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staff appreciation thread ♡

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by anna., Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Hey!
    First of all, excuse me why is my name on here? I think you guys got the wrong guy...

    Kidding kidding, thank you for the kind words. As for me, I don't have a favorite staff member as its called a staff team for a reason. That being said, I have run into people that I've befriended over these past few weeks so thank you to those guys for taking me under their wing to show me the ropes.

    First and foremost, @Krkki You have been the one to talk to me the most and check in at random intervals. It feels like I've known you forever, when in reality I didn't even know you existed before I was promoted. Thanks for the 3/4am talks, screaming at each other to go to sleep even though both of us knew dang well we weren't going to. Here's to many more late nights of chaos with you :D

    @Sven and @RavenPaw9 I could not ask for a better duo of mentors (no offense to the other mentors on the team) to teach me how to do my job. You both have been super super helpful with all my questions, whether that be giving me the means to figure it out myself or giving me the answer and explaining why that is the answer. Raven, you check up on me to make sure I'm doing alright and Sven, you really push for me to be independent, and I very much appreciate both. Thank you so much for stepping up to show me around, and I look forward to being your mentee hopefully for a long time to come.

    Lastly here's to my batch mates, @S1KH @illum @nimpy @FireballX3 and @LJwX. Although I am the only Bedrock of our batch, I really enjoyed talking to you guys for the short times I've reached out. You guys seem really close already and I'm super thankful for such a cool batch, better yet that most of us are night owls so regardless of time zones we're all awake at the same time. Keep being awesome guys!

    Thank you for making this thread! I've seen a lot of "omg what is the staff team doing" lately so this was a nice change and going through to read everything was really lifting. We're people too, we have feelings I promise :)
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  2. Heya!
    There are a lot of staff members out there that I really appreciate.

    One of them def got to be @TheArrow'sShadow. Everything beside how hard it is to tag arrow in a post, he is pretty epic. We did a stream together last night and I love his personality xd. Def a cool guy!

    Another one is @EnderGamer! He is pretty awesome person in general. Before he ever became we played some cw games together. I was really proud when I heard that he had became a trainee! I am really hoping he stays on the staff team and becomes a mod!

    @GuardianInASuit gotta be on there! When I joined event assistance for his unofficial bedrock events for mineplex he was really kind to me. All around really cool person as well and I hope he stays!

    Retired Staff: Sooo I know these are retired staff, but these staff members meant so much to me back a June <3

    The first one is @LT Tombstone 77! He such an amazing person and pretty much the first mod I asked a question xd. He was always willing to answer a question and to see how hard he worked as a staff member was amazing! I really do miss him as a mod and I hope everything is going well for him. <3

    The next one is @syrenical! She is such sweet person and I am so glad I got to meet her! We have remained friends and whenever I have had a bad day talking to her always boost my spirits! She has helped me a lot with me feeling confident enough to write an application for trainee. I really do hope everything is going well for her! <3
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
  3. My favorite staff member that is currently on the team is @Disgruntle. He is so nice and helpful, and is a great person to play games with. I remember him being the final push for helping me unlocking an achievement kit in a week! In the past, @ThankfulDamien was my favorite member of the staff team since we used to meet each other so often in SSM and talk to each other xD. I would also like to thank @xGetRekted, @LT Tombstone 77, and @scarlet for being amazing staff members back then. Although they don't know me too well, I have watched them progress so far into the community, and it is amazing how influential they are to the server. It is kind of hard saying which specific staff members I like the most, but I just know that all of them work really hard and deserve to be appreciated.
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  4. Regarding the community's hate. I think that this hate is caused by the fact that there a still many cheaters and the still on going Bedrock junk.
    Bedrock junk:
    R.I.P. Survival Games, Sky Fall, Death Tag, Block Hunt ( I think), Factions (although I don't miss it), they all died so that the developers could add the Sky Block that'd turn out to be second Fallout 76 ( no one plays it and there is a huge pile of bugs). By the way! Did you know that devs are going to remove the Castle Siege game?
    My favourite mods:
    Reks Nz, @Cephalon and EVERY OTHER MODERATOR, I also respect our TT, artists, builders and quality assurance teams. What kind of question is that?!
    Nevertheless, there is still one team of people one Mineplex that I don't like - devs and those people who decide what to do with Bedrock(Can someone give me a list of their names?)
    Posted Dec 1, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 2, 2020
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  5. Awwww, ty <3
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  7. Ofc man, you are awesome :)
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  8. There’s way too many to name, I know I’ll end up missing some who really deserve a shoutout so I’ll just go with a generic “every staff member is amazing”
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  9. <3333
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  10. My personal favorite Staff member is probably @S1KH for many reasons. A lot of players in the community complain that Staff are disconnected from the players, and don't respond often when asked for help but S1KH show's this isn't the case as he ALWAYS responds right away whenever I'm online. I always see S1KH online, he's a very active staff member who truly works as hard as he can to help the community <3 He's usually the first one to respond in the StaffRequest COM, as well as interactive with the Mineplex community while in lobbies. S1KH is the staff member that will always take time out of his day to talk to a regular player, whereas not all staff will do this to the extent S1KH does. S1KH is truly a role model within the Mineplex community, and we need more staff like him :) There's a lot of other amazing staff members, but S1KH definitely stands out the most to me.

    Posted Dec 1, 2020
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  11. Best staff right now @Krkki @lotix @Fallen @PROSTONE @WowCaleb @thefrogkid @DCDB (noob) @WinteryOsprey38 @landay @Sailings AND ESPECIALLY @CookieBilly IS MY FAVE MOD BEST MOD WW BEST IN STAFF REQUEST !!1!1!1!

    also here’s some of the best ex staff because they were better than the current staff XDXD
    @xGetRekted @DaPBillk @XPfirePlayz @syrenical @Anarseve basically all bedrock ex staff that were half comptent
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
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  12. !lock

    To answer a couple of questions, I'm a proud bedrock group staff member as well member of Bedrock Game Insights and QAT
    I frequently assist with testing updates & sometimes even getting input on them, so that's how I have those roles.

    @xGetRekted Will let you finish typing before I unlock


    (Love you too cloudy)
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
  13. Posted Dec 2, 2020
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  14. I think all staff members are great but I do have some favorites. These people all helped me when I needed it. They are also really fun to talk to. Anyways here's the list:
    @neotheater ツ
    @Arianna ♡

    There are loads more that deserve a spot on this list but I didn't want to @ the entire staff team. Oscar may be a big noob but he is a great staff member, I'll give him that. But yea all these people have been super kind and helpful these past months, neo in particular.
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
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  15. Aw, thanks so much, Cloudy! This makes me really happy.

    As for me, I unfortunately am probably going to forget people but here is a brute list of fun people who I love to get in a voice chat with and play games like Among Us and Phasmaphobia with (and of course Minecraft):

    @EmmaLie @Wanderer @Moppletop @jacvb @landay @Nolawn @Camull ✩ @rosmeme @rejudge @Timmi6790 @Rvsie @Slipest @Im_Ken @iPod5 @Fallen @Jylie (Jxliee) @SpamL

    and @avvaaa I know you aren't staff anymore but had to throw you in there too <3
    Posted Dec 2, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 3, 2020
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  16. why dont you like the devs
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
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  17. Read the second paragraph. It starts with R.I.P.
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
  18. y’all forgetting the people who build you the maps to play the games. if they not here you’d have no cool maps to play on. @joshuart keep on build leading!! same to you @dutty and @Intoxicating :)

    oh and all the builders and community map creators/build teams
    Posted Dec 2, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 2, 2020
  19. devs are not responsible for decision making. they merely remove the games and do what they are paid to do. its a job lmao. also the games you listed were all removed due to BUGS and low player count. so please do not put it as though it was a bad idea to remove them because simply put it was for the future of the server. im pretty sure some games will be making a return after being fixed soon. regarding the castle defense game that was solely a halloween game. it was going to removed no matter what /shrug. but you can be looking forward to seeing if a game similar to castle defense will be coming in the future.
    Posted Dec 2, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 2, 2020
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  20. Hihihi

    I mean, as always, my favourite Staff members are some of my best friends and so here they are. I will attach a quote that has stuck with me from all of them at the side:
    @AGLThree - "there better be water under here"
    @AyyNick - "HAHAHAHAHAHA"
    @Epicbuilder435 - "huh"
    @Flaym - "basically when you try out both"
    @Islendingurinn - "look jared, it's your people"
    @Jylie (Jxliee) - "i'm confused"
    @WowCaleb - "oh look we have some friends"

    and my favourite ex-Staff members are also some of my best friends:
    + my best friend in the whole world.

    Also just have some honourable mentions for both past and current Staff because some other people really have been great:
    @Look_Dan @Arianna ♡ @aahad123 @GoofIt @WinteryOsprey38 @Evgeen @Arjun @Mintletsgo @iMedia @avvaaa @Btsy4U @CrimsonWolf852 @Finova @DCDB @MaximumgameYT @Meami @egnogg (nhea) @Lord Melae @Pakar @Ruffybear @ShadowWolfZoe @Squirrelflight05 @syrenical @Valiha @WeirdoFish

    There's not really any reason other than pure bias though not going to lie, but it's whatever. I'm allowed to be like that. I see what my friends (and some other people) do/did more than I do anyone else so I just see what they're up to more than I do others. However as pretty much everyone has said before the Staff team wouldn't work without pretty much every single Staff member, and I am very happy n proud to be a part of this great team :)
    Posted Dec 2, 2020
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