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Not Planned SSM Kit Idea: Fox

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by Wyataz, May 29, 2019.


Would you like to see this kit added to Super Smash mobs under optimal conditions

  1. Yes I would love to see it as is

    4 vote(s)
  2. Yes, if it's balancing was tweeked

    7 vote(s)
  3. No I would not be a good fit as it's moveset stands

    4 vote(s)
  4. No, one or two moves just don't quite fit. (3rd option is no period)

    0 vote(s)
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  1. Warning: this mob is 1.14+, so considerations for this are likely (103%) nil in practice, can't stop me from trying.
    In additon, there is the smaller than wolf rule, which may also DQ this (
    though tbh I haven't heard of it in forever).
    Just please don't comment those obvious things, they arn't worthy points to argue over.

    But first off before the main, detailed thread, I'll include a simpler to understand mini thread so to allow more people to understand the kit.

    5.0 melee damage
    4.5 armor
    165% knockback
    0.25 heal rate

    Brair Bush (Axe)
    Throw a bush forward, which on the floor will slow and damage enemies moving in it.

    Thieves Bound (Shovel)
    Leap forward, dealing damage to enemies on contact. While leaping you can catch incoming projectiles.

    Bounty Toss (Pickaxe)
    Reflect the projectile which you caught with Thieves Bound. Reflected projectiles will deal slightly more damage.

    Bide the Day (Smash Crystal)
    Sleep away until the evening strikes, when you wake up you will have powered up stats and abilities, as well as directional double jump during the smash crystal. Beware, if someone wakes you up early, you don't have as good as a bonus.

    So now that you've read the summery, you can keep reading down below if you wish, if not, well thanks for stopping by I suppose....

    /!\ Warning /!\: New Mob Approaching!

    So, we have "new* " 1.14 mobs to make challengers with and I wanted to put my take into the creation process.
    Yea it's a straight forward thesis, deal with it.

    * "new" as in at least a month ago now.

    Fox Base Stats

    -Melee Damage: 5.0
    -Armor: 4.5
    -Heal Rate: 0.25
    (With a mob fairly small, the defense values are really hard to tune around. Feedback would be much appreciated)
    -Knockback Taken: 165%
    -Double Jump: High jump (akin to slime and maggie)
    (I feel the last thing we need in a small mob is another Directional jumper but foxes are still nimble so high jump I felt was a good substitute.)

    Briar Bush (Axe, Instant / RightClick)

    The user throws sweet bush seeds which after 1 second will grow into sweet bush blocks (losing velocity if still in midair). Much like normal sweet bushes, enemies attempting to move inside the blocks will take damage over time. However, at the same time the bushes will slow movement by 40% and doublejumping / leaping will deal extra damage in burst (though no movement is nullified). If the victim crouches, they will take significantly less damage while walking and instead speed up.

    -Cooldown: 10.5 Seconds
    -Flight Time: 1 Second
    -Bushes created: 4 (2x2 patern) [-credit to @xOeuf ]*
    -Damage over Time: 3.0 / second (about 1.00 per tick)
    0.5 Damage / second while crouching (1 tick every 2 seconds)
    -Doublejump Damage: 6.0
    -Slowness: 40%
    -Crouch Swiftness: 60%
    -Duration: 3.5 Seconds

    Thieve's Bound (Shovel, Instant / Rightclick)

    The user leaps forward into the air, holding their mouth open to catch any of one projectile type* that crosses their path. Should the user contact an enemy, they will deal moderate damage and knockback. Up to one type of projectile can be stored for later use or until the user dies.

    The projectile you catch will be shown as a similar item in the hotbar, there is also a second item to show how the return will behave.

    -Cooldown: 8.0 Seconds
    -Contact Damage: 6.5
    -Catch Time: 0.4 Seconds
    -Chain Catch extension: +0.1 Seconds

    *projectiles have to share the same source move, i.e. sulphur bomb, barrage arrows, but not the same player sender.

    Bounty Toss (Pickaxe, Instant / Rightclick)
    The user releases all held projectiles in their mouth, behaving simular in power and function to it's source projectile.
    Different projectiles have different stack sizes and functions, so pay attention to your hotbar. Thrown projectiles will deal slightly more damage

    Cooldown: 5.0 Seconds
    Extra damage: +1.0 or +15% (lower increase wins)

    Stack Sizes
    most solo projectiles can only stack to one i.e coruppted arrow, sulphur bomb, etc.

    Different swarming projectiles have different max stack.
    Barrage arrows, needlers, or other small gatlings have max stack of 3

    Shotguns like trade scatter, ink shotgun, or bats have stack size 5

    Heavy gatlings like blizzard, inferno or eggs have stack size 8

    Attack Sytles

    Different projectiles behave simular to their source move

    Arrow: single shot
    Seeds: Shotgun
    Sugarcane: Gatling (Includes 30% slow while firing)
    TNT: explosive shot
    Trapdoor: Rolling/traveling

    Unique Cases
    Some projectiles which have functionallity out of the fox's moveset have special cases
    Most projectiles will not retain any movement based effects when thrown, i.e. trade scatter recoil.
    Exception, fireblast explosion, roped arrow
    All gatling firing projectiles will slow the user by 30% while it's ongoing

    Porkchops will be eaten immediately if caught with nothing in mouth, recharging cooldowns by 0.6 seconds if raw, or 1.0 seconds off cooldowns and 1.0 hp (0.5 hearts) of healing if cooked, up to 5 porkchops can be eaten in one bound. (Counts as the unique projectile for the catch)

    Slow and static explosive items like piglets and bonesplosives (skelehorse) can also be grabbed and will act simularly to sulphur bomb when thrown (albiet toned to their power level). Woolmines caught in the air also has a simular effect.

    Chicken missiles, when they connect, will instantly recharge Bounty Toss and reduce Thieves Bound by 3.0 Seconds.

    In an implementation stand point, Inferno's reflect projectile will have to be different (probably a firecharge) in order to properly work on blazes.

    If you bound into a wolf snared enemy, you can still deal critical knockback.

    Corrupted arrows cannot crit (death's grasp).

    Guided skulls will deal more damage to compensate for their damage ramp up and lack of guidence (+2.5)

    Large minions wither clones and cows cannot be caught.
    Ranged attacks with no body, i.e. milk spiral, static laser, cannot be caught either

    Other large projectiles like slime rockets and thrown blocks will break when caught, turning into much weaker varients of thier source move. (Both now have base damage of 6 and less knockback)
    On that note, caught slimes will split into 3 of their size down

    In mirror fights any salvo of projectiles can be caught up to 4 seperate times, each time getting stronger than the last.
    You can bound into your berry bush once to heal 3.0 hp (1.5 hearts). (Requires free mouth)

    With that extensive list out of the way, it's a moment you've all been dreading

    S M A S H C R Y S T A L: Bide the Day

    When activated, the user will go into sleep*** as time around the map accelerates. While sleeping the main effect will build in duration and power and in addition, the user will rapidly regain health. After up to 8 seconds of sleep the fox will wake up with more attack, less KB taken, directional double jumps, and enchanced moves. If the fox should be struck by an attack while sleeping, the sleeping is cancelled and the fox is stunned* but protected** for 3.0 seconds (if hit by a melee ranged attack, 2.0 from far ranged sources).

    *stun: Still cannnot attack or move, and is sitll blind
    **protection: cannot be hit or knocked back
    ***Sleep: Cannot attack or move, and is afflicted with blindness.
    On the other hand, you regain HP rapidly

    Sleep time: 8 Seconds
    Sleep heal rate: 2.5 hp / second (1.25 hearts / second)
    Stun time: 3.0 / 2.0 seconds

    Smash duration: 8 + (2 * sleep time) Seconds
    Directional jump duration: For the last (3 * sleeptime) seconds of the smash crystal

    Melee damage: 5.0 ---> 6.0
    Knockback Taken: 165% ---> 135%

    Thieves Bound Catch window: 0.4 ---> 0.6 Seconds
    Thieves Bound Damage: 6.5 - 9.0
    Thieves Bound Cooldown: 8.0 ---> 5.5 Seconds
    Thieves Bound catches 2 additional copies per projectile and stack sizes increase by 2 (normally 1 - 3) or 3 (normally 5+)
    Additionally all Bounty Toss projectiles during the smash have no invulnerablity frames with themselves.
    Bounty Toss Cooldown: 5.0 ---> 0 Seconds

    Briar bush Seeds: 1 - 4
    Briar bush Duration: 4.0 - 6.0 seconds
    Briar bush slowness: 50% - 75%
    Briar bush cripples movement abilities by 70%
    Brair bush Damage: 120% - 150%
    Briar bush Cooldown: 10.5 ---> 7.0


    That should be all, so what did you think, and (praying to l a w r d that 1.15 fixes the 1.9 issue) would you wish to see this in super smash mobs.

    In any case, have a good day o& :)
    Btw o& is thumbs up.
    Posted May 29, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 3, 2019
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  2. I love the work you've put into this kit! Sadly, I don't think Mineplex will ever update to 1.14 if the combat system isn't "fixed".

    I feel as if the Briar Bush ability is too similar to Cub Tackle with Wolf and wouldn't really fit in with the Fox. To replace this, I think there should be some kind of damage-dealing recovery, even if that means the Fox is boosted upwards if they use this ability. This kit needs some kind of recovery or it would be completely irrelevant compared to even mid-tier kits.

    I like the Thieve's Bound ability as it's unique and fits with the sneaky aspect of a fox. I think instead of having the projectile in your inventory, you could simply use the ability again to launch it as you can't catch something if you already have something in your mouth. Bounty Toss would be removed and be apart of Thieve's Bound, leaving a balanced and simple two abilities.

    The smash crystal ability seems a little awkward. I love it besides the fact that you can end the sleeping, which defeats the purpose of the smash crystal. Removing the ability to end the sleeping would make this a great smash crystal ability!

    Overall, this is a great and well thought out kit idea, and if Mineplex ever does update to 1.14, I'd love to see this kit implemented! +1
    Posted May 30, 2019
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  3. Reply Post, replys in bold

    Hmm, I might need to clear a few misconceptions

    Edits included,
    +Special cases
    Special cases have a spoiler to seperate

    Thieves bound always does kb AND damage on contact
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 30, 2019,
    Last edited May 30, 2019
  4. Hello!

    Mineplex, unfortunately, won't be able to take this idea as they are in 1.8+, so 1.8 mobs are the only ones that can be implemented into SSM. Though I do like the detail you go into with this kit.
    Posted May 30, 2019
  5. Little Bump: Added a summery segment before detailed post.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 2, 2019
  6. I really like the sound of this kit; the abilities that you put seem fun to use and don’t seem out of balance. I especially like the Briar Bush ability, seems like something fun to use against enemies.

    However, despite how much I like this kit, I don’t think that it will be added. Since the fox is a 1.14 mob, that would require SSM to become a 1.14+ game which a lot of people will be opposed to, considering the vast popularity of the game. Unless some sort of alteration to the 1.9+ PvP, I don’t think a lot of people would change the versions that they play on just to play SSM.
    Posted Jun 2, 2019
  7. We are not going to force players to play on specific versions unless we want to kill the game, simple. OITQP and Skyfall were enough and we see how that went. If the kit isn’t compatible with all versions, it’s simply not going to happen, for any game.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
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  8. Cyy

    • General Rudeness Severity 1
    pretty trash idea imo
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  9. Hai hai :D
    Setting the game version issue aside, this is a cool kit idea, I remember we had another fox suggestion a week or so back!
    I think that this might be underpowered in a way. A one block projectile that is only really effective when traversed can be hard to manage. Maybe if you made it so that the damage values are lowered (significantly) but the bush spreads to a 2x2 area, it would be quite a solid move. Players can still avoid it and get out, but they're going to take maybe 1-2 hearts from the bush itself and gain slowness. It's essentially a spin-web but less overpowered because you can get out.

    'Thieve's Bound' is an interesting move. I don't know how easy it would be to actually make something like that for the game, but it would be super fun to play with. It's like stealing the move from another kit. (Aka Kirby from Smash Ultimate). I don't know how this would go for balancing, but the cooldown seems right. Maybe just dealing normal damage (the original damage that the projectile would deal) would be enough, because the KB on some projectiles is huge (slime rocket, sulfur bomb).

    This one seems like another move from the last fox kit suggestion we had. I really like this idea since it has a negative effect given to the fox when attacked while slept, but is also interesting in its mechanics. I'd say cut the armor boost and damage boost, and just give it speed with a directional jump and heavy regen. (Wolf but with regen 1 or 2 would already be a formidable kit in itself so that as a smash for fox would probably make due).

    Overall it's a pretty original kit - I like the idea a lot. As you've mentioned, we do have the 1.8 and hitbox issues, but if SSM is every updated to a newer version of Minecraft (pls no) I wouldn't mind seeing a kit like this on the playing field!
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
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  10. Hello!

    I definitely like this idea being a kit on Super Smash Mobs, however, the problem is, the forceful version would result in the game pretty much flipping over and dying.

    I like how the kit idea is original, but killing the game would provide so many disadvantages to the game. -1 from me!
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  11. Reply Post, Replys in bold
    Woah this was an explosive night, and have a little bit points which to reply too.

    *mumble grumble, TUMBLE, T R I G G E R E D !*
    I would never wish for something unwanted as killing the flow of gameplay to be the excuse for this kit, but if 1.15 comes and fixes stuff, then I don't want to look silly for mineplex throwing a softball in this idea's place (Though the final villager is fine Imo).

    Now for responses that matter

    ...uh ok suurre, could you maybe... s p e c i f y ?
    Feels like a pointless response, I'm looking for constructive criticism, so If you can give me something to improve, then go for it.

    So that is that for replys sake, and this will more than likely be an editory reply, which will be listed below

    -Ammended Brair Bush to 2x2 of blocks on explosion, but trade off damage per tick and even more crouch speed.
    -You gain no armor and less melee damage from Bide the Day.
    -Possible additions to Unique Interactions pool.
    -Directional double jump is active for the last X seconds of Bide the Day, rather than the first X seconds.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 3, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 3, 2019
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  12. SSM is in 1.13!!!! and i am pretty sure it is in 1.14 as well!!! has anyone tried playing in these versions!?!?!
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
  13. This would force players to play in 1.14 and I despise the whole version. I love the older versions and this alone would make me never play SSM again.
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
  14. Please stop replying about the version. He already acknowledged that that mob is above 1.8. Comment about the idea itself; he knows it’s not compatible yet.
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
  15. Allow me to clarify that point, you CAN play SSM on those versions, but the performance will be generally worse (with more reasons the higher you go) than playing it on it's earliest version. Hence why this is an incredibly improbable kit as is until the flaws are ironed out.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 5, 2019
  16. This kit sounds like a ton of fun, don't get me wrong. However, I don't think that Mineplex is planning to switch to that version for SSM at this moment for rather good reason. I really do like the Brair Bush ability, and would love to see that implemented into another mob if we are unable to get the fox.

    I love the creativity though, keep it up! :)
    Posted Jun 5, 2019
  17. Gosh that sounds so much fun to have kits that correspond with certain version. I'm all in but, sadly that will more than likely not happen due to low player base on ssm as it is anymore. I personally feel like it would take way to long to get games actually started.
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
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  18. Hey there!

    I really do appreciate the effort you put into this kit, but unfortunately at this time it will have to be marked as "Not Planned" because Mineplex currently doesn't support 1.9+ SSM kits due to it not being compatible with a lot of the playerbase. However, I will leave this thread open in case of further discussion.
    Posted Jan 20, 2020
  19. Mobs that still can be used for 1.8.9:

    Horse - donkey - mule - what ever
    Ghast (lol who will)
    Cave spider (spider)
    Ender mite
    Zombie horse

    Note: I will not be adding "bats, zombie pigman" cuz they are already in the game. But in a different form. Witch -> Bat. Pig -> zombie pigman. You can create kit ideas using the mobs above with a much higher chance of getting accepted or considered rather than 1.8+ mobs.
    Posted Jan 20, 2020
  20. Heyo!
    I really like how much effort into this idea I also would really like to see it as an SSM kit but sadly as many people stated above me foxes are 1.14 mobs and Mineplex doesn’t support 1.14 but I’ll still go over this idea.
    For the stats I’d say there is nothing overpowered or underpowered about them.
    For the first move (brair brush) I think it’s fine but how long will the bush stay there for and how much damage will it do when it hits an opponent?
    For the second move (Thieves bound) I’d say its fine but I just want to say I really like how you made this move work with another move
    For the smash (bide the day) I think this is a very creative smash move and in my opinion it is very balanced.
    Overall I’d love to see this added but as many people have stated foxes are 1.14 and Mineplex is a 1.8 server and if this were to be added it would force players to update to 1.14 so sadly I’ll be giving this idea a -1.
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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