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Spleef Update/Proposed Document

Discussion in 'Super Spleef' started by Worpp, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    As we all know, Super Spleef has not been updated for quite a while (guessing about 2 years, almost 3). We also know that it's an unbalanced game, with the current brawler meta. The other kits are underpowered and struggle to compete with brawler.

    I've formed connections with the Spleef community back last year, in June-July. I've formed stronger connections in May, and together, we came up with a proposed Spleef update document, on behalf of GI (I'm GI, I just haven't gotten my tag yet).

    The current problem I'm facing is that the whole Spleef community is now refusing to help me with the document, as they had their game be one of the first to be removed, as well as the removal of the Classics Cow made them all quit (the next game was supposed to be Spleef, but was never put in place because of the 5 year anniversary/removal of cow afterwards. TL;DR: They've waited 3+ months for Classics Cow Spleef, but it hasn't come still). I also am struggling to find someone passionate enough to help me finish the work with me.

    This is where I turn to the entire community. Currently, I'm looking for discussion on:

    - Archer reworks/thoughts on proposed changes
    - The possibility of buffing snowballer
    - If PvP should be removed entirely
    - Achievement kit ideas
    - Achievement ideas
    - any bugs that are currently in the game

    I am extremely passionate about a Spleef update, and I really hope to complete this document as soon as possible so I may push for the update! Thank you everyone :)
    Posted Sep 16, 2018
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  2. I barely remember what we were doing last, hurray

    Something that was a point of discussion though:
    What to do about knockback in general.
    Remove it altogether? Or just nerf brawler's kb to archer/snowballer levels?

    Adding knockback to arrows/snowballs is probably not a good idea as originally thought, as discussed on the Discord.
    Posted Sep 16, 2018
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  3. Hello!

    I am a very big Super Spleef fan. I used to spend hours grinding wins. I loved it so much. Anyway, I’ll now address your points

    1. Archer Reworks
    Yes, this is a fairly obvious one. Archer kit is arguably the worst kit in the game, and the fact that it is the most expensive is ridiculous. I think some possible buff options are that the arrows deal more knockback when hitting players, that they break more blocks when hitting blocks, and they recieve arrows more frequently. Other than that, I don’t think that many other changes can be done and Mineplex may have to face the decision of removing it all together.

    2. Buffing snowballer
    Again, fairly obvious one. Unlike Archer, I think more can be done to improve it. These include possibly giving a permanent speed boost, giving more snowballs when breaking blocks and having the capacity to have more snowballs at a time.

    3. PVP removed entirely
    I have to disagree with you on this one. PVP is what made it ‘super.’ If there is no PVP it is just regular spleef. I don’t think removing PVP will increase the community, it’ll just decrease it even more.

    4. Achievement kit ideas
    This one is a bit sketchy. Super spleef is a game where there isn’t many possibilties for any more kits. Heck, even with three kits they’re already ripping off each other (archer and snowballer.) It’s a nice idea, I just don’t think it’s possible.

    5. Achievement ideas
    Yes, I agree with this one. Mineplex was very lazy with coming up with achievements for this game. Even Monster Maze, arguably the blandest game on the server got more achievements than Super Spleef.

    6. Any bugs in the game
    Yeah, I don’t even have to address this one it’s obvious.

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Sep 16, 2018
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  4. Right, forgot about no projectile knockback, removed it from the doc! And yes, I forgot what we last discussed too loool

    I personally would go for no knockback, because I firmly believe in spleefing only, not a bacon brawl battle. It gets frustrating when someone targets you constantly through pvp means.

    1.) In our document, I mentioned changing the way archer breaks (tiered breaking) to the way brawler does (instant). Do you think this would make the kit viable? There have been much discussion on this, and currently, the opinions are quite mixed.

    2.) I like the suggestions of giving more snowballs, and a speed buff. However, increasing capacity may be OP. I actually discussed this with the Spleef community before they quit, and many disliked the idea. But, this doesn't mean it won't go unconsidered.

    3.) The reason many people dislike PvP in Spleef is because it's unrelated to spleefing, and it becomes frustrating. Many people have agreed upon this, but there is still the small chunk of the community that would like to keep PvP. Definitely, it makes Super Spleef "super", but in my opinion, the PvP creates frustrating moments, especially with the current brawler meta in the game. As a joke, many have dubbed Super Spleef as Bacon Brawl 2.0 because of this feature.

    4.) lol I completely agree BUT! There have been suggestions of speed/jump boost based kits, as well as a destructor kit. But we found it difficult to balance these, as they always ended up under or overpowered. If any of these appeal to you, try to come up with a kit based on it!

    5.) Yes, Spleef is in desperate need of achievements, considering it only has two very simple ones.

    6.) Could you elaborate on "obvious"?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Thank you for the replies, I updated the document based on this short discussion :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 16, 2018

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