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Staff application

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by MythicAustin, Dec 27, 2020.

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  1. Hello, i’m Austin(username: MythicAustin on both bedrock and java) i was wanting to try out for staff i play a lot of your cake wars and skywars game modes.

    I’ve been running into a lot of hackers and people playing the game unfairly and was wanting to try to help change that by becoming staff.

    -Bellow will be a little about me-

    1.will i be responsible?

    yes i will i was a staff for my friends minecraft realm that he hosted and i was responsible and didn’t abuse the power of any commands

    2.how many hours do u play daily?

    i play about 6-7 hours daily and i usually play about 5-6 days out of the week

    3.How many languages do u speak?

    i am able to speak two languages english and Spanish i and a still learning more about Spanish

    4.how old are you?

    I am the age of 14 turning 15 this year i may be young but i am very responsible in my life

    5.Platform you use?

    i use pc and i tend to have multiple tabs open texting other staff members for other servers i play on both bedrock and java edition of this server

    6.Do i tend to help players

    Yes i tend to help players because if someone is new to the server and they ask questions i usually tend to help

    7.Will you abuse your staff power

    No i will not i will only use the commands if i see a player hacking or teaming, also if there are many reports of the same thing like hacking or teaming i will ban for the account for the amount of time necessary

    -ways to communicate with me-

    i have multiple ways to communicate with people as shown below....



    •and social media’s

    •xbox messages

    -after all of this information i would like to say i hope i can make it to the staff team of mineplex servers :)

    -Sincerely, Austin
    Posted Dec 27, 2020
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  2. Posted Dec 27, 2020
  3. Hiya, this is the incorrect place to file an application for Trainee. You need to submit an application here if you want to apply for Java staff, and here if you want to apply for Bedrock staff.

    Before applying, it's recommended that you read over this thread which goes over what a Trainee does and how to apply for the position. In addition, this guide goes into the details on the application process and possible denial reasons.

    I'll be locking this thread as this is not the correct place to make a Trainee application. Feel free to message any one of the current Recruiters (you can find a list of them here) if you have any application questions - they'll be sure to help you out from there!

    Thread Locked
    Posted Dec 27, 2020
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