned from the community if you are found to be hacking on the server while in it.

    If you have queries about any rules, kicks, or current blacklists, please contact Myself or a Co-Leader on StaffRequest.

    Thanks, we hope that StaffRequest will benefit you and make your Mineplex experience better!​
    Posted Sep 8, 2018,
    Last edited Apr 17, 2021
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