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SSM Kit Tier List

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by IsWater, Nov 21, 2019.


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  1. :mineplex: :mineplex:
    Super Smash Mobs
    Kit Tier List
    By IsWater

    High Tier

    #1 Creeper

    Regeneration speed 0.4: Very High

    Armor 4: Medium/Low

    Knockback taken 165%: High

    Melee Damage: 6: High

    Now for creepers strategies, let’s talk about what strategies it’s best with and why. Strategy 1: Hit n Run Creeper has the highest regeneration speed of all Mobs with a regeneration speed of 0.4 It makes it so easy to just attack someone, run, and regenerate all your health, Taking advantage of Creepers Medium/Low Defense And high Regen speed Hit n Run will probably be your best option if you don’t want to play aggressively.

    If you do want to play aggressively though Creepers sulphur bomb if timed right can force your rhythm on a opponent to make him go where you want, make him take knockback, or just do some damage.

    Creepers explosion also has a wide range of AoE Damage making it a very useful ability in a scenario where you’re fighting a enemy with a smaller hit box.

    Another useful tip is to take advantage of mobs with weak projectiles: Inferno, Blizzard, Magma Blast, Egg Blaster Etc, even hitting one of these week projectiles will enable Creepers Passive Ability Lightning shield, sometimes it worth taking damage to activate this and become immune to melee attack, this passive ability is very useful against mobs like wolves, chickens, magma cubes, Wither skeleton etc that rely heavily on melee attacks.

    Is a Good matchup against:
    Chicken, Wolf, Blaze, Iron Golem, Magma Cube, Snow Man, Wither Skeleton.

    Is a Bad matchup against:
    Skeleton, Sr Sheep, Zombie, Wolf, Enderman, Pig.

    #2 Enderman

    Regeneration Speed 0.25: Medium/Low

    Armor 6: High

    Knockback taken 130% Low

    Melee damage 7: Very High

    Now for Endermans Strategy it’s best to take advantage of your high damage, if an opponent gets within close range of you, try attacking with your sword, at mid- range it’s best to keep your opponent at bay, use your block toss every chance you get! Try to save blink for if you get hit off the map or closing in the distance between you and your opponent.

    Enderman May have high defense and very high attack but it’s still got low regeneration speed, the second you start a fight with Enderman see it through until the “end” haha... it’s not worth trying to camp.

    Enderman has very simple controls but you can go very far with those controls. Enderman isn’t a class for everyone and when played right even being so simple can be the most skill based class, anyone can play Enderman, but it takes a real SSM player to be great with Enderman!

    Is a good matchup against:
    Creeper, Blaze, Wolf, Chicken, Skeleton, Zombie, Magma Cube, Guardian.

    Is a bad matchup against:
    Slime, Iron Golem, Sky Squid.

    #3 Sky Squid

    Regeneration speed 0.25: Medium/Low

    Damage 6: High

    Knockback taken 150%: Medium

    Armor 5: Medium

    For Sky Squids strategy it’s best to stay at a distance and watch what’s going on without engaging an opponent, try to use fish flurry and ink shotgun to prevent starving and dealing damage, but the second that you start to take real damage try to go full offensive,

    Try to lure your opponent into double jumping in the air, this leaves him open to Ink shotgun.

    Use super squids invincibility to prevent high damage moves like explosion, wool mine, Etc

    Try to only resort to melee attacks if you are better than your opponent or if all your abilities are on cooldown.

    Try to use fish flurry on opponents with low defense and small hit boxes.

    Is a good match up against:
    Enderman, Creeper, Chicken, Magma Cube, Guardian.

    Is a bad match up against: Skeleton, Iron Golem

    #4 Skeleton

    Regeneration speed 0.2: Low

    Damage 5: Medium

    Armor 6: Medium/High

    Knockback taken 125%: Low

    Skeleton is probably the most versatile Mob in the game, Having a Bow, Medium Damage, And a very useful ability. Skeletons bone rush can be used to trick opponents into falling into the water making for a very useful camping ability, skeleton despite having terrible regeneration speed is still one of the best camping mobs in SSM along with magma cube. Skeletons roped arrow can also be used in more ways than I can explain.

    Good against:
    Creeper, Sr Sheep, Iron Golem, Magma Cube, Slime, Enderman.

    Bad against:
    Wolf, Zombie.

    #5 Pig

    Regeneration speed 0.2: Low

    Damage 5: Medium

    Armor 5: Medium/High

    Knockback taken 150%: Medium

    Honestly I see a lot of people trash talking the pig class, But I think that it’s really underrated! Pig may have awful regeneration speed but it’s defense isn’t bad, and when it’s in nether pig form it’s defense is crazy high, It’s Bouncy bacon which can restore your health is very useful making. It’s low regeneration look like it wouldn’t even matter if it was high! “Pig isn’t a good kit” I think that if Pig is played right it can actually be really good. And is a really fun class to mess around with,

    Try to lure your opponents in a space where they can’t move, making them double jump in the air also works, once they are in a position where you can shoot them with bouncy bacon, do it, try to not fall below 5 hearts but if you do go into nether pig form go full offense

    In nether pig form try to get above your opponent and drop as many baby bacon bombs as you can!

    Is good against:
    Creeper, Iron Golem, Chicken, Sr Sheep, Guardian

    Is bad against:
    Zombie, Wolf, Villager, Skeleton

    Hey you reached the end! Congratulations, did you enjoy this? Was it useful? Should I do a top tier list? Let me know and leave some feedback!

    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  2. Thread Moved to Mineplex Guides

    No comment on this. If you have any questions as to why your thread was moved feel free to PM me!
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  3. Please don't. This tier list is horribly inaccurate. Besides, an official ssm tier list already exists.
    Posted Dec 4, 2019 at 1:52 PM
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