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In Discussion SSM Kit: Rabbit

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by Pythraithia, Nov 3, 2019.


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  1. A new foe has appeared!

    Introducing the Rabbit

    - Stats -

    Cost: 6000 gems

    Armor: 3.5. Full chainmail, minus chestplate.

    Damage: 5

    Knockback taken: 175%

    Health regen: 0.2

    Double jump: 135% vertical, 135% horizontal (I'm using slime as a scale with 160% vertical, 100% horizontal)

    - Abilities -

    Axe: Air Stomp - Hold right click to immediately drop downwards, release while falling to kick off the air beneath you and launch yourself into the sky. Touching anyone within a large contact area automatically kicks off, inflicting damage and knockback and reducing cooldown by 3 seconds. You are immune to knockback while dropping. Damage: 7, Cooldown: 6 seconds.

    Shovel: Carrot Toss - Fling a carrot at your enemies. They deal damage and small knockback. Hitting someone with a carrot reduces the time it takes to dig up another carrot by 2.5 seconds. Damage: 3, Cooldown: 1 second. Projectile arc is the same as the prismarine shard from Whirlpool Axe.

    Passive 1: Rabbit Farmer - Crouch on the ground for 4 seconds to dig up a carrot, consuming 1 hunger point (half a drumstick). You can carry 5 carrots. Holding right click on a carrot for 0.5 seconds eats it, restoring 1 hp and giving speed I for 3 seconds.

    Passive 2: Long ears - You are constantly wary of enemies sneaking up on you. Receive 25% less damage and 20% more knockback from behind.

    Smash: Super Bunny - Your jump, Air Stomp, Carrot Toss, and Long ears are all buffed. Your double jump power is multiplied by 1.25. Stomp has reduced cooldown (6s -> 4.5s) and now deals damage and knockback in an area around it. Your carrots are all turned into golden carrots which deal more damage and knockback, and restore 3 hp and give speed II for 3 seconds when eaten. Long ears reduces damage and knockback by 15% from all directions. Duration: 25 seconds.

    - Clarification -

    Air Stomp cancels horizontal momentum and can be used as a recovery. Basically, holding right click with axe sends you downwards quickly (faster than falling), and coming in contact with someone or letting go of right click does a double jump. If you just tap right click without holding, you do a double jump for free (not actually a double jump). The contact area 1.5 blocks wide.
    Super Bunny Air Stomp has an AoE of 2.5 blocks.

    Carrots are shown as items in the hotbar next to the shovel (like arrows next to a bow). Digging progress doesn't reset if you leave the ground, so you can dig a few seconds at a time while jumping around (crouching every time you hit the ground).
    Carrots disappear on a direct hit with Carrot Toss, and the projectile velocity/arc is the same as the prismarine shard from Whirlpool Axe (guardian).
    Speed boost doesn't stack when eating carrots.

    I don't think carrots will be an issue as 1.) a spam attack, because carrots are a valuable resource that shouldn't be wasted, and the cooldown means that you can't throw 3 per second like bouncy bacon or 2.) an OP health regen buff because you have to sit on the ground and wait 22.5 seconds to gain two and a half hearts (0.22 extra hp/sec), as well as lose 2.5 hunger (plus however much hunger is lost from camping for the time digging). K
    Keep in mind that carrots are the Rabbit's only ranged attack, suppression, and edgeguard move, so using them only as extra health is taking away half of their usefulness.

    Long ears might be powerful for running, although its hard to take advantage of in an actual fight (constantly turning around in melee is a bad idea, and keeping your back to people while camping/regening is risky). Also, strong kb attacks will blast you off the map if you aren't careful. My thinking was that rabbits are supposed to be good at running, so, yeah... I've gotten attacked a LOT from behind (usually 1 person jumps me when I'm fighting someone else or maneuvering around the map), so it could be beneficial.

    - General Playstyle -

    Obviously, this isn't how anyone has to play rabbit (if it's ever added as how I envisioned it, haha...), but here's what I think. Engage by getting above someone and stomping their faces into the ground (or void). You're fairly fragile, so don't get too caught up in melee combat, especially with a tankier kit. Use the on-hit cooldown reduction to keep a chain of stomps going. Use Carrot Toss as an offensive jabbing attack/melee combo enhancer, but eating them for health and a bit of speed during a fight can also be a good idea. Use Air Stomp as an extra jump to recover if you're thrown off the map.

    Tell me what you think!

    Edit 1 (thanks to Eroil): Changed Air Stomp description slightly to include a contact area (larger than the rabbit's hitbox). Clarified Carrot Toss projectile arc/velocity. Changed Rabbit Farmer to be less camper-friendly. Changed Long Ears to be less beneficial for running. Added duration to Smash.
    Posted Nov 3, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 5, 2019
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  2. Posted Nov 3, 2019
  3. Yes, I saw, but I think my idea is more realistic and unique, as well as fitting for a SSM kit. I didn't try to steal your ideas, don't worry.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 3, 2019
  4. Firstly I have to say that I appreciate the time and effort you put into the thread, it's clear that you've put thought into the making of the kit and not just threw it together for a quick thread which is nice to see. That being said, I do have a couple of issues with it-

    1-Air stomp is pretty cool, a bit similar to seismic but instead being an instant drop to the ground; without an AOE at all in the normal form the ability seems very difficult to hit though, being able to only hit enemies directly below you while not having good movement options. I'd probably increase the cd a bit and add a small aoe that doesn't reduce the cd.

    2- Unique projectile concept, but gaining carrots over time for max of 5 in order to deal real damage will incentivize running and hiding which isn't ideal. You can fix this in multiple ways, a couple of suggestions-
    Carrots aren't gained when below a certain amount of food, Carrots cost food to aquire, you only get carrots when in a certain radius of an enemy.
    Also, projectile carrots are missing a range value and a trajectory explanation (straight line, in a slight angle similar to x ability etc), I could add velocity as well but that whole stat is pretty confusing and hard to understand without other values for compassion, so it's fine skipping on imo.

    3- 2nd passive seems fairly useless, people don't really tend to sneak around in SSM as you're in constant movement and enemies' double jump can be easily heard. Would probably only help you when running away and enemies are hitting you in the back which isn't something I'll incentivize with a passive. Seeing you actually noted that later, and well yeah I guess it would "make sense" but as I see it gameplay comes first, I don't think that alone should justify to add a tool to help in running away.

    Smash crystal- not that it's a really important part of the kit, but you didn't write the how long it lasts.

    Many rabbit kit suggestions have been made before you and many other will probably come after, there's place for more than 1 suggestion of the same kit.
    Posted Nov 4, 2019
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  5. Thanks for the quality response and criticism.

    I'll add in a note that Air Stomp will have a large contact area, but otherwise, I think that timing an ability to drop yourself on an enemy shouldn't be very difficult (think of wooly rocket, but larger contact area, more velocity, and it's easier to aim because they're below you).

    Your arguments for carrots are very valid. I really like your idea to use hunger to dig up carrots to prevent camping and farming. In the clarifications, I said that Carrot Toss would throw carrots with the projectile arc/velocity of Whirlpool Axe (prismarine shard from guardian kit). I'm not sure if it's not enough or if you missed it, but I'll make it easier to see.

    I'll adjust the second passive a bit (you take increased knockback but less dmg), but I think that it fits in with a Rabbit and should prove to be a unique characteristic for the kit. I think it'll be useful when someone hits you from behind (obviously, but I've taken a lot of attacks from my back when I'm fighting someone else/maneuvering around), and the change will make it riskier to rely on as help for running.

    And yes, I realized that I didn't add in a time for the smash (haha I remembered about an hour before your post but I was too lazy to add it).

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 4, 2019
  6. I think a wooly rocket comparison is appropriate indeed, and just like it I don't think it'll be a reliable damaging option- the kit doesn't have any special tools to help it get above enemies better than others or outspeed them before dropping, so I see it being inconsistent and easily dodged. Another way to improve it is to give it super armor (kb immunity) while it drops down, so it can't just be hit during usage and miss. Maybe also allow the user to reactivate the drop-down even after the double jump phase at any moment until hitting the ground, to make it more unpredictable and flexible.

    Woops, didn't notice you wrote the velocity and arc of carrot toss, should've been reading more carefully lol.

    Regarding 2nd passive, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, I don't think there should be a passive that helps a kit in running away.

    And no problem, I enjoy commenting on well thought and detailed kit suggestions.
    Posted Nov 5, 2019
  7. I added a knockback immune note to Air Stomp.

    You have to consider that wooly rocket is difficult to hit people with because you're aiming for someone directly above you - that means that out the two of you, your target will probably be moving with high horizontal velocity and you have a very small time frame to line up your (relatively) small hitbox with theirs, as well as taking account of rocket velocity. Air Stomp will have greater velocity and a larger contact area than wooly rocket, and you'll be both looking and aiming downwards, which is easier (no sky to confuse you, and people will most like be moving at a predictable ground speed; either running, about to double jump, or landing from a double jump/ability - all of these aren't difficult to compensate for and timing will be fairly easy).

    I find that with all the double jumping and mobility in SSM fights, it's not hard to get above someone or touch them in midair (dj past each other). There's no warning and drop velocity should be fairly high, so stomps shouldn't be able to be easily dodged (unless the target is good at predicting/reading) and the rabbit is able to use the ability at their leisure.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 5, 2019
  8. Good players that are aware of your ability to punish opponents below you will avoid being directly below you, think seismic slam where you only hit players who directly touch you-easily avoidable. Would probably be best for punishing landings, but that's restricting when you can properly use the ability and requires to read your opponent correctly for a lot of the times you use it.

    Anyways, I think with super armor it wouldn't be that bad of an ability but not a really good one either.
    As I see it now, the kit is fairly weak, low stats all across the board except hitbox, and abilities that aren't anything special, viability wise.
    Posted Nov 5, 2019
  9. I think you misunderstand Air Stomp.

    You're treating it like seismic slam, which is an extremely inaccurate comparison which I took lengths to explain. Rabbit stomp doesn't make you go into the air - it makes you drop downwards at high velocity, with a double jump after releasing or if you hit an enemy.

    It's actually more like slime slam, in both mechanics and usage. The ability doesn't throw you in the air with a predictable movement and instead helps you directly contact an enemy, while bouncing away afterwards.

    The carrots make this kit unique because you use hunger to gain resources (carrots). These can be used as supplemental hp, speed boosts, or as a projectile attack. Like bouncy bacon, you can use carrots to edgeguard, break enemy melee combos, and enhance your own melee combos.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 5, 2019
  10. Don't worry, I did understand the ability and thought of making a slime slam comparison, but the similar point is the drop part, both damage enemies after dropping down, but in one case it's a huge AOE and in one it's (around the size of) just your hitbox, that was the point. Seismic might drop down slower but you can also cancel the ability with a double/triple jump to add unpredictable and make it more confusing for enemies if you actually used the ability.
    Posted Nov 5, 2019
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