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Squid's Ink Shotgun

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by tbearawsomeman, Nov 19, 2018.


What suggestion do you think would fit best with Squid

  1. Suggestion 1

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  2. Suggestion 2

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  3. Suggestion 3

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  1. Now we all know that squid's Ink Shotgun is/isn't op. The problem with squid's shotgun is that every time you hit someone, it doesn't seem to do that much mage/knockback, even when hitting all 7 pellets. Now I want to present a few ideas for how Squid's shotgun and squid in general, can be given new hope.

    Suggestion 1: Ink Blindness: Whenever you hit 5 or more of your pellets, you will give your target blindness 1 for 0.5 seconds. The reason I suggest this is because it flows better overall with Ink Shotgun, and gives the Ink portion in the title a little more purpose.

    Suggestion 2: Revert squid's Ink Shotgun damage to 2. Now I can already smell the comments saying that doing this would make squid too op, but hear me out. I fell that if we remove Fish Flurry, it can give Ink Shotgun more spotlight and give it a better purpose. If someone were to do this, it could benefit squid as well as make squid more offensive instead of defensive.

    Suggestion 3: Give more knockback to Ink Shotgun. When I was browsing the SSM Basic Guide list, I saw that squid did 300% knockback with Ink Shotgun, but i'm assuming that as nerfed to be like 150% or so. I feel that if you keep Ink Shotgun's 1.725 damage per pellet, the knockback could help balance the kit.

    I'm open to any feedback/suggestions!

    Posted Nov 19, 2018
  2. Suggestion 1 - I mean, even with blindness you can still see in front of you. Considering Squid is a melee kit, I don't really see this as being useful, and more just annoying.

    Suggestion 2 - What does giving a move more spotlight have to do with making a kit better. Fish Flurry is easily the worst ability in the game, so I don't see it taking Inkshots "spotlight". As for the 2 damage per pellet, I guess it could work

    Suggestion 3 - I'm not even going to comment on why knocking your opponent away from you directly contradicts squid considering it's a melee orientated kit lol.

    Jam is probably gonna plug his Tidal Wave Fish Flurry replacement idea here so.
    Posted Nov 19, 2018
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  3. hmmmm
    --- Post updated ---
    Suggestion 2.
    Posted Nov 24, 2018

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