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SSM Kit [Horse and Steve]

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by AshlyGaminha, Feb 22, 2021.


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  1. I just want to create some random kits and stuff...

    Pré-Configuration: 2 HP = 1 Heart || 4 HP = 2 Hearts and moving on...

    Horse - Super Smash Mobs Kit - 5000 Gems
    Mobility - Player who use Speed in their advantages

    Damage: 4.0
    Passive: Gains 1 carrot for every 25.0 seconds, also gain 1 carrot on kill. [Max Carrots: 4]

    Main Ability: Horse Dash (Stone Sword)
    Dash through 20 blocks, hitting a enemy it will stop your dash and it cause 3.0 damage at your enemy and deal 200% Knockback

    Ability 1: Tough Armor (Iron Horse Armor)
    For next 10 seconds, all damage it will be reduced by 1.0 damage and reduces Knockback taken by 25%
    [30 Seconds Cooldown]

    Ability 2: Carrot Lover
    Eating a carrot it will give Speed II and Regeneration I for 3.0 seconds [10 Seconds Cooldown]

    Smash Crystal: Diamond Luckyshoe
    For 12.0 seconds, the player cannot take Falling Damage and all damage done behind the enemy will cause 300% more knockback than normal, and the player also gains Speed II

    Steve - Super Smash Mobs Kit - Achievement Kit OR 8000 Gems
    Attacker - Players who likes some frenetic PVP

    Armor: 3.5
    Passive: Gains 1 arrow for every 3.0 seconds [Max Arrows: 8]

    Main Ability: Herobrine's Spirit (Iron Sword)
    Unleashes a lighting strike at 5-block radius causing 3.0 damage and giving them Weakness I for 2.0 Seconds
    [12 Seconds Cooldown]

    Ability 1: Mine and Craft (Diamond Pickaxe) [Right Click opens a Workbench]
    Allows to break blocks around the map to craft itens to help during the fight
    The player can break at least 7 blocks before the pickaxe enters on Cooldown.
    [15 Seconds Cooldown]

    --Blocks can be Break--
    Grass: Can drop Grass Block or Dirt Block
    Wood: Can drop Wood Planks or Sticks
    Stone: Can drop Cobblestone, Coal, Iron, Gold or Diamond
    Snow: Can drop Snowball, Snow Block or Pumpkin
    Leaves: Can drop Apple or Golden Apple
    All itens can be drop 1 to 3 itens


    Passive Ability: Best Steve's Friend
    When the user has below 4.0 Hearts, a wolf is summoned to help the user during the fight, the wolf has 20% chance to cause Poison at the enemy.
    [Wolf has 10 Hearts, it can be killed from other players]
    [45 Seconds Cooldown]

    Smash Crystal: Horseman
    Summons a Horse (20 Hearts) to chase your enemies, while the player mounted to the horse, the player can deal +50% more damage and +35% more knockback.
    Other players can deal damage at the horse.
    [Bonus: Steve's Horse gains 2 extra hearts if there any Horse Player alive]
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  2. Hiya!
    I enjoy seeing new SSM kits and their ideas and this one is really cool that I haven't seen before. Starting with the horse kit, the kit reminds me of the skeletal horse kit. It is very nice I like the abilities. I don't see the need for another horse kit when there already is one. If anything, can be best to adjust the already existing kit if needed! I feel like the abilities are just fine, so nothing needed further.
    Steve kit is really unique and I enjoy the thought given to this overall. To me I see it can be very abused unfortunately as it has many power and can be used unfairly when breaking the map too. My favorite ability would be the passive ability for Steve and it can be very useful.
    I just gave my small input to hopefully give some feedback to help! Thank you for suggesting, good luck in the future <3.
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  3. So will Steve have similar abilities like the one from Super Smash Bros?
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  4. Yeah... I been inspired from Super Smash Bros but i know this can be made on Minecraft with right definition on the kit

    But is only for Mine and Craft ability... I really don't know what is all steve attacks on SSB Ultimate
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 25, 2021
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  5. I think that the horse kit is unique, but I'm not quite sure about ability one. I don't think that it fits the game currently as there's no ability that you can right-click to activate that gives you armor directly (I may be incorrect). I'm also not quite sure about ability 2, as you would have to slow down for a second to eat the carrot, and there are no other abilities in SSM where you eat. As for the "Steve" kit, I really don't think it fits what SSM was meant to be. I believe that SSM was meant to be a gamemode where you fight other people as a mob, and I don't believe "Steve" fits the category of a mob. Thank you for the time put into your post, I just don't think that with the current abilities Horse has and steve not being a mob is a great addition to the game right now. If you've edited these things, feel free to quote me and I'll give an updated response!
    Posted Feb 25, 2021
  6. I admire the thought and the explanations for these kits, it's as if they're already a part of the game.

    I thoroughly enjoy the idea of a horse kit. It does give a similar impression to the skeleton horse kit. I do think in multiple horse kits could be weird, but the same sort of impression is given by skeleton and wither skeleton. I think the carrot ability could just be something you right-click that's available for every carrot you have. The dashing ability could cause a lot of chaos since a lot of maps don't easily support this extent of mobility and you'd need a lot of control, which I don't think is viable based on the description. The same goes to the smash crystal ability.

    I think it could work under different circumstances, but these specific abilities have flaws that would make playing it well difficult.

    As for the Steve kit, while I definitely like the creativity and thought put into its abilities, I think the kit would be very out-of-place in the game. Not just because it isn't technically a mob, but ability-wise it doesn't really fit in. It would be rendered useless on some maps and be overpowered on others.

    To start off with the main ability, this isn't a bad idea, I just think the cooldown is pretty short when combined with all its other abilities which would be pretty difficult to manage and be unbalanced. As for the first ability, this could go both ways and be rendered useless on some maps versus others, since some of these maps don't have these blocks at all, or not enough of a combination for the kit to craft anything of significant use. Since you're crafting things- which I assume wouldn't gain any other ability- you're going to be getting a plethora of random items not meant for the game which would be (for a lot of cases, just looking at the odds) not beneficial. For it to work on some maps, you'd have to modify them, and I don't think all these maps should be modified to fit just one kit. As a whole, it also seems odd to implement since this seems like it could just lead to people making jokes around what they can craft and for the benefit of PVP, won't always help out, rendering the ability useless.

    As for spawning in a wolf when below a certain health, the wolf spawning could be a little confusing since the wolf is an existing kit in the game and it doesn't correlate with the player. The move can't be used to duke the member fighting you (like wither skeletons clone), but likely could only be implemented the way the wither skeleton clone does, where it just attacks on sight, making it easy to dodge and renders the ability to something quite 'meh'. The addition of the chance of poisoning does certainly add more value to it, but it just seems like the kit can go both ways of "overpowered / useless", partly determined by the map you're on.

    I'm partly confused about the kit gaining arrows, and am assuming it also comes with a bow since there would be no way to craft one otherwise. Doesn't seem like a fitting addition to the kit.

    As for the smash crystal ability, smash crystals, in general, are hard to talk about since there's extreme diversity in power scale when it comes to each kit powers. I don't think the bonus addition is very necessary as this already seems like a strong smash crystal idea.

    With all that said about the abilities, the Mine and Craft suggestion doesn't really fit in with the game and doesn't make a lot of sense considering it wouldn't work with certain maps and it wouldn't make sense to change maps according to it. The rest could work but I feel like the kit as a whole wouldn't fit the theme.

    My main hope is that kits get balanced before new ones are added and would also make a clearer guideline as to what type of kits would fit and how to manage their abilities and general stats. I think the horse kit has potential and could be added in the future (with modifications, I'm not too sure about the abilities which have been proposed) but I'm pretty against the addition of a steve kit. So, for now, I'd have to say -1.
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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