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In Discussion SSM baby zombie kit

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by Polar Lord, Nov 2, 2019.


Should this kit be added?

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  2. No

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  1. Iron axe, Undead Howl: Baby zombie growls and all enemy's in front of the zombie will be paralyzed. (Front=3 by 3 radius in the direction the zombie is looking), (paralyzed= Gives the effects of slowness 2 and weakness for 3 seconds)
    Cooldown: 8 seconds.

    Iron shovel, Graveyard: Baby zombie calls for his comrades and summons 3 graves that appear in front of him. Enemies that are hit with a grave will recieve 5 damage (2,5 harts). (The graves appear 3 blocks in front of the baby zombie with 1 block between each grave. The appearence of the grave is the same as the morph that can be used in the lobby's)
    Cooldown: 8 seconds.

    Iron pickaxe, Zombie? Chicken?: Baby zombie summons a baby chicken wich allows him to speed up and flap 5 times. (Flap 5 times= 5 times a chicken double jump. Baby zombie gains speed 2 until the chicken dissapears. Chicken will dissapear after 10 seconds/ or when you used your 5 flaps).
    Cooldown: 15 seconds.

    Undead Body (Passive): Each time you get hit there is a chance of losing a piece from your body. (10% chance when being hit of droping a piece of rotten meat of the floor. When the baby zombie walks over it he will recover half a heart of health. When an enemy walks over it he will get slowness and weakness for 2 seconds.

    Undead touch (Crystal): At midnight the baby zombie becomes more powerfull. (all enemies who the baby zombie attacks will take 10% more damage from all attacks as long as they remain in a circle with a 10 block radius. On top of that the baby zombie will deal 20% more damage against his enemies.
    Armor: Chainmail helmet and boots.

    8000 Gems

    Damage: 4.5

    Knockback taken: 150%

    Regeneration: 0.2 hearts per second

    This kit might have some problems going through because of the small hitbox. Still I created this kit because the hitbox is still higher that that of a chicken.
    Base size Height
    Baby zombie 0.3 0.975
    Chicken 0.4 0.7

    These are the hitbox numbers of both mobs wich shows that altough the base size is smaller then a chicken its height in larger. So I do not think this kit can be denied because of the hitbox reason.

    Posted Nov 2, 2019
  2. There is already a zombie kit and we don’t need a baby zombie kit and graveyard is too op and also undead body is too op because slowness is op by it self and weakness is also too op and is it slowness I or II? plus undead howl does the same as undead body but for 3 seconds and it doesn’t have any attack moves which makes it not that good so I think the price should and 8000 is too pricy saying as it only gives effects and no attack moves so overall I’ll be giving this idea a -1
    Posted Nov 2, 2019,
    Last edited Nov 2, 2019
  3. Heyo!

    Have to agree wit [email protected] on this one. We already have a Zombies kit, which means that a baby zombie kit would not be needed in SSM right now. Since SSM is my favorite game I really don't understand why we would really need this kit anyways. The idea is cool, but it's just simply not really needed right now. We can't afford another zombie kit in the game and if we add one the game might even lose more players in the future and this would be worse for the game since it would have less players! Also, I agree that 8000 is too pricy saying that this kit woud not be able to give the user any attack movements, only effects to the players. This kit could use some re-working probably in the attacks and maybe even the pricing section. I highly suggest that you try to improve this kit, as there is alwasys room for improvement in everything!

    Have a good day!
    Posted Nov 2, 2019
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  4. Pretty cool idea overall, and I really like the recovery move concept; that being said it has a few issues imo-

    1- Howl is very similar to villager's sonic hurr, we do have a couple of similar abilities in SSM but I think it's better to avoid repeating ideas in a suggestion. Overall I would pretain reusing a "hurr" type ability as it's fairly annoying and disliked by a lot of players, especially if "combined" with cub tackle for a move. Additionally, the ability doesn't really seem to fit with the kit's stats- trapping abilities are usually used by kits with good melee stats which this kit lacks, it could help enemies more if it gets closer for an attack as they could outdamage it with superior stats.

    2- For graveyard, 5 damage for a 8 cd ability that's pretty hard to hit is low, I would buff it. I'd also make it more clear what the "graves" actually are and their size, not everyone knows what the morph looks like (me included, lol).

    3- For the recovery, only a few questions: Does the chicken extend the Zombie's hitbox or does it have a hitbox and health of its own? Does the CD for the ability start after the ability is activated or after the chicken despawns? (imo should be after ability is activated as cd is very long, potentially even too long).

    4- Personally I find RNG abilities redundant, they add a non skill factor to the game that you have no control over, I'd change it to activate after a few hits or something similar.

    5- Not that it's really important, but the crystal is very weak competitively, only giving a max of 30% buff to damage (which I guess is fitting as this is a zombie kit lol).

    6- Overall the kit is very weak, has bad stats pretty much all across the board (except hitbox) coupled with semi-long cooldown, low damage moves. Passive isn't very good either, heals only a tiny amount and serves as a mild annoyance for enemies.

    Regarding the fact that a zombie kit already exists, I don't think it necessarily means there's no place for a baby zombie kit in the game, and suggesting ideas doesn't hurt anyone.

    Also like how you designed the thread, it's a pretty solid option that makes it easier to read (though it isn't really important what the armor pieces are, including the armor value is more significant).
    Posted Nov 4, 2019
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